Meditation: LA082-790123 Telescopic Infinity

 Taught by Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khaisa Yogiji
Los Angeles January 23, 1979

This meditation will give you the extension into telescopic infinity 

Sit in easy pose with a straight spine. 

Relax the arms down with the elbows bent. Draw the forearms up and in toward the chest until the hands meet in front of the chest at the level of the heart. Face both palms toward the body and interlace the fingers uniting the hands. Pull the thumbs up and press the thumb tip together. Be sure to set the forearms in a position so they will be parallel to the ground. Once the forearms are parallel to the ground keep them that way for the entire meditation. Stretch from the shoulders and lebows, but keep the pressure on thumbs and fingertips light 

Sit with the legs crossed or in a chair with the weight of both feet equally distributed on the ground. 

Breathe as required for the mantra used. For the Hari Mantra or Mul Mantra inhale deeply and exhale completely as the mantra is chanted. For The Ramadasa Sasay sohung mantra inhale deep and chant the first phrase; take a quick braath and chant the rest. 

Look at the tip of the nose 







No length of time was given. 

This meditation will give you the extension into telescopic infinity. 

The first mantra relates to the formless, nirgun. The second mantra is sirgun, relating to form. 


 … It is surprising sometime we don’t have any musician and sometime we have lot of them. It’s called vibration, things come and things go, sometime they are more, sometime they are less. Sometime you are high, sometime you are low. That’s called life. But between that life there is an area of equilibrium. Bliss, anand, happiness, grace, these are your expressions. When out of the high and low you keep the mental body in the state of equilibrium into the polarity of that consciousness which relates your mental and magnetic field. Mental and? 

Students: (——) 

YB: Magnetic field at the same sequence that you do not lose the direction. Object and obstruct is the same. And what is obstructing the situation you know how to remedy it. And this all is computed by your brain at the same time, then you have knowledge. You know what knowledge you have? You pay two hundred fifty dollars, somebody press your head you see something unusual, you are enlightened, you have knowledge; this is not knowledge.

Whenever there is a conflict between mind and soul and mind and body, mind has to look to two sides, it must equally look and balance and tell you the way. That is called panth, that is called way. In polarity of equal consciousness when you get the equilibrium of effectiveness of your creativity then you are happy. Otherwise you are unhappy. Because you are unsure. You don’t know. So long in your life you treat the pattern of life as a pattern of you as a life and it is the life you follow, you cannot follow anything else. And when you follow your pattern you cannot follow your consciousness, period. Like it or not. And when your neurosis or neurotic or whatever tatic, patic, you got so many words, God bless you. 

(Students’ laughter) 

YB: But you are just a potato. 

(Students’ laughter) 

YB: Bake it or fry it, make chips out of it, means nothing, it is all here. Because once you follow the neurosis you cannot follow the consciousness, consciousness is not neurosis because neurosis is the pattern of life. What is an insane person? You go in a mental hospital and say I am king, I am king, he repeats it all the time. Even a king starts saying I am king, I am king, they put him in a mental hospital, the guy is out of brain. A record you play, if it gets a cut somewhere and say oh (?) you say it is out of service. Because why? It repeats the same thing again and again. But on the other hand you have to repeat one thing again and again. Because that stimulate the stimuli of the stimulant in the stimulation of your own self of the hypothalamus and that’s called japa. Sat Nam, Sat Nam, are you mad? No, you say Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam, nobody will tell you, you are mad. But you say I am king, I am beautiful, I am beautiful, they say oh he has gone crazy. That is the difference between the jap, because jap is a tapa. You repeat it, you repeat it because you are conscious of it, you are conscious of it because your consciousness is Infinity. 

Therefore in japa you relate to the Infinity, Infinity relates to the consciousness, and consciousness tells you that you are doing something for that higher one. And anybody who relates to the higher one is the higher one. That’s why when you say Sat Nam, Sat Nam, Sat Nam you didn’t say I am king, you say truth is my identity, truth is my identity, truth is my identity, people love you. You don’t like it? You should like it because that is what you got the birth and life for. 

Why you when you wear white you look saints? Because white is the Infinity of seven colors. White is the Infinity of seven colors, it’s the most difficult color to wear. As it is most difficult to do Sat Nam Sat Nam Sat Nam but anything else you can say. And you don’t want to say Sat Nam Sat Nam all the time, why not? You want to gossip. Why don’t you gossip that way it should be a gossip with Infinity. Because you have fear of the unknown, you do not know in you is the unknown. Don’t you think tomorrow you will live? Don’t you think tomorrow you will live? You do hope. You have a hope, right? Tomorrow you will live, right? Then that’s unknown to you. What will be tomorrow? There maybe earthquake, there maybe rain, there maybe beautiful sun, somebody may die, somebody may live, you may have to go, what is tomorrow? That is your unknown of today. 

