No Superstition and the Vagus Nerve – HNS Class Golden Bridge 2012-12-12

Hari Nam Singh
Sat Nam Rasayan® Class
Wednesday, December 12, 2012 -- 4:00 p.m.
Bodh Gaya Room
Golden Bridge -- Hollywood, California

Tune-in.  Ong Namo….

So what is it that’s supposed to happen today?

Student:  Lots of people are getting married today.  That was what they said on the radio.

Are they inducing labor, too?

Student: So that people don’t forget their Birthday maybe.  Lots of people are getting married today because they want their husbands to remember their wedding anniversary.

I guess that’s pretty practical.  Well, actually it makes sense.  For many years my wife and I could never remember what day our wedding anniversary was.  We had a tendency to think it was a day later for some reason.

Numerologically or astrologically you can discern certain tendencies that are produced.  It doesn’t mean that something’s going to go boom on one day or another.  We have in general tendencies to put a lot of energy into these things, thinking that one thing or another is really special.

It amounts to a lot of superstition that we hold.  Superstition is making an assumption about something because you think that something is supposed to happen.  It doesn’t mean that something isn’t going to happen.  We have the tendency not to base our perception on our experience.  Our experience is what counts, and really nothing else.  If we just assume something because everybody says this or that, that’s just really superstition.  So it’s really pretty useful for us to get beyond that tendency that we have of doing that, just be in the moment in the experience, and then see what happens with that.

We could relate with something through a numerological relation, and that has a lot of potential and perhaps even a lot of power; however, that’s just a matter of relating through our experience in that to see how we’re affected by that — not putting the cart before the horse and saying, “We expect this or that.”

That’s one thing that we’ve been working on a lot lately.  Especially in Guru Dev Singh’s Classes, the topic of superstition comes up a lot.  It’s something we can acknowledge, and don’t need to engage in so much.

So in order to mitigate that to some degree, Guru Dev Singh did give us this Meditation, which Yogi Bhajan gave us, which is useful in our time to be engaged with.  Is anybody doing this Meditation?  I thought we’d do that one.

Meditation For Faculty Of Self-Engagement:
Mudra:  Bend your elbows into the sides of the body.  Extend the forearms out in front of the body, and tilt them up at a 45-degree angle.  Have the palms flat, fingers’ pointing straight ahead.  The right palm faces the ceiling, and the left palm faces the floor.  The palms are at the level of the heart center, and the wrists are bent slightly.
Hold the position, and keep the spine straight the entire time.
Eyes:  Stare at the tip of the nose.
Breath:  Breathe long and deep in through the nose.  Breathe out long and deep through the mouth.  Mechanically breathe.
You are bringing a balance between Heaven and Earth in this posture.  Let your thoughts go.  Don’t work your brain.  It will take you through your non-reality, and go deep into Meditation.  Just breathe consciously.
Time:  22 Minutes, 45 Seconds
To End:  Inhale deeply, press your hands together in front of your chest really tightly, press hard.  Hold for 11 Seconds.  Exhale.
Inhale, really squeeze very hard, using the shoulders to add all the pressure you can.  Hold for 11 Seconds.  Exhale.
Inhale, squeeze your spine, vertebrae, muscles, hands, legs, everything, from the base to the top.  Hold for 20 Seconds.  Exhale.

Okay.  Take your partner.

Round One :  Take your partner.  Open the space.  Feel how the sounds inside you are affecting your Field.  In particular feel how the sounds are affecting your emotional sensations.  Within you feel the sensations of flow.  At the same time feel the sensations of no-flow or where there is numbness.  Feel all those sensations at the same time.  Keep researching how the sounds are affecting you.  Where you feel sensations of numbness or no-flow, feel that from within Shuniya, within Silence.  Feel how it feels from within Silence.  Give it space.  Give space to all those places inside you that feel numb with the intention to alter the perception of those points to be more like those where you perceive a flow.  Relate with your partner.  Feel how that relation is affecting the flow in you.  With your intention in the Silence, give space to those points of numbness — the intention of altering the perception to that of increased flow.  Hold the relation in the Silence.  Come to conclusion.  Switch.

Round Two :  Take your partner.  Open the space.  Feel how the sounds are affecting you.  Feel the sounds inside you, in particular how they are touching emotional sensations.  In your Field of Perception, recognize sensations of flow and sensations of no-flow.  Allow that to be the Mandala superimposed on your Field.  Relate with your partner.  Allow your partner to affect your Field, still being aware of flow and no-flow.  Give space to those points of numbness in the Silence.  Feel those points within the Silence.  Choose to relate with your partner’s Vagus Nerve.  Feel in the area of your left eye and in your face any sensation of numbness.  Allow that to be present in the Silence.  Allow the Silence to affect those sensations.  As those sensations alter, follow the resistances down the length of the Vagus Nerve.  Give space to the resistances as you encounter them, researching the length of the Vagus Nerve through the body.  Allow the sensations of flow.  Balance the sensations of numbness to being more like the sensations of flow.  Allow the sensations of numbness and flow to begin to merge.  Feel it.  Don’t push it.  Come to conclusion.  Switch.

Round Three :  Take your partner.  Open the space.  Relate with your partner, and in particular the Vagus Nerve, and first of all the area around the left eye and the resistances in that area.  Allow them.  Give them space.  Allow those resistances to mingle with the sensations of flow in your body.  As the perception of those points of numbness begins to alter, follow the resistance down the length of the Vagus Nerve, down the face and the left side of the body.  Begin to recognize how all of the sensations of flow, numbness, and everything related with the Vagus Nerve are affecting your brain.  Allow all the sensations to appear as though they’re happening in the mind.  From that vantage research those sensations along the entire length of the Vagus Nerve, and feel the sensations as a whole.  Give space to that flow that appears in the mind.  Feel how it’s affecting all your sensations.  Let the nature of that flow as a whole come into balance.  Feel it inside your brain.  Balance the sensations there, and the sensations as they are suggested to the mind.  Let all of them interact as One Field.  Come to conclusion.  Switch.

