Meditation: See Without the Eyes

The vision of maya says we can only see certain things.  It has to fit some
preconceived forms.  Chant “Maha akal sat
Hari Gobinde Nanak”.  Tongue hits center of upper palate with “Hari”,
front upper palate with “Gobinde”.  Eyes are closed.
Up to 62 min. every day until you can see through a wall.

Maha Akal Sat Hari Gobinde Nanak

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Meditation: LA827-19950307 – Third Eye

Yogi Bhajan – Los Angeles March 7, 1995

LA827-950307 Sitting straight, chest slightly forward, place Elbows at the ribs, Palms facing upwards and towards your face. Close the eyes 9/10, looking at the tip of your nose. Now imagine that you have eyes at the back of the skull and look through those eyes in the back. Breathe very slowly.
Long breath is long life. This is the position in which mankind first learned to pray. Feel the connection of the second and fourth chakras.  21min.

Inhale, press hands on heart, right over left, hold, squeeze, exhale powerfully. 3X.

Guru Ram Das – Guided Meditation

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Meditation: LA907 – Kriya for Non-Reaction

Elbows to front, forearms perpendicular to floor and hands flat, pointed to side and parallel to the floor. Look at the tip of the nose
. . . 14 minutes
Hold the position, make an “O” mouth and chant with the Tantric Har CD . . . 6 minutes
Hold the position and whistle along with the Ardas Bayee CD (instrumental version)
. . . 3 minutes
Extend the arms forward, parallel to the floor, arms straight, palms up. Eyes are closed. Breathe long and deep. Don’t move. Everything else was a preview. This is the kriya. Relax the face and let it go through. Hold the spine with the lower back muscles
. . . 3 minutes
End – Inhale, squeeze the spine and back muscles and pull it up, up, up and exhale. Do three times.
Do this Kriya every day for awhile to become more non-reactive. After one week, your space will be incredible. It opens the flow of the first chakra

    Tantric Har
    Ardas Bhaee
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Meditation: Drib Dhristi Lochina Karma

Sit in easy pose with a straight spine, hands in gyan mudra on the knees.   The shoulders and hips should be in line. Now lock the tips of the front teeth together.  Focus the eyes on the tip of the nose. The tongue touches the upper palate (this should occur automatically within about a minute). Project the mantra SAA TAA NAA MAA (aa as in “far”) out from the third-eye point. Beam it out, creating an internal harmony.

Continue for 31 min. Minimum compromise time is 15 min; if you wish to master it, practice for 1 1/2 hoursat a sitting. Three hours’ practice at a sitting are said to open up psychic abilities.


The name of this very powerful, but simple, meditation means “the action of acquiring insight into the future.” Honest practice of this kriya is said to impart many benefits in addition to the power to heal with the eyes.

According to tradition, your words will have the power to penetrate deeply; you will learn to talk inspiringly and your words will always represent the truth of a given situation; you will be able to project your personality or your bodily sensations anywhere; and you will always know the consequence of any sequence of actions that you start.

When practiced on the eve of the full moon, the kriya is said to influence the subconscious mind most completely.  While most meditations require long periods of practicefor mastery,it is possible to master this kriya in one or several sittings. Concentrate with total devotion.



Meditation: M074 – 920423 – Balance the Pineal and Pituitary

Yogi Bhajan – London April 23, 1992

Divulge the left side to right brain hemisphere neurons & vice versa. Pineal will segregate itself from the commands from pituitary. Pituitary will secrete to work on lungs and liver. It will produce a state of deep intuition.

1. Pineal in the center of brain. Moon cavity underneath. Secretes & changes man from A-Z.

2. We want to know. Once the pinealʼs radiant capacity starts creating balance, you start knowing without knowing one word. Itʼs called innerwise. Pituitary secretes properly. Affects the blood where your whole body, strength, capacity changes.