Each today has a tomorrow, each known has a unknown, why to have fear? Because you are neurotic that is why you are afraid. Guru says nirbhao, nirvair. First you have to be fearless, then only you can become revenge less, otherwise you will take revenge, you will not like to say things which are good. Why? Because you do not know God, God is G O D, good is G O O D. And when you do not know good, you do not know God, then goodies won’t come to you. You will be without everything. With everything you will be without everything. You will have food, you will have house, you will have children, you will have everything. But you won’t have one thing, it’s called bliss, happiness, equilibrium. 

Concept cannot be achieved through conceit. You say is it immoral? Oh it is not for you. Is it illegal? Not for you. For a thief by profession thievery is not illegal. So long he is caught not, it’s not illegal. Therefore under your ego you can do what you want to do. And you can do and you should do. But where it takes you that you must know. Taking to truth is not knowing the truth, if you know the truth you are useless. You will feel more guilty. If you do not know the truth perhaps you are innocent, you are ignorant, you can live, but when you know the truth and you don’t live, then you are in pain. Then you need scotch on the rock. Because you want to make yourself a stone because you don’t want to think. You can’t think. Why you should think? Thinking for higher consciousness or getting to the means and the ways and trying to do something that you must think and you must reach the unthinkable, think to reach the unthinkable. Know the? But if you can’t then thinking will make you guilty and miserable. Path is correct, concept is right, happiness is granted, nobody is born to be unhappy, I said you are born in the image of… your background is very good, read it. At least speak it. Man is born in the image of? 

Students: God. 

YB: But why he doesn’t hold good? You want to be beautiful, you want to be beautiful not the way God made you, you want to be beautiful by your own concept. To have something is easy. To have something is… but it is very difficult to maintain it. When you maintain something you sustain something, you sustain something you sacrifice something, you sacrifice something, you enjoy something, you enjoy something, you feel the grace about something, you grace something you experience something and that is what holds you in the end. I am I am. You don’t want to sacrifice. For you sacrifice is painful, you are afraid of it. You don’t want to be near it. If somebody challenges you, you say let us compromise. Why? Somebody is not challenging you, somebody is not interested in challenging you, he is challenging your values. You have them or not. If you have them stand out. If not forget it. 

People told me many things. People abuse me, slander me, talk lot of things against me. But at least they remember me. Is it not fair to only know that I am being remembered directly or indirectly by so many people? That is not the best PR? Look what funny dress I wear. I don’t do makeup, no lipstick on my lips, no mascara, nothing, no super eyelashes, 

no artificial nails, nothing. But still people talk about me and some people sit down for hours and hours and hours and hours they do fashion and when they come out, rain falls, and whole thing washed away. 

(Students’ laughter) 

What is your beauty? Your beauty is not what you are but you are a man of beauty, when you sustain your manhood. Your beauty is not what you are, you are a woman, it is not beautiful if you do not sustain womanhood. And you are nothing if you do not sustain humanhood. Humane, humane, you are the radiant self, that’s what literal meaning of human is. Hue. The halo. (?) now you are the halo, now you are the radiance. But without radiance nobody knows you. You are dark. That light should be your fashion, for that you should work, not sitting before a mirror and decorating for two hours but just meditating and decorating and bringing the light, generating the energy within you so that you can radiate. And it is the radiance which is beautiful, not you. 

If you live in Christ consciousness you are Jesus Christ and you know what is what. And it is that essence, essence of life is life not the life you live. You say you live you don’t live. You say you are beautiful you are not beautiful. How can you call yourself beautiful? You think with this powder and this lipstick and the fashion you think you are beautiful. If you put a skin of a lion over donkey is it going to roar? What crazy you are. What’s wrong with you? You have reached the moon, mars, Venus and so many places, you can’t reach one single truth? 

Essence in abstract is the essence known in the polarity of the conscious magnetic field in equilibrium and balance with the magnetic field of the totality around you. That is surrounding. You beautify the surrounding, surrounding beautifies you and that is by the light, by the radiance, by your beauty, by your charm, what you are, if you a human first, man next or a woman next, then you must prove it. But you can’t, you have no values. Somebody tells you, “Hey, what are you doing.” 

“Aah! I am doing nothing.” 