Round Four :  Open the space.  Recognize your partner in you, in particular the space of the relation with the Vagus Nerve of your partner, and the sensation of the points of flow and the points of no-flow.  Feel those points in you, from the vantage of how it’s affecting the brain.  Feel those points of numbness in the brain, and how they’re affecting the flow of the mind.  Give space to those points.  Bring the points of numbness in the flow into balance.  Give space to the points of constriction in the mind.  Let them balance with perceptions that have more flow.  Allow the Field to be One Unified Space.  Just with your intention bring it into balance.  Come to conclusion.

So we can maintain some form of reference to sensations that appear in the body; however, we can allow them to be more generalized in a way that they become more diffuse and represented in a more unified way, something that appears in the mind as well.  By maintaining that reference to the body, we can see how we’re doing.  Where we place our intention is in the Overall Field, which includes more than just those specific sensations here and there.

So does anybody have any questions?

We feel something perhaps here or here, and they seem present in the body.  If we allow those sensations and feel how they’re affecting how our brains feel, we can begin to feel how that’s affecting the brain and affecting the mind.  So it’s not just those specific physical things, rather a little bit more diffuse and generalized.  So it’s not just there.  It’s more everywhere.

You can feel where there is flow somewhere.  Feeling where there’s numbness is a contrast to that.  So it gives you some point of a polarity that you can start to balance, not that you push anything through somewhere; however, you feel the difference.  You just give space to those places that feel numb.  We do that with Shuniya.  We go to that place that’s completely Empty, and then see what happens to the flow.  Shuniya is something that’s everywhere.  It doesn’t have a location.  So we would like to start to go beyond just having everything have a location.  Maybe that’s where we can start because our body is a Mandala, which can represent something that’s happening in our Perceptive Field; however, then we can take it further than that and include all perception.  Perception can include what’s happening in the mind.  That’s more where our intentions are held.  We use our mind.  So we don’t need to try to change the perception directly in some place.  There can be a lot of resistance to that.  So what we’re doing is making it a little bit more efficient.  That’s something that you can do more quickly.

You don’t have to believe ahead of time that it’s based in something that’s held emotionally.  You can perhaps discover where in the Emotional Body or in that part of your Mandala it’s appearing in you.  It will touch someplace in your perception where it’s appearing in you.  We deal with it directly there.  We don’t have to assume ahead of time that it’s anywhere.  We don’t have to give it a location.  Just allow whatever then appears in your Field as resistance, and deal with it there.  Just relate with it there.  If it is affecting some kind of emotion, then you can deal with that.  You can relate with that in that way there, and give that space.

It’s a good thing that you’re not thinking in terms of a disease or in terms of something with a cause-and-effect or something that has a position like a sore throat.  You may want to say, “Okay.  Let’s go with the throat here, and see what we can find in our throat.”  We don’t have to do that.  You can use your intention and say, “Well, let’s relate with the throat because that seems to be a gross manifestation.”  Beyond that it’s going to take you to someplace in you where you’re feeling something. You relate with it there, wherever you’re feeling it in you.  It could be an emotional thing.  It could be a flow perhaps somewhere in the body.  You let it be whatever it is.

If we do that, then we’re minimizing our tendencies to be superstitious about it.  Superstitious would be maybe, “Well, let me try to release a blockage in the throat.”  Well, there could be a big assumption in that because often things that happen with people and conditions are much more complex than that.  So the least that we can assume about something and the least superstition we can hold about it and the least belief we can hold, then the more effective we can be.

We’re finding that we can heal things in the most unexpected ways.  Whatever presents itself is your reality.  You can rely on your perception because your perception is what you know, just as it is, unfiltered, and without having to have the commentary, “Oh, well, this is that; this is that,” and start interpreting.  Feel it where it appears in you.  If you can remain stable in Shuniya, then something will start to happen.  You’ll get a broader experience of what’s going on, and allow the complexity of everything that’s going on to start to emerge.  You may find that you’re in a place, relating in a way that’s very different from where you started.

You could ask somebody, “Well, what’s going on?  How do you feel?  Where does it hurt?”  If you ask that question, that’s fine.  The answer is:  What happened in you when you asked the question and there was some response?  That’s the answer:  What happened in you?  Where did you feel that?  Where did you feel the reaction?  Where did you feel the sensation that appeared?  It will always relate with your question; however, you don’t have to interpret the Tiny Pet’s answer because that is irrelevant.  Do you understand what I’m saying?

When you apply an intensity to something like asking the Tiny Pet, “Where does it hurt?” that puts a little intensity somewhere.  There’s going to be a reaction, and it’s going to manifest in some way; however, you are relating with that Tiny Pet; and you’ll feel in you where that’s happening.  That’s where you start.  Forget what the words are of that they say, or not.  You could include that if you want; however, that’s not the point.  That’s not the answer.

Okay.  Maybe we had better finish.

Sat Nam.  Sat Nam.  Sat Nam.  (silent prayer….)


Meditation:  LA372 831212 Corruption and character

LA372 831212 Corruption and character. Save yourself from your own self corruption 

We have to do one little sadhana today to find out. I am going to adjust you a little bit. Okay. And I think you will do all right. Sit in a beautiful, simple yogic posture. 