3. Menʼs brain – one pointed in action. Right objective, left subjective. Want what they want.

4. Womenʼs brain – left and right weigh in all the time.

Men and women are different.  Woman must contain a man.  Man must contain his environment to be successful


1. Hold hands out forwards, elbows bent, at sides. Fingers are straight. Right hand palm faces lightly up (60 deg from horizontal), left palm down but slightly up (30 deg from horizontal).  This is an e-m field at 60 deg frequency.  Just like at ambrosial hour. 5 am and 5 pm. Sun is at 60 deg latitude & longitude.

Eyes are at tip of nose. Hold this posture.  Breathe in as long as you can, hold as long as you can, exhale as long as you can. For the pituitary.
11 min.

This shot shows the relative angle of the hands –>




Inhale, hold, squeeze. Synchronize the body. Stiff as steel. Feel Shuniya. Exhale. 3X.

After 15 breaths you will develop a new chemistry in your blood.


2. Arms out straight at sides, 60 deg, stiff, fingers spread.  Move arms in circles, backwards. Keep arms and fingers stiff.


Eyes at tip of nose. 2.5 min.

3. Continue, put tongue out, breathe through the mouth. It will give you a
lionʼs heart.  Do it hard and fast. 5 min.

4. Arms up straight, palms together. Powerful Breath of fire. 3.5 Min.  Inhale, hold, stretch, tight. Exhale. 3X.


5. Arms straight, flat out in front, palms up.  Close the eyes. Listen to or sing

Bountiful, Blissful & Beautiful. 3 min




M074-920423 – Balance the Pineal and Pituitary Glands

View lecture video from 920423

View the entire lecture in the Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings

Meditation: LA046 – 780614 – Hari Shabad Meditation – Use the Wind to Produce Trance and Dissolve Negativity

Yogi Bhajan Los Angeles, June 14, 1978

Sit in easy pose with a straight spine. Pull the chin in and push the chest out.

Relax the arms down with the elbows bent nd the forearms raised up from the sides of the body until they slant away from each side of the body at about a 30′ degree angle. Point the palms foreward and touch the Saturn or middle fingertip of each hand to its respective thumb tip. Leave the remaining fingers pointing up.

Sit with the legs crossed or in a chair with the weight of both feet equally distributed on the floor.

Deeply inhale and completely exhale as the mantra is chanted.

The eyes are l/10th open.

Chant the following mantra three times as the breath is completely exhaled.


After the designated time is completed remain in the same body position and chant

SA-A-A-A-A-A-AT NAAM Continue for a period of time. Then begin chanting

GURU GURU WAHE GURU, GURU RAM DAS GURU three times per breath. Chant in a monotone very forcefully, stressing the first syllable of each word.

Chant the first mantra for 31 minutes. Then chant the next mantras for as long as desired.

Sat Nam, Hari Nam, Hari Nam, Haree…

Pulling the chin in and pushing the chest out creates an equalibrium and prevents freaking out while meditating. The meditation “eliminates negativity, brings posi- tivity, arouses the spirit to blossom,” and when long SAT NAAM is done with it, it makes a combination that “has nothing parallel and equal to it.” “HAREE” is the creative energy of God. “SAT NAAM” explodes it. It is of hegher potency and multiplies the power of “HAREE” millions of times. If the third mantra is properly chanted, it will bring up the kundalini. If a person can learn and chant all 3 mantras, “how dumb and unfortunate and condemned from the heavens he may be, he will recuperate 10 times.”

LA046 780614 HARI SHABAD KRIYA Use the wind to produce trance and eliminate negativity

Meditation: Milarepa

BhutaneseMilarepaYogi Bhajan – date unknown

Right hand listening at right ear, thumb on Jupiter, palm up.  Left palm against navel.  Breath through mouth, tongue up against clenched teeth, long and deep.  It makes a hissing sound.  Eyes are closed, looking down at the chin from the inside.  This breathing balances the nervous system.       31min.
Inhale, squeeze, exhale.
Good for anxiety.  Gives perception and dimension of the wind.

Milarepa’s Song to Lady Palderboom

Then she said, “Dear teacher, I have done nothing at all to prepare for the next life. Now I’m going to do so. Please, out of your great compassion, take care of me and give me meditation instruction.”

