Meditation: LA907 – Kriya for Non-Reaction

Elbows to front, forearms perpendicular to floor and hands flat, pointed to side and parallel to the floor. Look at the tip of the nose
. . . 14 minutes
Hold the position, make an “O” mouth and chant with the Tantric Har CD . . . 6 minutes
Hold the position and whistle along with the Ardas Bayee CD (instrumental version)
. . . 3 minutes
Extend the arms forward, parallel to the floor, arms straight, palms up. Eyes are closed. Breathe long and deep. Don’t move. Everything else was a preview. This is the kriya. Relax the face and let it go through. Hold the spine with the lower back muscles
. . . 3 minutes
End – Inhale, squeeze the spine and back muscles and pull it up, up, up and exhale. Do three times.
Do this Kriya every day for awhile to become more non-reactive. After one week, your space will be incredible. It opens the flow of the first chakra

    Tantric Har
    Ardas Bhaee
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la907-kriya for non-reaction

LA907 970311 burn the subconscious “Life is Love”
We have life and we look on to it to live but we do not know the law of life. So as individual we do not know the law of life then law of life was
made for us collectively and each collective law which was obeyed by people became a religion. There was no need for a collective law but
individuals could not reconcile in a one unified way so when that happen people got it together they listen to wise man followed his statements and
practices found some truths and it become a collective law. When a collective law was told to be of higher consciousness then it become religion
people practiced it to the point it bifurcated humanity for criminals and more people got killed of religion disparity and conflict then religion did
The man in his smallness could not understand the law of life, man is a total could not understand law of life. So as man was wrong so was the
collective law and so was the religion and you’ll find this duality so painful that you can’t believe it so one side they said God is every where on this
Earth other said God is mine not yours now which is true? So if a person tells somebody I love you three days later he says I don’t love you how
you’ll understand him?
What is your reality you do not know it is not fault of you because you have no comprehensive self knowledge. Normally a person has eleven to
sixteen split personalities and this situation can hurt, it can hurt in many ways, it can in relationship, it can hurt people because fear creates a complex.
What love you say is your bunch of commotion’s that you call as love that’s not love. Love is a elevated self, love doesn’t have emotions, feelings,
commotion get it (?). Somebody said to me I love you so much I cannot live without you I said forget that kind of love is not required it look like a
crazy glue you are stuck in it can’t go aye what’s this love business? Love is a reality within reality, love is here heart is regular, breath is regular
everything is harmonious, calm, peace (?) it’s cool here there is no up and down that’s love and when you do not love yourself, you cannot love
anybody. So therefore you cheat people, you pretend you show.
Actually that sensual coherent which God created in a man is to go out and meet and find and have sex. So that was for second chakra first and
second chakra are ruling chakras, third and fourth are dominated chakras, fifth and sixth are the command center, seventh is all what there is. You
have to understand something what are you talking about? If you do not know what is to know? Watch my words. If you do not know what is to
know you are cripple. If somebody do you in and play your game and six months you are going to find oh, my God the girl was telling me today he is
divorcing me. I said, What went wrong? She said, nothing, nothing absolutely nothing he came and declared I’m going to divorce you. I said, what
went wrong? She said, Yogiji believe me there is nothing wrong. He is wrong.
Well I took the guts and asked him I said, Good marriage, good girl (?). No I’m not. He gave me such a long rest I wanted to vomit. Everything is
guilt, everything is wrong. I said, what is matter she is fine, you are fine. Oh, I don’t deserve her, I don’t want her because (?) I said what the hell
you are talking about. Have you asked her whether she deserve you or not? I don’t have to ask her you know I’m already ugly, I have done this and
that. There was such a biblical list top to bottom okay what is your opinion sir? I said, You are just acting, you are freaking out and you are not real.
So he went home and asked her you think I should divorce you? She said, you should divorce your nervousness I have already told her the answer
and you are fine and you, you and she said, there is no you, you business here get rid of your nervousness and get out of your depression and we are
fine and look to this fact people do it for the sake of doing it there is no reason for it.
There was a love story going and the girl said, I’m in love I cannot live without this guy. I told him get married, he said, no. Get engage he said, may
be. So with all the manipulation today we got them engaged. He said, why we have to be engaged? I said, you already engaged just you declare it
publicly that’s all it takes, it needs guts. It needs personal projective elevation with that you’ll have a nervous system good enough to carry you rest
of thing you are just scared. In life if he get rid of the fear we can have very comfortable tomorrow.
Our values must be known to us microscopically we should see our behavior and watch our values and our growth. Any energy of prana which is
used from the negative point of (?) does not keep the rhythm of the chakra properly and when chakras are not properly in combination then
The action which comes out of you are not harmonious. It should be simple law of religion it should not be complicated, it should not be this is right,
