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Virtual Meditation Gathering with Hari Nam Singh September 4, 2020, 5PM PDT

September 4, 2020 5:00 pm PDT

We  held a virtual meditation gathering on Friday, September 4, at 5pm  PDT.

Increasing the flow of the earth within you.

As spiritual beings, we belong to heaven.  As physical beings, we are sons and daughters of the earth.  Our mental state depends a lot on what we consume: through our perceptions, our discourse, what we eat, our meditative practice, our breath and the subtle flow of prana  from the earth.

We casually use the term “grounded” to describe a stable, peaceful state of mind and being.  Yogi Bhajan described its alternative, or opposite, as a “space out”.

What we are experiencing in this time can be described as “space out”, where the inhabitants of our planet are living in a state that is detached from their personal identities, which have been separated from the earth.

There is a strong tendency to grasp for whatever will provide any alternative to the suffering they now are enduring and give up their identities to whatever concept which promises to distract them from that suffering.

Where can they find their identity once it has been coopted by some shiny object of their devotion to which they have given themselves freely in desperation?


What about the distraction?

I hear people say “I cannot meditate”.  My mind won’t let me.  “It’s useless”.

It takes time, effort, practice, commitment and devotion to change the situation.  Where to begin?

This meditation is deigned for people who “can’t meditate”.  It beings one closer to a perception of reality by increasing the flow of the earth within.  It can calm distractions.  It can promote a feeling of being “grounded”.

If we can choose to go with that feeling, or any feeling that our intuition tells us is “good”, and commit to it, then there will be only going forward, not backward.

Keep up.

Meditation: LA860-960131-Increase the Flow of Earth Within You


The previous gathering notice and meditation posting can be viewed here.

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