Kriya 7 minutes: Breathe air like water. It is called ducking the air. Duck the air and reach the maximum point. Keep doing. Reach the maximum and keep doing. I know it will freak you out. I understand that because I have done it myself. I know what I am talking about so you keep doing. Inhale in under your own automatic system. Come on, come on, come on. Don’t stop. Duck the air. You are never clean my dear son. Do you know how to duck the air. We have been doing it for fourteen years. Inhale it and keep on, nah, keep on inhaling. Automatically exhale. Don’t worry about that. Keep on filling it. Don’t you try to exhale. Inhale. Breathe in, duck in. Just a glass of water. You take a full mouth of water and duck in. It wilt automatically leak somewhere and none of your problem. It will make you a little sweat and make you a little cold. It will make you a lot of things to you. Come on, come on, now you are all stopping. Keep doing it. Duck the air. Do you understand. Now is the time to do it. Now you are all trying to avoid it. It is a very youthful process. Come on. You have got to do it three more minutes. When you reach the maximum doing at that time means something. Try it, try it. It will relax you. You can’t forget it. What you are trying to do overload. the pranas do it. Are you doing it now? Hey Mr. Question, come on, keep doing. Don’t meditate. Try what I say. Don’t close your eyes. Come on, keep doing. Drink it in the air, through the mouth. Two more minutes. Don’t stop. That is not fair. Have you ever tried this before? Come on, do it then. Hurry. I teach you new things in yoga. You don’t want to learn it huh? One more minute. Try it honestly. Heh polar bear, do it right. Come on. You are doing good. Now try. There is about a half a minute left. What? You are just doing a little. Do it full strength. All I am telling you to drink air. It is not water that is going to blow up. Come on. Reach to the maximum. You have five seconds left. Drink it that much. You can hold the maximum air in you. That is a very good pranic breath. All right. Inhale and hold tight. Now please stay calm with that breath. It is very precious. Stick with it. Don’t let it leak. Let it go. Now tell me how you feel. You will never be again as you were when you walked in. For rest of your life. And what we did for five minutes that is all it is. That is all it takes. Yeah. I mean I have yet to do. But it has to be done in a very. very honorable manner. It should not be considered as a joke. It is called ducking the air. It develops the energy. pranic energy to multi-million cycles. It is very powerful exercise. Now you can think different. I mean try to think the same as you were. Try to bring tension on you. You can’t do it. Try to do anything you want. I mean to say you who practice Kundalini Yoga. you go and do normal suffering and do wrong things it is really a shame. You have capacity to control you. You have capacity to change you and you have capacity to excel. And you don’t use that capacity. 

Well we are, we have today and tomorrow somehow. It is very is very corrupt. We are talking about corruption and character, right. It is very corrupt that we don’t love ourself. It is very corrupt. Biggest corruption of all corruption is not what you do to others. What you do to others is called insanity. It has no reality to it. And there is a little justification, what you do to others is fine. Sometimes perhaps others can do you in too. I mean that is possible, so it is not something very bad. You get somebody and you lay a number and somebody can get around and nail your certain couple bones and you can get back sometimes. Not all the time but sometimes you can really hard. But what you do to yourself has nothing to do to you. Except in the long range when you are corrupt to yourself yourself totally becomes dismayed with you and you are called Mr. Depression. That is what depression is about. And second worst thing to do to yourself is that you cannot last long enough. 

In United States I am fifteen years here and I have met everybody. People do not last long enough. Neither in love nor in hatred. There is no grit. And suppose you go in a shop and you save about six hundred dollars and you buy a very beautiful suit and it is pretty and you come and you wear and next day you like to wear and you see it has totally messed it. What do you like that? What do you do with it? It will leave you a very deep sadness. 

I was very surprised. I was talking in Alaska to a mother of two children and I said, “Whatever you are doing is corrupt.” She said, “Yeah, you are right Sir. I am going to find myself through corruption?” What you can do. I said, “Okay, go ahead.” I have never seen anybody finding themself through corruption. I have found people finding themself through character, through commitment. The elevating self in you is when you have a basic character and you stick to it. It elevates you automatically. Pressure. It builds you up and up and up, slowly and gradually. but surely. Corruption will bring you down and down and down and at one time you will not care for your life. You will not care for your environments. your surroundings. your credit, your credibility. your affections. your relatives. your family. For some people America doesn’t work. And it will never work, because America is a pure tension. Here everybody is strung out. I am yet to see a one person who is loved in. 

I was sitting with some family and they were telling me. There are three children of this rich father. Three, three sons. Twenty-eight, twenty-six and I think twenty-two. They were far out. Father is highly professionally qualified. All three children are bums. I was talking to the daughter 

and she is sweet sixteen. And I said, “You have to match up your brother?” She said, “If I pass my high school, I have surpassed them already?” So, I understood it. 

Money is not the foundation and the fundamental of you. Money is the mean. It is not the end in itself. Life has to be somehow, somewhere very meaningful. I do not know in fourteen years by my talking you have even understood what meditation means. Meditation does not mean anything more than that that you will stop being corrupt to yourself. Instead of demonstratingly being corrupt to yourself through meditation you will get the subconscious corruption out and you will have a chance to be clean and clear and you will be a chance to be a tomorrow. It is not very virtuous to give in. 

Somebody once asked me, he said, “I have been a failure but I have done my sadhana.” I said, “Sonny. if you would not have done sadhana God knows where failures would have taken you. The fact that with all the failures you are surviving with all the mess.” He explained to the mess. My God. I can’t believe it. How can these people do it? I am sometimes wonder struck. I mean to say. “You write on your check. You know there is no amount and you write a check. You definitely know it is to be bounced. You know it has to be covered and then you don’t cover and the bank teller calls you and says. “Your check is going to bounce. What you are going to do?” You say. “Bounce it.” And then you are worried why it has bounced. And then you go and pick up a fight with the manager of the bank. You say. “My check has bounced.” And you say. “Well, tell her call you?” And you say. “Bounce it.” And we bounced it. 

There is a one couple. They were helped by the whole community. They were in accident. They were taken care of. People spent money. People did the whole thing. Finally when the insurance settled the case. It was very honorable to pay back whatever they took loan, or whatever they. Now they are not talking to anybody. No communication. And all they say is. “You want to take away our money. We got it after accident. It is all ours.” What about those people who shelled out a couple thousand dollars? It is a very strange world isn’t it? Strange attitudes. 