this is wrong they are right, we are wrong. Moses said this, Jesus said this, Nanak said this, Mohammed said this they said what they wanted to say
God knows what they said but one thing is simple which God father told us live in harmony and peace or in word I descend you to be a human race
live in grace then you have no fight. When you decide in your life that you are not going to loose grace doesn’t matter what you can’t fight with you,
you are a victor.
So tonight as I promised we’ll go through this deep meditation it is a simple cause meditation simple cause meditation will bring in you almost every
garbage to a certain extent out. You know recycle garbage you understand what I mean so each thought which is not attended to has not become
emotional feeling and desirous setting there instead of each thought get into unconscious and revive you and chase you as nightmare we will like to
burn them out.
Ready posture has to be very correct that is the only request I will ask and whether you are right or wrong once you have set and you start doing it
don’t move your body because then the nervous system they find the path nerves sometime find new path let it be because that is your strength, that’s
what you are going to learn right? See this hands of mine just make them go with hear sit rest and this both ways you know simple but this elbow
should sit with the rib cage. Look at the tip of your nose and kindly breath long and deep through the O of the mouth and exhale through the O of the
mouth make temporarily O of your mouth your lips are side flat. Exactly in three minutes your body will hurting you that is where nerves are going
to get active and this connection has to be connected there is nothing that I can do about it is just sometime small (?) sometime very severe pain but it
is not anything serious.
Keep your posture and keep breathing and looking at the tip of the nose and keep going. We will release energy for your argumentation. Tantric
energy is a diagonal energy it will go into through you from bottom to top and cross all what negative is. You can come here and just walk out there
lot of space posture you keep the best result if you want. Look at the tip of your nose and keep your posture absolutely steady how much pain you
have to go through it is most welcome thing mind you. The nerves has a network through which you live Hallelujah come on now here, here, here oh
right in front ha, ha, ha right here this grace about which (?) over and keep going that’s okay doesn’t make any difference you want something. Hands
here keep the chest like that now (?)look at the tip of the nose and breath through the O of the mouth. Breath through the O of the mouth so that the
vagus nerves can be activated look at the tip of the nose so that the optical nerve can be activated and keeps the hand that way in a receptive pose so
all the heavenly contact may be connected spine straight and don’t move the body. Don’t loosen your lips keep the O tight give the body a chance
God this is not something which you do not understand in few minutes is going to not right but you also you your powerful then there is no need to
seek a break go through it. Keep the hands flat so that if fruit falls from the sky it should sit their nuts slip.
Put the tantric tape of the har let the naval point the third center you’ll chant with it at the sound or you’ll pull the naval in and utter the word keeping
the O intact.
YB: YB talks over the music.
(tape stops)
Pull the navel within the (?) action put the navel under pressure. Last minute come on, come on. Now you’ll whistle keep the posture inhale now you
are in right position put your hand out straight palms straight close your eyes. Palms out parallel to the ground its magnetic field not higher, not lower
just straight palms towards this guy and put your shoulders out and straight. You have exact three minutes of this posture we’ll take care of
everything. Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate make your spine totally under your control all the muscles this energy should need every part of the
body. It will straighten out everything inside you you’ll be stretch so badly sometime it happens to some people there is nothing to worry about get
(?) okay right now then to suffer lighter. Body and muscles and everything will go through changes and put such a heavy pressure that’s sometime it
is become unbearable, sometime nice, sometime nothing happens it depends upon what your physical condition is and how much nerves have
connected inside.
You have one more minute stand by fifteen seconds inhale deep now take the muscles around your spine and stretch upwards, spine is back their
hands have to keep the position breath out breath out deep in now and from first vertebra down their at the base to vow the wave of stretch your
spines muscles around it like if you are holding it with muscles tighten up let the breath go inhale deep again deep, deep very deep. Now pull your
navel in and stretch the spine pull relax. Somebody’s birthday must be not must be next week (—–). The final class of this course will have Monday
I’m leaving Tuesday then I’ll come back and finish with you, you have four days to get the rats out of you that’s all I’ll do an then their is nothing to
blame it blame doesn’t work you know it is not a claim and blame situation it is a question of reorganizing your body, mind and being. So play with
lot of love and glory
YB: YB talks over the music.
Sing all of you (?)
(tape stops)
Give me the power in the essence of that should elevate to the highest of the sound which is resolve sat….. nam…..Give my soul the strength to see
the duality and divinity in all as me and me in all, give me the strength and (?) built of my chakras be open, my tattva will balance and I must have a
elevated self within me. Give me all wealth of wealth of my self love, self esteem and self reality. Lord God you created me my creator give me the
