Meditation: Breath to Conquer Time Space and Destiny

Breath to Conquer Time, Space and Destiny

“Practice this kriya with and empty stomach. This is a special meditation through which a juman has the power to halt time and space an destiny. Do you understand to what vastness you can reach if you want? One who loves God can twist around even God. That is why we say love is God. The organization of God is timeless, but one who loves God has the power to bring this timelessness into time and space.

“This kriya neutralizes the energy and gives a wider horizon to anyone of limited nature. It is very simple, highly psychological, vey healing and most powerful. It neutralizes the energy and gives a wider horizon to an individual. Left side of the body (Ida) represents time, right side of the body (Pingala) represents space, and the central self (Shushmana) is infinity.

“It is not very complicated, but it does a very computerized , complicated job for any human mind and body. Previously, it was only taught to those who were gifted in the spiritual world. Old Christian mystics used to do it to gain Crist consciousness.

How to do Reverse Prayer Pose Mudra

Roll your shoulders inward toward your chest, stretching your shoulder blades apart. Bring your hands into traditional Prayer Pose and then roll you r wrists so that your palms face your chest. Continue rolling your wrists until the backs of your hands are touching from the wrists to the tips of the fingers (be sure that backs of your Jupiter (index) fingers are touching each other with the same amount of pressure as the backs of the other fingers are touching each other).

This puts a great deal of pressure on meridian points in the shoulders. Maintain the stretch in the shoulder area so that you do not put too much pressure on the wrists. The angle of the forearm is sixty degrees from elbow to wrist.

This mudra puts pressure on the area that controls the secretion of the pancreas. It blocks the sugar flow in the blood stream and gives powerful alertness to the mind. When our mind is alert, it can defend our spirit and we can live spiritually amid the challenges of life.