The fact in your life what fact is. You have to walk straight, talk straight and live straight. You have to establish a communication with yourself. It will save your from your own self corruption. 

You know once a king was very baffled with all his queens and forces and he called Grand Wazir and he said, “I am going through my middle age crisis and I am very bored with the whole thing. Find out somewhere where I can get rid of boredom. He said, “Sir, it is very. very easy. You want to get rid of boredom. You are very sure for it.” He said, “Is that so?” He said, “Yeah?” So, the grand Wazir put a Regent in the office in command to take care of the state of situation, told him secretly where they are going and asked the king and they changed the clothes and they picked up their horses and took a couple of men, very good knight kind of thing who can protect them, other reasonable rations. facilities and pretending they are going for hunting. And they left. So, after a while the Grand Wazir made a place and he said, “This will be the camp. You guys stay here”¨ and then he took the king and he started wandering. At one place they went they found water. They had a little food. They sat down and they camped there. Four or five days went by and the king said to the Grand Wazir, “Don’t you think we should go back home? He said, “No, just for two more days.” So they stayed two more days and the Grand Wazir said, “Your majesty what do you want now?” He said, “I think we should go back to the city. see the affairs and you know it is very interesting to be here. But you did nothing, what happened?” He said, “Sir, only for these five days you have lived straight. You were afraid to talk to me hanky panky. You know I am very wise. You couldn’t play any game. You have to live on a simple food and simple water which was not in your karma in that palace. Everybody comes and tell you and big things and you are big. You have been told so big which you are not. So you live in a very corrupt environment.” 

And I tell you, you all live in corrupt environments. Built around you very. very huge corruption. Unnecessary things. unnecessary furniture, unnecessary whole stuff is there. Totally unwanted. Nothing, in most of the houses there are very few things which can cater to you, mostly they cater to your ego. Am I right or wrong and moreover in your refrigerator there are a lot of things which only cater to your ego, not to your body. not to your nourishment or to your life. Am I right? Here when you come to the class. because you pay five bucks. You say. “Yes. yes. yes.” Moment you go out there you do the same thing. 

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow we have. Now we cannot do anything further. You know what I mean? Now, we have to sing and relax and be good, da, da, da, da, da, da. 

Sita, you have some time. I want to talk to you. Or you want to run straight home? Okay take care of the client. Give him my love too. Okay go ahead. 

Come on you. 

Sat Nam. Today is Dharam Damama Singh. Dharam Damama is the person who preaches. Oh fantastic. You should tomorrow do something. This girl who is into this art, Mogul art, Mogul period. She has made all the pictures of the Guru and Siri Guru Granth and she has made one picture of mine beating the drum. I have never seen such a beautiful collection myself. It is a priceless collection. I do not know how many copies we can make and what we can do I did not get into it, but it is something. So today is Dharam Damama Singh’s birthday. There will be a dessert. You are going to dessert us? Dessert, oh not desert. The other dessert, sweet one after class. In celebration of Guru Ravi Kaur’s birthday tomorrow cake will be served after class today or tomorrow. Today, what about tomorrow? Oh yeah. I never thought of it too. I am so stuck with these airlines. There is so much pressure. The airlines have short and the tickets are unavailable. Phhhew. I wanted to stay two or three days here and do my number but I couldn’t. But luckily an opening came Wednesday available. You know we were trying hard. So I picked that. Amigo, when you are going? You won’t meet me will you. It is going to be end of the love huh? Good, okay. Thank you very much

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Kriya:  KYB053 841107 – Balancing Life (Prana & Apana) 

Yogi Bhajan –  KYB053 841107 Unknown Cause of Sickness
Balancing Life (Prana & Apana) 

People used to understand that there is praana and there is apaana, and the balance of these two energies makes a person a success or a failure 

“God gave you the body with praana and apaana. Apaana are there to eliminate negativity. People who have strong praana and do not have equally strong apaana are very cluttered people. They do not know how to eliminate things and elimination is very important. It is the balance of praana and apaana which creates the power of the Sbiuihinana, the central being, the equilib¬rium being. The Supreme being will awaken in you only when the praana and apaana both work together. One gives the power and the other eliminates negativity; all you will be left with is the plus.” 

To test the praana/apaana balance in yourself: balance on your hands and knees and then lift your left arm out straight and, at the same time lift your right leg out straight. Then change sides to test the other side. 

“Whenever apaana is not working and praana is perfect, you do not act right. Doesn’t matter how intelligent you are. And locks in praariic energy are very, very valid, but locks in apaanic energy are very subtle. If you cannot balance your body (in this posture), it means that your apaanic Shakti, the eliminating force, is not in balance. It is weaker.” 

1. Come onto your hands and knees and raise the left leg up and
raise the right arm up straight in front. This posture -will balance and strengthen the apaanic energy. 3 Minutes. Change sides and continue 2 1/2 Minutes. 

2. Stand on your knees -with your arms straight up over your head. Stabilize yourself by drawing in the navel point so that you can feel the tops of your feet pressing into the floor. Lift your chest and bend backward, stretching away from the lower back. Begin to move your arms and neck in a circle; your shoulders will move but your knees will not move. This is SobagnL Kriya, the kriya of virtue. 2 Minutes. 

3. Sit down and stretch your legs out straight. Grab the bottoms of your feet and bend forward, resting your upper body upon your thighs. Hold the position for 2 1/2 Minutes. At this point Yogi Bhajan played the gong. Remain in the position, concentrating at your third eye point for another 2 1/2 Minutes. 

4. Lie on your back and deeply relax every part of your body, while you project your energy out of your third eye. 6 Minutes. Yogi Bhajan continued to play the gong during this meditation. 


