Today: Align yourself with the natural attraction of the tides of our time – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperAlign yourself with the natural attraction of the tides of our time.  These are forces that come from deep within the earth and the collective psyche.  Don’t resist.  You can help ease the path to destiny by parting company with inferior and superficial people as your models and advisors.

Do not be distracted by the latest gossip.  In fact, together, strive to discredit the last remaining tyrants.  Also, go within and resolve the remaining internal obstacles to your personal freedom . As the American hymn exhorts, “Let  freedom ring”.  You and others of like mind will become the example.
The text reads:
“In a resolute struggle of the good against evil, there are, however, definite rules that must not be disregarded, if it is to succeed. First, resolution must be based on a union of strength and friendliness. Second, a compromise with evil is not possible; evil must under all circumstances be openly discredited. Nor must our own passions and shortcomings be glossed over. Third, the struggle must not be carried on directly by force. If evil is branded, it thinks of weapons, and if we do it the favour of fighting against it blow for blow, we lose in the end because thus we ourselves get entangled in hatred and passion. Therefore it is important to begin at home, to be on guard in our own persons against the faults we have branded. In this way, finding no opponent, the sharp edges of the weapons of evil become dulled. For the same reasons we should not combat our own faults directly. As long as we wrestle with them, they continue victorious. Finally, the best way to fight evil is to make energetic progress in the good.”


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