Today: seek proper relations with all whom we associate – I Ching

It is our natural inclination to seek fellowship with others.  In bonding with kindred spirits great things can be accomplished.  We should seek the proper relations with all whom we associate.
Be careful not to make a casual relationship a pivotal one that is the basis for any serious endeavors.  Choose your colleagues carefully.  This requires careful self examination.  See what you are attracting and make adjustments that will align with your aspirations.

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Meditation: LA057 780928 Change your frequency

Relax the arms down with the elbows bent. Raise the forearms up and in toward each other until the hands meet in front of the chest at the level of the Solar plexus. Press the entire length of the fingers of the opposite hands together from the mounds to the fingertips but leave the palms spread far apart. Cross the thumbs with the right thumb over the left thumb. The fingers point up as this is traditionally taught. A variation is to point the fingers forward. (This is the way Siri Singh Sahibji prefers to practice it.)

Deeply inhale and completely exhale several times before the meditation begins. Then deeply inhale and completely exhale as the mantra is chanted.

The eyes are l/10th open.

Chant the following mantra as the breath is completely exhaled:

This mantra must be chanted for a minumum of 2 repetitions per breath. The maximum number of repetitions per breath is 5.



Today: “If you have the power to believe” – Yogi Bhajan

SSSYWa“If you have the power to believe, then what you believe shall come true. It means this little unit computer has the power to organize the main Master Computer to act on a signal. In simple rational words, man has the control over the Universal Consciousness. They call it bhakti yoga, also devotion, worship.” Yogi Bhajan

Sat Nam!
Ram Anand