You are definitely doing something. Say it I am doing this and this. Because you are not consciously doing it. You can’t explain, you can’t express, you are not in a position to do that. That is not. You think physical body which you got, 

‘Guru kripa tey bhagat kamayi, taye manas dehi paayi.’ 

You earned it, you went from eight point four million lifecycles to get it. And now you are blowing it. Why you are blowing it? Because you do not know. You are afraid, you come here to know the unknown. Unknown is Infinity. In the rational mind there is a question, in the question there is a reason, in the reason there is a cause, in the cause there is an effect and if you live cause and effect you do not know what are you living for. Aren’t you fool? Your life is the cause and your life is the effect of the cause you earned it. And now having a magnetic consciousness of possibility to know the Infinity you are still dead. I want to live for my job, I love… . It is very funny. Some of you sing every time Sutdara, Sopreet… I have fallen in love with my wife and my child. That’s my end. My son is this, my wife is this, my land is this, my house is this. This is a hotel. Its name is what? What is the name of your hotel? Earth. It’s a hotel, maximum stay granted is sixty-five years average, which in the light year of life consciousness is point zero, zero, zero, put nine zero eight point four million times, which almost comes to nothing. 

(Students’ laughter) 

What should I say? When you are warm, you are young, hey how you feel? Great. And after couple of years hey how you feel? Great. And after a little more time, hey how you feel? Great. Even great changes because that fire under great changes. Potent, I am very potent. And one day this potent will become potato. And then there will be a potent potato. God, what are you doing? I mean what’s wrong with you? One man my boyfriend, my husband, my this, my that, all the relatives and there is no relationship with yourself. Inner self is barren, knowledge of the unknown is not known, consciousness has not found equilibrium, scale of the sequence are always leading to consequences and everybody knows “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” And you want to earn it differently? And you will succeed 

We ask you to come for sadhana you goof. Why didn’t you come for Sadhana? I got up, but I slept. You couldn’t get up. See how crumpy you are. Lazy. Indisciplined, unbearably bearable, you want to get up and you can’t get up. You in you want to get up and you can’t get up? You want to go and you feel tired? There is some gap. Something is missing. Something is wrong. You want to smile and you cry, does it happen? But you want to get up and you couldn’t get up. What heart attack? No. Your consciousness wants you to get up, your body is not in relation to concept of the consciousness is acting right. There is difference. And this is the problem, this is the problem with all of you, this problem will continue to be in all of you, why? Because faith moves the mountains, otherwise stones are heavy. You are very heavy, you are stone, you can’t get up. 

God gave you breath of life and in the morning just to praise the lord, thanking Him, starting your day right, preparing yourself mentally and consciously you are supposed to get up and you don’t? How you think your day will pass? What is the guarantee? You drive the car, you reach the time and space. Time and space will kill you. If you say it Aad gurey namey, jugaad gurey namey sat gurey namey, Siri Guru devey namey. Five seconds. You have missed the longitude and latitude of that space, accident won’t happens We can’t miss the time, but we can always miss the space, that’s why we say we start anything start with the name of God, miss the space. I forgot it. Well, you forgot it, you got it. You cause the cause, you must face the effect. 

What I am trying to say to you is what you think is poor is not. What you think is rich is not. What you think is great is not. What you think is small is not. All in all is the all which is the one. You are all pawns of that maya. Then find Him, find It, find Her, if you are a Shakti poojari, find Her, if you find God Him as a man, I don’t know what you want to find. He, She and It, Heshit, find heshit.

(Students’ laughter) 

You love when I say heshit. In India they call it ishth. It almost sounds the same. Ishth means the unified concentrated object where the faith dwells. Creativity in polarity of consciousness in the both hemisphere of your brain, your eastern brain and your western brain one has the initial initiative of initiative, the other has the initiation towards the projection of that initiation into the future and both polarity has a idea to come in the central object of you which is reality of you and beyond reality there is nothing pain, despair, anger, unhappiness and everything. My dear friends, if dollars can buy happiness, come on, I’ll buy per pound, how much? Million dollar a pound? I’ll pay. Take the Shah of Iran; yesterday Shahenshah of Iran. Today nobody wants him. 

‘Khin Maei Rao Runkkar Karhi, Rao Rankkar darey.’ 