essence so I must know me, my feeling is my emotion, my desire is in existence and be based on that my inner love pure and exalted and elevated
may all must be kind, compassionate and with my real knowledge may I sacrifice all what there is to find the reality of whom. Give me unison
knowledge and victory upon myself sat nam.
Well hhaaa! Monday you have to bring a banana and a orange we also do the healing meditation and we will do also the complete half part of it but
some of you are requested some people will come that day they are not aware so if you can bring few extra so everybody will get it. Good night oh,
do you have that song yeh you, you have that song “Walking on the Mountain with me” you sing with it and you play it because they are not going to
get up and straight away and walk they feel like sitting. (?)
Wow! Cookies we have to celebrated with pride right now good thank you. Now one will (?) that once get once cookies many feast themselves.
Hello live her a long what is (?)
YB: YB talks over the music
(tape stops)
YB: Yeh, where is that sales person please come.
Student: No she don’t want to come.
Student: (———) she is not here.
YB: Silence, silence……… Now
Student: (?) Akal with deafless courage we started our quest with (?) we pushed from the heart and by the code of the (?) we did our best for what’s
that spirit which gave us our start so long ago when we were so young at heart. Now white hawk rises surrounded by blue such strength of spirit and
sovereignty of soul which comes from the deathlessness no known one by fear who have touched that sacred space which makes us whole and the
quest for that consciousness has been our goal. The primal powers the shield he probably bares where at the point of truth the balances hung it cuts
both ways is the understanding that he shared whether the power of the sword or that of the thong for truth shall prevail for ever it is surround and that
totality like the sacredness of the Moon and touch by the soul and blessed through great is safely protected the rightness shall bloom and with those
two blades guard himself defence that space for he holds us between them in his deathless and brains.
In God we trust reads the banner between the wings flying proudly above, above all the pending the shield for trust and God that’s what our
deathlessness brings. It is the one power to which we yield and it is the double ledge sword that we yield. May that deathless courage never leave us
that we always follow our quest with heart may the code of the warrior ever inspire us and let us remember the innocence of our start there are
victorious period may never depart.
Siblings of destiny, He stepped out of the river and walked upon the land there is one God as what he said to this troop I place my hand (?) is the
weight to know him there is no way to understand. This truth wasn’t in the beginning is now in shall always be. So come walk this path of (?) and
worship him with me hand in hand we will walk together a siblings of destiny. Thousands of devotee were with him when he went out for a walk
they laughed and sang and hung around they loved to hear him talk. The coins began to appear and the devotees grab them without a walk so at the
end of the afternoon only three had continued to stay and they placed a roding (?) lying black their in the clay who’ll eat it? He asked to the smile and
(?) replied which way? And old man without a Gurus saw desperately to be free from the cycle of birth and death from life suffering and misery then
he found the loving Guru who made him a sibling of destiny. Humble (?) came to serve him as an orphan of the street and that light ignited with him
making his soul complete when he walk the streets of Amritsar to wash his devotees feet. He set up on the iron played it steadily began to glow in
ever steder made a complaint despite the flames below then he slipped into the river went quietly with the flow those two shining source came
swirling flashing before the fight one held the Akal Takhat and one for the Akal (?) then he wrecked the (?) devotion what is right.
The innocence of the animals the fragrance of the rose and reverence for all life and everything they grow was the simple lesson this sibling of destiny
choose then the sweetness of a child was the vessel of that flame for truth is not found in books but in chanting of the names and though he was but a
child (?) ignorance he became. In secrete solitude that shining flame was passed but before the forces of the madness he remind (?) fast he resided his
prayer bowed his head and breathed his last, he gave his head but not his pain now the dive was catched for before this siblings of the destiny the
enemy was massed then the once in future king looked radiant before the mass. Had no fear my children I’ll forge you from my steel I’ll give you
your identities and prove to me your real we will roll across this planet life the spokes upon the wheel we are the siblings of the destiny and by our
unity we’ll stand we shall be known as the pure once in every state and land and by the grace of this sword we’ll bow to God’s command.
He came across the water and walked upon this land there is one God as what he said this you’ll understand and the Acquarian age is coming forcing
you to expand you are the siblings of destiny and this time is your age. So we followed him to the future that humble iron will sage now we the
children of the cusp invite you to turn the page.
YB: Bless you.
Student: That’s hundred-eight.
YB: Is it hundred-eight?
Students: Wow.
YB: Wow we’ll (?) that’s it.

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  1. Very strong and intense and worth doing it. I am glad that I completed my 40 days. The effect was little hard to take because it releases a lot of emotions, especially anger flows out.

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