Meditation: LA544 – 870610 – Know and Experience the Unknown

LA544-870610 – Know and Experience the Unknown – Praana Praanee Praanayam

Take the Gian Mudra please and just start balancing it, and as you balance breathe with the nostril same nostril, if you do this, this breathe through this nostril, your hands are tight, I have taught you how to change the nostril, remember that? If you press on the side of the rib cage the nostril will change remember that? Okay that’s what it is, you forgot so soon, okay, it’s quite an exercise, don’t worry I did it in the morning I’m tired of it, so you can do it, if you want it, ah. When you inhale then you exhale, then you inhale with the other side and exhale it’s a simple Kriya. Come on.

(Breathe in and out of the nostril on the side where the arm is moving up and down. Left nostril, left arm moves up and down.  Right nostril, right arm moves up and down.)

(Exercise starts)

You can manually do it or by your pressure you can do it, both way it works.

Ah, yeah Aftab is very good he’s (?) the nose and doing it.

Do not breathe by the nostril your breath is regulated, consciously breathe as the hand goes up and down and the other goes up and down.

Find out a German way to do it, I know that’s what your turning, that’s why in Hatha yoga they start doing like this because that’s where the determined is put in habit to breathe at their will so when you go in for a higher yoga there are exercises kriyas we call them which demands you to breathe by the nostril you want it, not what your unconsciously doing it, bring the unconscious breathing to a conscious breathing.

Come on with the force of the breath create the breath of the sound, it’s called the kiss of the Pranayou do the other lip kiss why not you do this.

You must practice to change the breath of the nostril anytime at your conscious control otherwise when the breath start going through both the nostril those are the within those three minutes you die doesn’t matter how great and healthy you are doesn’t make any difference the central breath they call it, when the central breath is the breath of death, that means those are your, that’s the situation but if you are a Yogi and you change the nostril and don’t want to go, you can change the nostril if you have a conscious power to change the unconscious nostril, you can survive.

You don’t conquer the death by a medicine you only heal the body, death is beyond body.

Having a good car and a tuned car is nothing wrong but it doesn’t mean you have gasoline with it.

Your Ida and Pingala determines your breath and your life and death.

Please try it the way that you succeed today somehow, use any method there are two, three kriyas in which we have been practicing all these years to change our nostril at our will.

All right yoke your hands like this please, don’t touch these guys too and now make it like this and rotate them and with their rotation breathe.

As you create a circle so you complete a breath.

At your own command.

Try to create anyway you like you’ll reach the same spot.

You made that song, hmm?

Student: (——)

YB: (——)

This is new one put that…

There’s a new one bring that.

Please keep on trying you always have a excuse not to, don’t do it wrong.

What is this?

Student: (——)

YB: Pull up your rib cage give yourself a chance, you, you, what is this you are, you can’t even stand there this is very comfortable state.

Do it with your rib cage see how healthy you can be, that will make you to breathe in your lower lungs and your rib cage will open up and you’ll be fun.

It will make you healthy don’t worry about it.

Come on, come on keep on doing please.

It should not upset you, you keep the arc line like a halo perfect the hands up, don’t let them come down and keep on moving your thumbs don’t let them touch you must not create a spark, move them in a circle either way you choose and breathe heavily and breathe out heavily that’s all is to be done for the experience of it, come on now.


(Exercise continues)

Come on try, try, try there are few minutes you must take those minutes best of you.

You have a minute, one minute more to do it, come on.

Okay now inhale deep and stretch your hands like this and tough this is the point where all the pressure should come just like this, stretch out please, stretch up and stretch out that point, hard, hard.

Let it go, inhale again deep, stretch out up the bent of the palm towards the sky very stretched out just take it inside out, just like that, elbow extremely straight the arm will be like that of a steel, pull out.

Let it go, once more inhale deep come on now pull, pull your rib cage up give yourself a chance, all weird things you do to yourself do some equally good things so there should be a balance, up, up, stiff, stretch, pull up fifteen more seconds heavens are not going to fall, try your best five more seconds, do your best, let it go.

Relax, all right now sing that song, May…

Students sing: May the long time sunshine upon you, all love surround you and the pure light within you, guide your way on, may the long time sunshine upon you, all love surround you and the pure light within you, guide your way on, guide your way on, guide your way on.

YB: Blessed are those who are at peace with all the creativity of God and their own creation itself, blessed are those who care for all the creativity of God and for their own creation, blessed are those who keep the peace within themself and within the environments and radiate with the world at large, they shall shine and sit on the right side of their Creator God, blessed are those whose language has reverence, whose heart has compassion, whose head has the intelligence to serve all men, creatures and living being with the look of the divine, their third eye shall see the Infinity of God in the bondage of the human body.

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