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Meditation:  LA19970407 – Experiencing the Original You

Yogi Bhajan – Los Angeles, April 7, 1993

Breathe one breath a minute, and don’t let the hand get down or up, keep it as straight confronting as you can, and look at the tip of the nose so the optical nerve is locked, and worry not, people have done it for centuries and nobody went to Venus they all remained on the Earth. It will give you a gradual subtlety exactly in three minutes, it will start seeping in, in different level of existence for your experience, but it will take another three minutes to get you set into that area, control your breath, look well, standardize the procedure, don’t give an inch. If shoulder starts hurting you are lucky, but if the elbow and the side of the elbow start hurting, consult your Doctor. That means digestive system has given in too much.

Breath of life whatever, it is okay, keep going. Many, many times, don’t bend the elbows, keep it straight as you started, be with yourself, it is a pure statement of truth, insist to be that way, you have one more minute, each Kriya of this is just three minutes, don’t misunderstand, we are not going to take too much time, but we are going to have fun.

(Tape ‘Aad Sach Jugaad Sach” is played) YB: (Over the tape)

Now ready, change, not to any other extent, but breathe through the nose and fire out your breath like a cannon fire, continuously at your best strength. Inhale through nose and blast it through the mouth, as much you can blast, as much you can heal yourself, it’s simple, cannon fire breath, out. I am giving you a Kriya, anywhere in the world you may be, you require nine minutes to become you. Come on, come on, we have three only minutes, waste no time, harder, harder, harder, blow harder out, breathe through nose, you have one more minute left, do whatever you can do for yourself, stretch out elbow, don’t worry about it, thirty seconds

, now inhale and please start pumping your belly in and out holding the breath, and when you can’t hold, breathe out and inhale at the same time, and keep pumping fast, it is individual when you can let the breath go, we won’t ask you to exhale, you have to do it. Hold the breath and pump faster and then let the breath go and inhale immediately, hold as much convenientlyas you can, fast, the more you pump it, more you will become young, that’s the way to buy youth, vibrate, vibrate, vibrate, by holding the breath vibrate, when you can’t hold anymore you physically inhale and let the breath go, inhale again, you do it again, you have the last minute folks, do whatever you can, forty five seconds, thirty seconds, ten seconds, now, get ready inhale deep, hold tight and stretch out and try to put total pressure on the finger lock, out, out, out, breathe out, inhale again, hold tight, stretch whole body now, with whole thing, total thing, cannon fire breathe out, inhale deep again, hold tight, stretch out with all your strength and might from the toe nail to the top, fire out, relax.

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Meditation:  One Minute Breath

Source: I am a Woman – Creative, Sacred, Invincible
  1. Sit in Easy Pose with Neck Lock.
  2. Inhale very slowly for 20 seconds.
  3. Hold for 20 seconds, pull the spine up, drop the shoulders.
  4. Exhale very slowly for 20 seconds.
  5. Continue in that pattern.

3 min – 31 min

Comments: This is a very effective, advanced pranayam. “If you can breathe one breath a minute, you can overcome everything and anything you have to face in life. The One Minute Breath builds endurance, strengthens your lungs and diaphragm for birthing. You say you are depressed? What is “depressed”? Depressed is you have impressed yourself that God is not with you—that’s depressed. What is “sad”? You are sad because you have not found the depth of your breath. When you are most sad, start breathing one breath a minute. If you are still sad on the fourth breath, call me!”—Yogi Bhajan – Begin the practice with 3 minutes. Increase gradually up to 31 minutes. A further extension to 62 minutes gives a mastery over breath, expanding one’s own pranic destiny across time to extend the lifespan.

The quantity, quality, and circulation of the breath creates the foundation of a vital and creative life. It is a barometer of how much energy we normally run on, and how much reserve capacity we have created for emergencies. The breath is both gross and subtle. The gross aspect is the blend of oxygen, nitrogen, and other elements that constitute air. The subtle aspect is the prana or vital force that energizes the mind, body, and consciousness. Most people do not breathe correctly. Breath signatures that create shallow, erratic, upper-chest breathing are common. The lack of relaxation and well-being on a personal as well as collective level, along with other factors, inhibits proper breathing. Yet, of all the positive changes a person can make, learning to breathe deeply, and completely is probably the most effective for developing higher consciousness, and for increasing health, vitality, and connectedness in one’s life.

Meditation:  Breath of Fire

by MSS Gurucharan Singh Fowlis
from the Kundalini Meditation Manual for Intermediate Students 
Meditation for : Relaxation Creativity Guidance
from the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

This is one of the basic breaths used in Kundalini Yoga. It must be practiced and mastered in the initial stages of yogic study. The breathis fairly rapid (2 to 3 breaths per second), continuous, and powerful with no pause between the inhale and exhale.

As you exhale, the air is pushed out by pulling the navel point and abdomen in towards the spine. In this motion, the chest area stays moderately relaxed.  The focus of the energy is at the navel point. You should fee! the pull of the muscles in that area. Asyou inhale, the abdomen relaxes, the diaphragm extends down; and the breath seems to come in as pert of relaxation rather than effort.

The muscles that are used are the abdominals.  Initially you may have a tendency to involve more muscle groups than are needed. As you do the breath of fire, check your body and relax tension and effort that may build up in the legs, face, shoulders, and chest. The rest of the body is relatively still. Even the upper chest is motionless and in a slightly uplifted position. At first, the navel and solar plexus may feel tired or uncoordinated. If you keep practicing, the breath will become rhythmic and very easy. Most people are not used to breathing this way. It is the antithesis of the shallow, irregular breath characteristic of the emotional states that accompany negative thoughts.

The breath of fire cleanses the blood. It is commonly used whenever there is a blood-related disease in the body such as arthritis, bursitis, circulatory problems,etc. It raises the voltage of the nervous system and produces a global alpha rhythm in the brain when practiced correctly. A person with shaky nerves or an athlete that needs extra endurance will benefit greatly from this practice. Since the navel point is stimulated directly, the breath generates constancy in the mental and physical realms.  Breath of fire can help you if you cannot keep a promise, intention, or train of thought without constant distraction.