Milarepa was delighted and replied, “If you practice the Dharma sincerely, in my tradition, you don’t need to change your name. One awakens with a full head of hair. You don’t have to cut your hair or make other changes.”

He sang this song with four examples and five points about meditation and mind practice:

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Meditation: LA847-19950816-Unity-Your Magnetic Field of the Total Self Will Become One

Unity. Your magnetic field of the total self will be come one. Rhythm will be come one. Energy will be come one. Effort will become one. Concentration of mind will become one. and YOU BECOME ONE, in this slow, steady, firm process.

Meditation: LA822-950201-Healing the Physical

Yogi Bhajan – Los Angeles February 1, 1995

LA822-011 . Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Keep your chin in and your chest out. Raise your right arm straight up with the palm facing forward. Stretch your left arm straight out to the side parallel to the floor with the palm facing down. Split the fingers of each hand so that the Sun and Mercury fingers are together and the Jupiter and Saturn fingers are together. Close your eyes and meditate. 11 Minutes maximum.

If you wish to use a mantra with this meditation, you may use “Har, Haray, Haree, Wahe Guru”. You may chant it out loud, chant it mentally, or listen to a musical tape of the rnantra. It is your choice.
To finish: Inhale deeply, hold your breath for 10 seconds, as you stretch your arms and tighten your entire body. Exhale and repeat this sequence
2 more times.
To practice this meditation for 40 days, alternate the arm position each day.

The first day you practice with the right arm up and the left arm out to the side. The next day stretch the left arm up and the right arm out to the side and so on. (You must always keep your elbows straight.) Your body will start healing itself after the first 2 minutes. The entire cellular system will interact to heal you. Your body shall start healing and every muscle shall start hurting. This posture will hurt as long as you have any toxins in your body. This is central nervous system control therapy. In exactly 11 minutes, your entire cellular system shall change.

After 40 days the meditation will start working on your subtle bodies. Whatever starts happening to you after 40 days, keep it to yourself Don’t speak of it to anyone.
This is the most powerful self-purification you can do. It can give you complete control of your being. It improves intuition and makes you powerful and healthy. You’ll be free of all garbage: physical, mental, and spiritual.


View the entire lecture in the Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings


Meditation: Meditate on Nothing to Find Prosperity – 19930421

Yogi Bhajan April 21,1993


The thumb and Mercury fingers are stretched out in front and to the sides (see picture). The middle fingers are curled in, but do not touch the palms. Eyes are closed.

It is a very potent exercise. Go to an empty space – shuniya. If a person meditates on nothing he will receive everything. That is the law of prosperity. Prosperity will come to you because you are calling the nothing that is calling the all. Don’t hold any thought. It is a very simple exercise. Meditate as a saint. It is a very simple posture and technically speaking shuniya is a very simple theory.

God is in all, all in you is nothing. With the energy of your hands, with every simple mood, if the position is right you will go through internal changes, sit in shuniya. Any thought that comes, say no, likeachildgrowingup. Withaboyoragirl,thereisaperiodinwhichtheysaynotoeverything. You are not different from them. Now technically speaking put yourselves in the realm of no, into negation. You can begin to experiment with millions of things. No thoughts. If one arrives, bypass it. Zero. Meditate on the zero point. Shuniya means this. Constant thinking can be stopped by this posture. There is nothing exciting in this. You are in the non existence. No thought, no existence. Nothing. No fear, no security. Don’t share any thought. Any thing you say is simply no. . . . any thing thattouchesyou…anythought…youdon’texist.Practice”Iamnot”. Youarenotlearning.Iamnot teaching. There is a class but there is no class. Call yourselves civilized. You are in a survival state. Go beyond everything. Eliminate the intellectual. You will open the doors to

prosperity. 31 min.


Start to shake your body and you will be healthy. (start the tape Punjabi drum music), shake. . . stronger, stronger . . . move the lips, the cheeks and the tongue, move everything. This, anyway, we will call the lucky class. I will teach it when I feel like it.

Meditate On Nothing To Find Prosperity 930421


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