Meditation: LA741 – 921125 – Dance of Shiva

Yogi Bhajan – LA741 – November 11, 1992


Sit with a straight spine in a cross legged meditation position. Put your hands in front of your shoulders. Your palms are flat and horizontal the fingers spread and bent as if holding a flat and wide champagne glass on a stem.

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The mantra is Har Har Gur Gur. When you say Har the tip of your tongue touches the upper palate, when you say Gur you do not touch the upper palate and keep the tongue down. You pull the navel in powerfully each time you say Har or Gur. With each part of the mantra you rotate your hands. They start with the fingers backwards and the thumbs closest to the body, when finishing the rotation your fingers are in front and the thumbs furthest from the body. Eyes are looking down at the chin so that you can see the blue/purple glow.

[almost closed and are looking at the tip of the nose and at the finger tips when you can see them from the corners of your eyes.]  Corrected from the video lecture.

Continue for 11 minutes. While you are meditating be aware of how you are feeling and what is happening in your body and psyche. Then inhale deeply, hold the breath and tighten your whole body, exhale. Repeat this sequence 2 more times.

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The Dance of Shiva – Translated from the Italian Version.  LA 741

This meditation will take you after 40 days into a state of consciousness without return.

11 minutes with the eyes at the tip of the nose, to the movement of the elbows and pump the navel.

Chant HAR wheel hands inward and pump, HAR hands outward and pump GUR hands inward and pump, GUR hands outward and pump.

Put your hands in champagne glasses alongside the shoulders, look at the tip of the nose and move hands

This is called the meditation dance of Shiva that balances the glandular system and stimulates the gray matter of the brain

Becoming master of this meditation becomes master of your own death.

You don’t have to do this kriya more than 11 minutes, only after 40 days you can stretch it 3 minutes a day until it is 31 minutes.

After 3 days that you do this, all the angels and demons come out of the subconscious

The sound HAR is male and the language is shaped when touching the palate.  The sound GUR is feminine and tongue touches the bottom of the mouth, not the upper palate.  With every sound pump the navel.

That’s why Shiva 4 fingers are the 4 aspects of God – the index is Jupiter the guru of the angels, Saturn the guru of demons (which are 108 blocks of the universe), Ring finger/Venus is the energy of the sun, Little finger is Mercury for communication and information. The thumb identifies the ego.


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