In physiological studies, we have found that there is no relation between hyperventilation and breath of fire. Once you are practiced, it is possible to do this breath for 20 minutes or more. There is no accompanying dizziness or large imbalance of oxygen in the blood. The outer circulation does increase as does the nervous energy so the breath should be mastered slowly and methodically.   These increases cause an immediate detoxification reaction in the body. Old toxins and deposits from drugs, smoking, and bad nutrition are released from the lungs, mucous lining, blood vessels, and cells. These toxins leave the body through the blood and lymph systems.

If you are very toxic, the breath of fire may stimulate a very temporary self-toxification. To aid the cleansing process, increase the amount of exercise you do each day and simplify the diet to light vegetables, fruits, and nuts for a few weeks.  This will help your body drop the heavy load of toxins it has carried without activating some sickness to do the cleansing you ignored.

Regular practice expands the capacity of the lungs quickly. If you are expanding the lungs and want to increase the amountof time you can comfortably suspend breathing, such as in underwater swimming or in certain meditation exercises, then practicethe breath of fire before trying to hold the breath longer. Just holding the breath for longer periods does not increase yourbasic capacity, and may sometimescause complicationswith blood pressure.

In most exercises, the breath of fire is done for three minutes orless. Occasionally it is done for seven and a half minutes. Asan exercise byitself, you can start with three minute durations, then slowly build up to 20 minutes. Start by doing breath of fire for three minutes alternating with two minutes of rest for a total of 15 minutes of breath of fire and ten minutes rest.

To focus the mind more efficiently and to channelize the energy this breath creates, mentally vibrate“SAT NAM“with each breath. Hearing this sound in the breath tells your mind what to do with all the energy you generate. Use this energy to explore your sense of the infinite self.

When you practice the breath of fire to perfect it, keep the spine straight and your mind centered. Here are a couple exercises you might try:

1. When you are exceptionally tired and need a lift, sit straight and block the left nostril with the thumb of the left hand. The fingers of the left hand point straight up. Begin breath of fire through the right nostril only, for 3 to 5 minutes. Then inhale and mentally circulate the energy throughout the body and aura.  6 minutes.  Then inhale, hold briefly, exhale applying Mulabhanda, and relax.

2. Sit in easy pose. Put the palms together slightly in front of the chest. Concentrate at the brow point and begin breath cf fire. As you continue, let all thoughts of who or what you may be fall away. If you think you are sitting, let that thought be blown away by the breath. Hear the sound of the breath.

It is infinite. It gives life. As all the different labels.


Meditation:  M060 901121 Awaken Kundalini

Yogi Bhajan – M060 901121 Awaken Kundalini Stockholm, Sweden 

Meditations: (Practice these on your own – Once a day, 7 minutes for each, 21 min total with 5 min interval.) 

1. 11 minutes Spine straight. Eyes: Tip of nose. Make a fist of right hand, extend the index finger straight up, place mudra in front of right shoulder, Keep finger straight and stiff. Breathe long and deep. Within 3 to five minutes you should feel the energy flowing through you. Rishi Daman experimented whole life, 120 years, to find this simple truth which you are practicing right now. His realization was if man can enforce the tip of his jupiter finger into steel stiffness, he can grab from the universe the Jupiter energy and if by the optical nerve he can totally shut off the mind to misbehave, it will create a basic pattern of intuition. If you’ll change the eyes for a second, you start all over again from the beginning. After about 16 minutes, very slowly begin to raise your right hand over your head, keeping your index finger only still extended, and inhale very deeply. Hold the breath and posture about 20 seconds. Exhale. Inhale deep, and stretch up, 15 seconds. Exhale. Inhale deep, stretch up 10 seconds. Relax. 

END: Talk to someone for 15 minutes. Do not meditate. 

2. LEFT HAND: Spread the fingers of the left hand as far apart as possible. There should be an equal distance between each finger, & they should be stretched as wide apart as possible. Place this hand palm flat against the center of the chest, thumb pointing up on the chest towards the chin, and the fingers point towards the right. RIGHT HAND: Extend the right arm, elbow straight, so it’s not out to the side, not directly in front of you, but half way in between, and up at a 60 degree angle. Right palm faces down, and the fingers are spread as far apart as possible as is the left hand. EYES: On tip of nose. BREATH: Long and deep. Next, “forget about yourself.” TIME: 7 minutes. 

COMMENTS: Armpit must not be straight ahead, or straight overhead, but 60 degrees up and not more than 60 degrees. Armpit is the center of the sympathetic, parasympathetic and action system is in the armpit. Armpit is the most important part of body you neglect the most. It is not just a joint. The entire nervous system is based in the armpit. Nervous energy is by which we live, so it is very important. Now you are getting all the five energies at the same time from the five fingers. (Ego, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun & Mercury.)
Optical nerve, when it needs to be strengthened, sometimes lets you see 2, 3, 4 things. You are getting intuitive. Breathe long and deep. Within 7 minutes of this exercise you’ll exactly find the location of God. END: 3 times – Inhale deep, hold 7 seconds, stretch the arm, relax. 


3. Sodarshan Kriya. TIME: 7 minutes Make both hands into fists, with the thumbs outside the closed fingers. Extend the two Jupiter fingers straight up. Place both fists in front of each shoulder. Begin rotating the two extended Jupiter fingers in concurrent circles (left finger moves clockwise and the right finger moves counterclockwise.) Move only the fingers, not the hands. BREATH: A quick breath of fire. COMMENTS: We are hitting at the chemistry of our blood formation. It’s so important. What you are doing is much more healthy than taking 2 tons of vitamins. The blood chemistry will change to be normal. It is not guaranteed, but it will avoid cancer in your body. It is a help to that precaution. With your blood chemistry normal you will not get blood disease. You can make your body disease free by doing it for 7 minutes. Breath of fire is considered one breath if you don’t discontinue. The breath must be quick so the fire is created in the lungs to change the chemistry of the blood. Changes the molecule of the blood and the chemistry to be protective. 