In the moment he makes a king a beggar, beggar a king and he closes them out. Who he is? Who is bigger than me? Who can tell me? You are talking out of ego, you donkey, you are bragging. (?) that’s what you are. All you know is to brag. I am beautiful, I am very wise, I am very technical. Shut up. You are nobody. Even the body you got is a gift. You do not know why you have two eyes, why not three? Every year the motor company changes the motor and the model. But your motor company comes out almost the same. Two eyes, one nose, one mouth, this is a old, old, you are antique. That’s why you are very valuable. 

In one conference all these yogis and swamis were sitting and they were all wise than me. Normally I am always not wise among the wise. So they asked me one thing, “Why man is supreme?” 

I said, “Because man is antique. Antique is always valuable. Man is so antique nobody knows how to make a superman or other man, just duplicate man.” 

He said, “No, no, no, now there is a science as known the process of making a man out of the genes.” 

I said, “Well, then genes are very antique. Genes of the interrelation of the dance of the atom.” I said, “We know it is very antique dance of Shiva.” Trikuti Tarna Pathiya, Satyam. That we know it. It’s an old, old, old thing. Shiva danced. 

“What do you mean by Shiva dance?” 

Electron, proton and neutron dance all the time. It is that dancing inter-polarity of relationship which is the source of every life. Do you know? When the blood is warm you are very warm and when it is cold, then tea, coffee, whisky, what not? Why? Because you relate with the outer stimulant, you do not create the inner stimulants. Have you seen a holy man very, very hardworking and tired, but in ecstasy glow, the words have power, if they go to heart. He talks and you enjoy. 

Who are you all? Do you know who are you? Come on, tell me. Speak, what is wrong with you? Creatures of God. Somebody saved you. No, creatures of God? Which God? The one God, no two. How many gods are there? I see the room full with Gods. You are all God. One God everywhere. In each single godly body. Is that true? But you said only one God, therefore you have one only. Why this multiple? Why this multiple? You know what happened? I told you the bang theory yesterday. Now listen to the other thing. 

God got bored, He wanted to look at Himself. He couldn’t (?) a mirror, He said so be me, so be me, sohum, sohum and He meditated and He is still meditating, He forgot to stop. 

(Students’ laughter) 

And creativity is by the life too. So one became woman, one became male, one became female, that is how this male, female principle came. God is still meditating. Moment He opens His eyes, you all will be gone. 

(Students’ laughter) 

I went to a very great swami, I won’t tell his name, because Indians will really kill me. They are already after my back. That’s why I don’t speak. I went to him and he said, “Oh, oh, Bhajan swami, Bhajan yogi…” 

I said, “What is happening maharaj? Great man.” 

He said, “I am meditating.” 

I said, “Swamiji, why people meditate?” 

He said, “We must move the God.” 

I said, “Swamiji (?) God moves. Earth will be nowhere. You are going to kill everybody?” 

(Students’ laughter) 

I said, “You are doing really a bad job.” 

He said, “I am with God.” 

I said, “God wants the earth not to destroy. And if God wants to look at earth He should be stable. But you are trying to do something to move God.” 

He said, “No, no, I mean emotionally.” 

I said, “Oh you are emotional? And you want to relate to the emotion of His?” 

He said, “Oh no your old joke, all right, all right, let us talk something else.” 

Because you cannot even express yourself of the unknown. So beautiful, so wonderful, so balanced is that phenomena that even they said Krishna, karey shunna, Krishna is not that who has eighteen thousand gopis, sometimes Americans like him. Oh my God, we get five, ten, twenty, he had eighteen thousand, perhaps we will worship him, we will have nine hundred thousand or something like that. No, that’s not true. Krishna means karey-shunna, kaar means the creativity, kaar this creativity, shunna comes to stop. Shunn, nothing moves. And the other polarity of that is rama, raa-eee-maa. That one which created sun and moon. 

These are all kirtam nam, as we see the God, and as we see the God in the Infinity in relativity to relate all the time to us we relate all the time to do. What they call it? What is this relationship? Meditation. This is real, this is true and this is 

the essence. Into that essence, into that wonder, into that bountiful beauty man expressed himself and said wow and because that wow came to him through the grace and blessing of the Guru therefore he said waa hey. Wahe. That’s what it is. Not (?) what are you making joke of it? What is wrong with you? You are chanting to God like a dog. Arey, sit calm and just say Wahe Guru. Your mental body and your physical body, your spiritual body and your astral body, your inner body in essence must recognize the wonderful lord. And that is what you are born for. That is what you are created for. And that is what you are asked for, you are asked for you have it. Iota. 

