Meditation:  NM0426 – 20011117 – Self Transformation

Yogi Bhajan – Espanola November 17, 2001

Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Bring your hands in front of your heart center with the fingertips touching and the palms spread. 19:00 Rhythmically move the fingers in circles forward, down, back and up, (only the fingers move, not the arms), as you loudly sing the mantra, “Bolo Raam, Bolo Raam, Bolo Raam, Raam Raam,” (from ‘Angel’s Waltz” by Sada Sat Kaur). Eyes are open. You have to look at the hands to give them Drib Drishti Pranayami—saluting with your eyes, your own fingers, your own hands and your own movement. Continue for 11 minutes. To end, inhale deeply, hold for 30 seconds as you stretch and tighten your spine, spreading the energy within you for your own piety and bliss. Exhale. Repeat 2 more times. On the last breath also put all pressure on the fingers and make them like steel.


The mantra must be sung with the lips and “Ram” must be chanted with a puckering motion of the lips. This meditation has the same effect on every meridian as a complete acupuncture session has. You will be transformed. Ty it any time you are in difficulty. If your head is going in circles and you are going to fall, do it just once and you will stop. It balances the five tattvas—as represented by the planets Mercury, Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and our Id in relation to the fingers. And if the lips are used to chant this mantra, your love life will never be negative. Your words, your sound, will go to the heart rather than to the head, because when you speak with the tongue it reaches the head, when you speak with the tip of the tongue it reaches divinity, and when you speak with the lips it reaches the heart.


Lecture- Wanting Nothing
There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 365 days in a year. That is called time and space. Within that space you breathe. Tme is not limited. Breath is! It is the frequency of your breath that defines your lifespan. You breathe 15 times per minute on the average. If you breathe one time per minute, which takes about 120 days of practice to do perfectly, your life will be extended 15 times and, because the body’s organs, cells and molecules have to stretch to meet the time, you will not have a disease! And if you learn how to meet the time, time will learn how to meet you. Then you can experience Infinity, which is called God.

In the Age of Aquarius man will learn the Science of Self Self will be dominant. The emotions and feelings you have and your desires to have things will all disappear. Can you believe that you can live life wanting nothing? Understand the joy of it! The moment you want nothing, everything wants you, because everything in the

universe is in balance.

Once a young girl in love with a boy told me, “I can’t live without him!” I said, ‘You want him? Then make a sacrifice—just don’t want him.” “What will happen?” I said, ‘Then he’ll want you!” So she practiced Sat Kriya and with every breath had one thought, “I don’t want him.” As luck would have it, after 120 days of sweetly and calmly doing Sat Kriya every day… he wanted her! When he came and apologized, she said, “I don’t want you!” Today she is prosperous, content and happy. She rules the time.

When you love and live in personification, it is just like a fish on a hook. It isolates you from your internal and external projection. You must learn to project impersonally. Saying, “I love you” is okay, but not for the benefit of your feelings and attachments. Live personally but project impersonally. That is reality! That is blessing. When Muslims came to Persia they said to the people, “Convert to Islam or we are going to kill you.” People either died or converted to Islam. But they found a man in the jungle named Rasalee. On telling him to accept Islam, he said, “I am Islam!” “No, you really have to convert.” They hung him in a tree with a net saying, ‘You will not get anything to eat or drink until you convert.”

After one month they came back. He was fine. He was laughing! This was strange! They thought, “The time must have been too short. Let us go away.” They went away and forgot about him. When they came back five months later he said, “Hey, Islam! You forgot about me!” They were shocked! He was hale and healthy! They asked, ‘What did you live on?” He replied, “I lived on Islam.” Thinking he was a mad man they freed him. Rasalee walked into the city telling everybody “Islam, Islam, Islam!” and people started listening to him and realizing that he was a living, impersonal human being.

“Islam” means “salutation.” You are humble and pure enough to salute the universe.

This new age we are entering, the new millennium, is an age of entry into the Self And Self is very pure. It has no duality. When somebody says, “I like you, but I don’t think I like you. Maybe I do,” no one can tolerate it. No person can tolerate a double projection. Your life tragedies are caused by your projections from many angles. As long as you cannot talk straight, there will be nothing straight in your life.

The worst sin is when you judge a person. If you judge an insane person, insanity will attack you within 24 hours. It is called “time reversal.” Whatever you do inside your inner self your outer self has to respond. If you judge somebody outside, your inner self will judge you. Do you know how painful that will be? You do not need that pain.

When you start a sequence you must face the consequences. You cannot escape anything. Time ticks. The mighty sun goes down and then rises. The Earth revolves. It is happening to you. You cannot take the load—and yet you have to carry the load of life. But you are overloaded with garbage rather than clarity. Just be clear and stop this dramatization! It does not take you anywhere. In the end you will find it is a waste of time—that precious time, that most beautiful time that can be so projective, so creative, so real, so fulfilling.

There is a way of living where you desire nothing. When we do not desire anything, we deserve everything. And it shall be provided, because the law of karma is “every action has a reaction, equal and opposite.”

When somebody is rich or you need a person, you over-extend yourself If somebody is poor and humble and not in a position to do anything, you withdraw and end up with a reaction. Reaction is temporary misery, but you suffer here and hereafter! You decide if you are going to the heavens or to hell—and your ego is the only clear path to it. Any sequence you start will have consequences. By the blessing of the Guru you may not feel the consequences and be covered—that is the only possibility. You are contemptuous to your own self! Count it! How many times during the day do you laugh, smile, shake hands or hug people? If you have nobody to hug, at least hug your consciousness.

You think of life as living to be 60, 70 or 80 years old. That is not life, folks. Life consists of constant, running circles, running into each other. Time takes you from one place to another. You can be a thief or a saint—it is balanced all the way. You are what you chose to be. I can tell you “Be great! Hurry up and don’t be late!” But the end you have to meet, at any rate.

Dharma is the understanding that every action has a reaction equal and opposite. Therefore, it is simple: Do not start an action for which you are not willing to stand the reaction.


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