Meditation: Shuniya Meditations as Taught by Yogi Bhajan, Yoga West, 1994

“Any nervous disorder you can conquer by this exercise”
“I want you to go home just enriched with something.  Not just came to a class and learned something.  No, come to class, be something.  Don’t come here to learn with me.  There are so many people who teach you to learn things.  There is a difference.  Here, you have to be, not to learn.  Learning, go somewhere else”.


Yogi Bhajan came to Yoga West in October-November 1994. He taught a series of classes designed to break the hypnotic trance that locks our psyches in a habitual pattern of perception. Going beyond the familiar forms that limit our perception we can stabilize a state of Shuniya in ourselves that allows us to perceive reality as it is.

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Meditation: LA827-19950307 – Third Eye

Yogi Bhajan – Los Angeles March 7, 1995

LA827-950307 Sitting straight, chest slightly forward, place Elbows at the ribs, Palms facing upwards and towards your face. Close the eyes 9/10, looking at the tip of your nose. Now imagine that you have eyes at the back of the skull and look through those eyes in the back. Breathe very slowly.
Long breath is long life. This is the position in which mankind first learned to pray. Feel the connection of the second and fourth chakras.  21min.

Inhale, press hands on heart, right over left, hold, squeeze, exhale powerfully. 3X.

Guru Ram Das – Guided Meditation

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Meditation: Meditate on Nothing to Find Prosperity – 19930421

Yogi Bhajan April 21,1993


The thumb and Mercury fingers are stretched out in front and to the sides (see picture). The middle fingers are curled in, but do not touch the palms. Eyes are closed.

It is a very potent exercise. Go to an empty space – shuniya. If a person meditates on nothing he will receive everything. That is the law of prosperity. Prosperity will come to you because you are calling the nothing that is calling the all. Don’t hold any thought. It is a very simple exercise. Meditate as a saint. It is a very simple posture and technically speaking shuniya is a very simple theory.

God is in all, all in you is nothing. With the energy of your hands, with every simple mood, if the position is right you will go through internal changes, sit in shuniya. Any thought that comes, say no, likeachildgrowingup. Withaboyoragirl,thereisaperiodinwhichtheysaynotoeverything. You are not different from them. Now technically speaking put yourselves in the realm of no, into negation. You can begin to experiment with millions of things. No thoughts. If one arrives, bypass it. Zero. Meditate on the zero point. Shuniya means this. Constant thinking can be stopped by this posture. There is nothing exciting in this. You are in the non existence. No thought, no existence. Nothing. No fear, no security. Don’t share any thought. Any thing you say is simply no. . . . any thing thattouchesyou…anythought…youdon’texist.Practice”Iamnot”. Youarenotlearning.Iamnot teaching. There is a class but there is no class. Call yourselves civilized. You are in a survival state. Go beyond everything. Eliminate the intellectual. You will open the doors to

prosperity. 31 min.


Start to shake your body and you will be healthy. (start the tape Punjabi drum music), shake. . . stronger, stronger . . . move the lips, the cheeks and the tongue, move everything. This, anyway, we will call the lucky class. I will teach it when I feel like it.

Meditate On Nothing To Find Prosperity 930421