Meditation: LA869 960410 – Expand the Arcline

Sit straight in Easy Pose.

For both hands, lock the little and ring finger tips under the thumb, and extend the index fingers and middle fingers straight.
The tips of the index fingers are at the sides, earlobe level. Forearms and mudra are perpendicular to the ground, pointing straight up.
Spine is straight, chest is out. Eyes are closed. Make an O of your mouth, and breath through the mouth. Listen to the sound your breath makes.
Crunch your lips to make the opening.
Hold the posture still, the hands do not move.
Keep the posture perfect and concentrate on the sound.   8 min.

Begin chanting Har. On the ‘r’, touch the tongue to the upper palate. Chant from the navel, pulling the navel in with each repetition.
Penetrate the chakras. Create the heat, use that power, hammer it out! Strike hard!   3.5 min.
To End:  Inhale deep and hold the breath for 30 seconds. Tighten the lips. Control the nose, concentrate on your navel point and line up your energy in a straight simple line.
Cannon fire the breath out, total exhale.
Inhale deep again, maximum deep and lock it, hold the breath for 15 seconds. Fire the breath out.

This exercise in three minutes will start playing games with you…don’t let the fingers and the position of the hand move…it’s the trick to it. I have done it, I know it and I understand it. No variance in posture for a better-best result. The tragic part of it is within three months [this] is going to relax you and start playing with your nerves one way or the other. Don’t worry about it, you will come through. Some people are so powerful they move the world.

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