Meditation: LA719 930303 – Magnetic Field – Sacred Space

LA719 930303
Magnetic Field – Sacred Space
We can define kundalini Yoga as a particular science to produce an effect of
the Sacred Space, which unites the individual with the Sacred. Today we will try this effect through use of the magnetic field, because the magnetic field is what contains the body and the mind, and when the body and the mind are united and contained the soul manifests itself.
11 minutes: Place your hands in front of the heart chakra with your palms facing the ground (left above and right below), then lower only the right hand about 15 cm and lift it up, then lower both hands by 15 cm and lift them up, it is an exercise that acts on the two cerebral hemispheres
Look at the tip of your nose and continue this cycle automatically, lowering and raising the right hand, then both.  This changes your magnetic field.  It will keep you young.
11 minutes :. Hold and bring your arms in front of you, hands clasped one inch on the other and stretch them out, straight and stretched, look at the tip of the nose, breathe very long and very deep and sing the mantra Wah Yantee.  
Inhale, hold your breath and press as hard as you can, do the your best and relax your breath (3 times).
It was only 22 minutes and you changed your brain and the Shashra is activated.
3 minutes: now you are sitting comfortably and enjoying the rhythm of the music 
clap your hands … Play Sa Re Sa Sa clap your hands to the rhythm of the music
2 minutes Now with your hands in Venus lock you still act on the magnetic field in this way: do up and down about 20cm. with forearms (shake) on the right and left 
2 minutes: relax, close your eyes and be still.  Now you are without
thoughts, you brought the mind to the point of zero.  Feel the sacred space, shuniya.  Stay silent. Now the body can perceive the soul and enjoy the soul.
My the long Sunshine ………. SAT NAM.

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