END: Inhale deep, stretch the hands very tight, over the head, and hold 15-20 sec. With a cannon fire breath, exhale. Inhale again with hands still stretched up, hold 15 sec., and with a canon fire breath, exhale. Inhale third time with hands still stretched hard, hold 15 sec., and with a canon fire breath exhale. Relax. 

BREAK – 20 min. 

4. TIME: About 8 minutes. In front of the heart center, fold your hands in the following fashion. Left hand: palm facing the chest, fingers pointing to the right, and thumb pointing towards the ceiling. The right hand clasps the left in the following fashion: Palm of right hand meets the palm of the left, with the right fingers going over the top of the left palm, and the right thumb wraps around the bottom of the left thumb. Next, close the left thumb, down over the top of the right hand, as the left fingers close over the side of the right hand. EYES: Close your eyes and look at your forehead. TAPE: “Waah Yantee” by Nirinjan. Hear these sounds and copy them mentally. 

That is how this Kundalini Yoga came to exist. To become intuitive. Not psychic. Psychic is a natural gift. You may have it, you may not have it. But to be intuitive, you can process, progress, and you can become that way. 

Just look at your nature. You don’t have any hooves, horns, or horse skin like rhino, or any other defense mechanism. The natural defense mechanism you have got is your intuition. You must know before the place and time hits you what it shall be. 

We don’t work for that. We put our whole energy into becoming professionals and becoming rich and we think by money and by our capacity and by our sources we can succeed in life. Our trend is that way. 

Majority what governs us is our subconscious, and subconscious creates patterns in our neurons in our brain which we copy again and again and again and again. And our tendencies lead us to lead a life where we can repeatedly make mistakes. In one of the counseling cases, I have found out that woman marries every third year. Period. She marries every third year…. 

Kundalini Yoga means subjecting your ego to your creative consciousness. In other words, not to be a habitual animal, but to become trained in sensitivity. It means super sensitivity, not within yourself, but in relation to all the people you know, deal and feel about them. Naturally it is a very powerful way of living. 

Am I supposed to suffer? Answer is no. What is the way? Can I protect myself? Answer is no. So what is the answer….. Develop your intuition. 

Mahan tantric is that… you know longitude and latitude, that is where the cross energy is. Mahan tantric by practice, takes the diagonal route of the energy and controls it. 

There are two things in life, lever (is a diagonal energy) and a lens. Through the lens you can see what you cannot see. With a lever you can move what you cannot move. And it is a diagonal energy. 

Q: So the diagonal energy, it’s spiritual energy? 

YB: It’s spiritual. 

Q: True spiritual energy? 

YB: It has to be pure. 

Q: Is it? 

YB: It is. It has to be pure. Because if it is impure, it shall bent. Because energies do cross, so it has to be supreme energy, the Adi Shakti, the primal force. 

Question/Answer Period 


YB: We have done them, now you keep on practicing them, they are not dangerous. Even eating a banana can be dangerous if you are not hungry. 


YB: Once a day. Once a day, 7 minutes for each, 21 min total with 5 min interval. 


YB: Sometimes the energy is rushed up and people normally get phobic. That’s the only danger one can be involved with. I mean, it is dealing with the life force. It is not something very casual. … So we would like to have a person with a supervisor. 

…We want people to be excellent. White Tantra is taking you, putting in a mold, clean it out, out. It is washer/drier together. It is when… normally you exercise slowly, gradually, and it takes time. And once in a while we do that course and one, two, three, go through it, and you are fit for next time. It’s a diagonal energy which we deal with. That’s what Kundalini is also, diagonal energy. There are 2 forces in life, the diagonal force, and the lens. The lever force and the lens. The lever moves which cannot be moved, and the lens sees what cannot be seen. These are only 2 forces. We deal with them, we deal with intuition, and we deal with them in the moment. Tantra 

means length and breadth. And that is how we weave the cloth. You know, threads are threads, but once you weave the cloth, then they become very strong. Then you can hold anything in it. 


YB: To live a full life. Hmm? White Tantra is not the car, but is taking the car through car wash. Wax and clean and polish it, and then keep it going. 

Kundalini Yoga is becoming the adept, becoming the expert. It is something, you do it everyday. White Tantric you do once in a while. It is the same thing as you drive the car everyday, you are okay, you go to office, go shopping, but one in a while you take it through the brushes. And the water, the brushes, the wax, and they clean it all out, it comes out new. That’s the difference. 

Kundalini Yoga is a way of life. For every householder it is a way of life. Everybody must practice for 62 minutes a day to keep fit, to keep going, to keep alive, to keep being intuitive. These are small exercises, but they are very powerful. 

Electromagnetic psyche. Ultimately in another 10-20 years people will start measuring, diagnosing, treating. It will become a way of therapy. I think once people start measuring auras, then we’ll start developing electromagnetic machines, and then the electromagnetic therapy which is now going on…. it is a 3,000 year old science. They used to put a magnetic at a certain part of the body to attract the blood and change the chemistry and heal the person. They will start doing it now. But it is not totally developed yet. That is our 21st century medical system. They will put you through a tube, pass you through certain electromagnetic fields, and you will come out next side, totally new. No problem. Six thousand karonas, something like that. Because your life force is in your arcline from earlobe to earlobe, and moment it can be corrected, your disease can disappear. It’s true, and they will develop it. 

…There’s a difference between day and night. White Tantric is to help and serve, and a person who does that has to be completely servant and humble. Red tantric is for sexual energy and senses. And black tantric is for mental control and controlling other people. So one is Stockholm, other is Oslo, and third is Berlin. They are totally different. They are definitely different in quality, quantity, direction, practices, methods, facets, use. 

