Ego is the very capacity to be finite…

 SSSYWa“Ego is the very capacity to be finite. You say, “I am. These are my things. This is my life. Nobody can tell me anything. I’ll do whatever I want to do.” In the end it confines you tremendously and tragically. You give no attention to your destiny and lose perspective.
You live life through the mind’s reactions; you do not feel you as you. You do not penetrate to the soul and live from your heart. You avoid the tests and never gain your uniqueness in your destiny. The immediate pleasures of the ego cut you out of the picture and drag you away from the soul. Choose that path and you will never penetrate though your own mind and see the light of the soul, which is the part of God that is in you.” Yogi Bhajan


 (via Ram Anand)

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