(Students’ laughter) 

I mean do it or not it’s up to you, it’s not my problem. I am supposed to teach, you are supposed to learn, right? Do it or not do it, it’s your karma, not mine. I learnt it, I got it, you learn it, you get it, you don’t learn it, you will be crazy. I would have been sitting in some office and doing my weird number, thirty thousand bills gone, twenty-two happened, what bah-bah-bah. I do the same thing, thirty thousand crazy, two hundred thousand… 

(Students’ laughter) 

Sometime people ask me, what do you do? I say when I was a custom officer I used to be… this airplane has come, now I am flying tomorrow, I am doing this, three hundred days planes, they don’t believe you. Same thing. We never used to sleep at night, here we don’t use to sleep night, we meditate. What has changed? Nothing. Something must have changed. What is that something? That out of nothing we have found something and out of something we have found nothing. When that balance comes in the experience of consciousness then one can feel waha, waha, waha, waha and that is the essence what people relate and when people want to relate, what your essence wants to relate. 

There is a mantra, lock your hands, put your thumbs together in this at the heart center straight. You follow? And stretch it with the fingers and the hands must be (?) it is the sciatica in interrelation to the neutral center of the brain which gives you calmness, quietness and balance. Pressure should be with the elbows, straight at all center. It’s a position, it’s the aasana for your own creativity. No joke. But touch the thumbs very light, fingers must be very locked and pushed, and there should be a pressure on these arms so if you have eaten anything wrong it may not interfere with your meditation. Correct? Put your eyes on the tip of the nose and meditate on Hari mantra and Hari mantra has to be said thrice in one breath, okay, go ahead. 

The class chants: Hari nam Sat Nam Hari nam Hari, Hari nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Hari, Hari nam Sat Nam Hari nam Hari, Hari nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Hari, Hari nam Sat Nam Hari nam Hari, Hari nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Hari. 

YB: Learn it, learn it from the voice, from the sound pick it up, don’t think somebody will teach you. This you have learned many, many lifetimes. Pick it up just as it is yours, as it is mine go ahead. 

The class chants: Hari nam Sat Nam Hari nam Hari, Hari nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Hari, Hari nam Sat Nam Hari nam Hari, Hari nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Hari, Hari nam Sat Nam Hari nam Hari, Hari nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Hari. 

YB: Inhale, go ahead. 

The class chants: Hari nam Sat Nam Hari nam Hari, Hari nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Hari, Hari nam Sat Nam Hari nam Hari, Hari nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Hari, Hari nam Sat Nam Hari nam Hari, Hari nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Hari. 

(Chanting stops.) 

YB: Breathe in deep, so that you can sing it three times without cheating in-between. 

The class chants: Hari nam Sat Nam Hari nam Hari, Hari nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Hari, Hari nam Sat Nam Hari nam Hari, Hari nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Hari, Hari nam Sat Nam Hari nam Hari, Hari nam Sat Nam Sat Nam Hari. 

YB: Okay, okay, okay, this is called nirgun. Sargun is same. Same posture, same position. Inhale. Rama dasa, saa sey so hung… 

The class chants: Raa maa daa saa saa say so hung. 

YB: What, this is tune? Come on. 

The class chants: Raa maa daa saa saa say so hung 

YB: Arey, if you want the blessing of Guru Ram Das sing it loud and pure. 

(Chanting continues…) 

(Chanting stops.) 

Okay, third mantra which can go on the same posture inhale, and chant the mool mantra. 

The class chants: Ik onkaar sat naam kartaa purakh nirbh-a-o nirvair akaal moorat ajoonee saibhn gur parsaad, jap Aad sach jugaad sach, hai bhee sach, naanak hosee bhee sach. 

YB: Hey, hey, hey, you have to take full complete breath and you have to say on only one breath. If you have cheated in between that doesn’t mean you are qualified yourself. Okay, be clear. 

The class chants: Ik onkaar sat naam kartaa purakh nirbh-a-o nirvair akaal moorat ajoonee saibhn gur parsaad, jap Aad sach jugaad sach, hai bhee sach, naanak hosee bhee sach. 

(Chanting stops.) 

YB: Relax. Thank you. 

I don’t want you to chant too much, then you have to drive cars and you can be spaced out in other couple of minutes. It’s very relaxing, it is for the equilibrium of the both hemispheres of the brain and for the extension into the telescopic Infinity, not microscopic Infinity, we will talk about it when we meet next Monday. There will be no class on Thursday 

because I have to fly out for doing some official job and I want you to grow so that you can do all those jobs when I quit. 

