Today: You are the change – from the I Ching

You are the change that is called for. Read the Signs of the Times* and make the Season apparent to all.  Report the real abuse of power and oppression of the small by the powerful. You must rely on a strong personal foundation. Trust what you know because you will have to bring about this necessary change alone.  You cannot count on support among your peers, so you must summon the courage to move in the face of opposition.  Then you will be believed.

Yesterday was about making a choice in the face of the reckoning that is now bringing fearsome justice to oppressors and usurpers of power. Today is a call to action for spiritual revolution. If you plant the seeds now, success is assured.  Thunder will fill the Heavens with its awful roar, not out of pride, but with your integrity — not in the Western sense of honor — but more in the psychological definition of a full integration of Who You Are.  Take pains not to overstep your position, so that you will not seem intimidating or threatening to the Established Order.  This Awesome Power is achieved only by fully embracing both the good and the bad, the strong and the weak, the masculine and the feminine — all polarities within you.  Such self-knowledge spawns a Mastery tempered with the humility necessary to rein in and harness this Awesome Power.

*Read the signs of the times
Cross your hands in front of your face at the wrists, left hand inside. Wrists touch, hands do not touch. Thumbs are aligned so you only see the left thumb.   Look at your hands and “read the lines”.  Contemplate the  mind. Notice how you are affected, how you feel.  Do this for 11 minutes each day for 40 days.

This will give you new perception beyond your preconceptions.

I Ching: Today

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