Today: ”Help others along their journey.  Recognize in them the attraction they feel towards you.” – a reading from the I Ching

Help others along their journey.  Recognize in them the attraction they feel towards you.  Use that to be a better person.  Feel the stillness and silence in all your relations.  Let you become you.

Read the text from Richard Wilhelm's and subsequent translations of the I Ching

#31, line 5, #52
The Superior Person takes great satisfaction in encouraging others along their journey.  He draws them to him with his welcoming nature and genuine interest.
There is no greater natural law in the Cosmos than Attraction.
From the magnetic pull of an atom’s nucleus to the centrifugal force that spirals a galaxy, the face of the universe is shaped by Attraction.
On a human scale, it is Attraction that fuels procreation and furthers our species.
Yet it is also Attraction that spawns greed and covetousness, threatening our extinction.  Attraction is the underlying force of the situation in question.
The back of the neck is the most rigid part of the body. When the influence shows itself there, the will remains firm and the influence does not lead to confusion. Hence remorse does not enter into consideration here. What takes place in the depths of one’s being, in the unconscious, can neither be called forth nor prevented by the conscious mind. It is true that if we cannot be influenced ourselves, we cannot influence the outside world.
Stilling the sensations of the Ego, he roams his courtyard without moving a muscle, unencumbered by the fears and desires of his fellows.  This is no mistake.
There is a higher vantage point available to you, but it is obscured by the visible peak of personal ambition.
To climb to this higher plane, you must shake off the desires and fears of the conscious, visible world around you.
To make this journey you must quiet the Ego, empty your mind of past and future, and dwell totally in the moment at hand.
Thorough mindfulness of what is before you is the only tranquility.
Be. Here. Now.

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