Long time this planet earth I have seen, it sounds good to you and sounds good to me, but it’s not right to keep on hanging here with a shaggy bag called body. You know what I mean? It’s now a shaggy bag, it’s old, it’s going to be fifty years, half of a century, that’s enough. I have seen Los Angeles ten years, I have inhaled the smog, it’s beautiful. 

(Students’ laughter) 

But I think if you grow and you takeover and you enjoy it because you must become the masters, time is coming in couple of years when insanity will make people to hit the walls, they will come at the gate thinking it is the house of Guru Ram Das and if you will not help them and it’s a house of karamath. 

“Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru, jinney siriya, jinney savariya, poori hoyi karamath, aap sajjan harey tariya.” 

The very look of you should bring them balance, give them equilibrium, give them life, and that is the way you are going to be known, five thousand years from now to come. Therefore dedicate yourself and understand that you are preparing for the time to come and not for today. 

Now sing the song. Come on musicians. 

Side B 

… And none of you came, you know you are trying to do something to us, right? And he never brought anything. Come on quick, why are you so late? 

(Students sing…) 

(Song stops.) 

YB: So Guru Gobind Singh came down to claim as his own. And Khalsa is the one who walks on the path of purity, through his humble nature he reached the destination of light. In the creative nature of yours think about yourself as the light of God and be so and so be it. 

The class sings: “May the long time sun shine upon you…” 

YB: Blessed be my soul in the vicinity of the unknown, you are known as in the image of God. In the grace of the unknown beyond in the yonder land and on this land everywhere and nowhere, I find myself in the state of bliss to understand the purity and the piety of God. And these creatures in congregation have created this to uplift their consciousness, out of thy mercy oh unknown bless them in purity of art, bliss and let the song of the musical of ever be heard for them in the name of the holy name, so that they can uplift their consciousness unto thee. Blessed is my soul, which can relate to that light and may this day carry you through another day and other day and other day till the end of the journey when you can see no journey but the city of light. That is where we all belong to. Sat Nam. 

It is our privilege to understand lot of people are trying to diet, but there is one formula which doesn’t cost anything, you have not to go any center and you can be skinny. You want to know? 

Students: Yes sir. 

YB: Just remember you are fat when you eat. 

(Students’ laughter) 

It works really good. You know I tell you, I made an experiment, I ate when I went to Mexico and all that area I ate like a pig, and got about thirty pounds over. But I wanted to know how much time it takes to diet and be beautiful and how much time it takes to be ugly. I found out that to become an ugly duckling it doesn’t take long time at all. 

(Students’ laughter) 

But it’s a hard way to learn and now I have to lose thirty pounds and all I do to myself is I say well, you are ugly, fat. So even the word ugly works if used right, 

“In the beginning there was a word, word was with God and word was God.” 

(Students’ laughter) 

So please remember when you eat you just think that that little food is going to make you ugly. I tell you it maybe a cream pie with chocolate and what not, but your mouth won’t open. 

(Students’ laughter) 

Be blessed for this week, enjoy, do your Sadhana, what is this year? This is year? 

Students: Relax and rejoice. 

YB: And do it right. 

(Students’ laughter) 

Student: So all of us can relax and rejoice on Thursday night we are going to have a meeting here after class at seventy thirty for women and because of lot of women are relaxing and rejoicing right now and as the result a lot of husbands are relaxing and rejoicing right now and as a result lot of children are relaxing and rejoicing right now, and lot of sisters are relaxing and rejoicing right now because of the other sisters, we think it will be good if the women, all meet here on Thursday night and get into to the nitty-gritty of some of the things that we need to get into, so without (?) you are wondering what you are going to do it. Six more months still woman’s training camp if all (?) your (?) thinking of where you can go next week with your husband, this is the time to work it out and we hope that you all will be here and if you can spread the word to everybody. It’s not just for the married woman. I don’t mean to mislead anybody. But that is quite a lot of what it can be about. So any woman who is married, thinks she wants to get married or isn’t married, but we would like to just get into it Thursday night at seven thirty here. 

Students: Sat Nam, there is a wedding in San Diego this coming weekend, Sunday at 10 o’clock, these two couples who are getting married have invited everyone to come. There will be lots of cars going either on Saturday afternoon or 

Sunday morning, so if you are interested in going to the wedding give your names to the regional officer or try to coordinate right. 

Student: (——) 

Student: Names of the couples getting married Gurbani Kaur and Guru Mantra Singh, Meherbani Kaur and Guru Mantra Singh and Rajinder Kaur and Harbhajan Singh. Wahe Guru. 

Student: Wahe Guru. 

Author: harinam

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