(Talks more on the topics of: celibacy, Kundalini Yoga, being a teacher, why yogis were in the Himalayas.) 


Meditation:  LA049 780901 Homeh Bandana Kriya: takes away self-pride and vanity 

 Taught by Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji
LA049 780901 HOMEH BANDANA KRIYA: takes away self-pride and vanity 

Sit in easy pose with a straight spine.

Sit with the legs crossed or in a chair with the weight of both feet equally distributed on the ground. 

Relax the arms down with the elbows bent. Hake fists of the hands with the thumbs extended out from the fists. Raise the forearms up and in toward each other until the thumbs touch each other. No fingers of the opposite hands touch each other at any time. Apply 25 pounds of pressure per square inch on the thumbs. Hold the hand position in front of the chest at the heart level. 

Deeply inhale and completely exhale as the mantra is chanted. Upon completion of the meditation deeply inhale and completely exhale for about 1 minute. 

Close the eyes all the way. 

Chant the following mantra in a monotone voice 4 times as the breath is completely exhaled: 


This is the starting number of repetitions of the mantra. It may be increased to 8 repetitions. 

Focus on the chanted mantra. 

Continue the meditation for a maximum time of 31 minutes. 


This is a very sacred, very simple, but very powerful meditation. It takes away a person’s self-pride and vanity. If the number of repetitions of the mantra is increased to the maximum another person should be present with the meditator. The meditator may be rocketed to far into the ethers that he may find it hard to come back down. 


Meditation:  LA588 890411 Silver Grain Meditation 

Yogi Bhajan – Los Angeles April 11, 1989

So tonight we are going to go through meditation. Some of you won’t like to do it so you can sit or you can leave if it is too boring or it is not right but don’t test your sweat, okay. You know what I mean. If you have done a mistake to come and it looks like unbearable then it is unbearable, hallelujah. You don’t have to push yourself into it but you want to go deeper into your meditative capacity then come along.  We will try to do as much as we can. All right.

38,42 16 minutes.

Then set yourself up and sit properly and let us do.   Make it sixty degree. This is my simple right hand.   Two fingers cross sixty degree. Two fingers. This is over, this is how it is. And sixty degree from your armpit angle. I don’t have a ‘ square to come and measure your armpit and your angles but if you have a sense of geometry just see that it is sixty degree.

And now what is left with you. Some hand got left. And this is it. Now vibrate it on your heart center. Actually vibrate. See that you don’t touch your body and you vibrate and play it between your chest and breast whatever the situation is. That you vibrate the electromagnetic field.

Close your eyes and concentrate and vibrate and keep your hand at sixty degree. If the degree difference will be more than ten number your vibration will not be real. You will feel shallow. So your free will is ten degrees. In other words between fifty and seventy is cool. God I have learned so much with you guys. It is fun. Sometimes I feel I have overlearned. But it is okay. Okay. Vibrate, vibrate and vibrate really heavy. Now your nervous system will become your enemy number one. Your body will start hurting at different areas. Not where it should. That means energy is blocked in certain chakras and whichever chakra it has an inferior flow it is all connecting organs will start letting you know. If you are a female and you have a breast you have a lucky situation because you have an arcline there therefore just move your hand in the center of it. If you are a male you don’t have that arcline, you try to vibrate fast and heavy you will have the same result. In this meditation and this exercise female has an edge over male so you are handicapped so therefore try to cover that by having a fast, heavy, tough, macho movement. That will cover it. Fast, fast, fast.

(after 2 minutes) If you are uncomfortable in breathing breathe through the breath of fire, breathe through long, deep. Ultimately you will have your special breath. Sooner or later it will come out to you. Rate of breathing will be calculated by the process of your state of endurance. You know we have got to dig silver through its grain deep in the earth. Mining is a very sweaty job, remember. You have come to mine today. You love silver but you don’t want to mine it. Huh. Move. Problem is not with you. Problem is your sixty degree. Do you understand, with all your education, going to college, doing degree and boasting to everybody you do not have the difference between sixty degree and eighty degree. You know what sixty degree is. It is not too high, not too low. It hurts. One thing about this sixty degree, it shall hurt like in hell. If your armpit is open at sixty degree and you are pressing your sun finger under your id, the thumb and you are honestly vibrating at your heart center it will hurt like in hell. I mean it. I have done this exercise so I know it. There are no two opinions about it. Now you ask me how I sustain myself. I won’t tell you. Why you just learn by your own experience. Concentrate, pray, meditate, ask God to come help. Ask the ancestors, ask the pets you have got in the house, tell your cat to help you. Doesn’t matter to me. When you have got to seek help is on the way. You know there used to be a funny commercial on the television. This little guy starts sinking. First he was crossing the ocean on a rooster, and his roosters feathers get wet and he started drowning. He picked up the telephone and he called and US_ Navy came to his help. Remember that. I don’t care who comes to your help and how you call it but keep going. It shall hurt. And that is one test of it, you are doing it right. Now here, poor and rich, healthy or unhealthy, great and small doesn’t mean. Question is who has the practice to combat hurt and who doesn’t. Fight it, fight it, fight it. You have eleven more minutes to go. Well, what do you mean I am teaching a joke. Is it a meditation deep silver grain and all that. You mean it is all made up. Ha, ha, ha. You thought you come here for a birthday cake everyday. Wow. Hallelujah. I can’t understand it. Come on. Keep going. Keep it sixty degree and just prove it to yourself that you can make it. You know the one most beautiful thing in the Catholic religion is, God is in a box. You open the window, you tell the God, he gives you a Hail Mary, matter is over. But this is the real Hail Mary. You know if you do not know the religion you can’t talk about it. You can say in your mind, father, father, I have sinned. Come on, come on if you 

Rigth fingers Ego-Saturn Stretch the armpit at sixty degree Left hand Move, vibrate hand on your heart centerthink I am going to give up before the time it is not possible. I am just on time schedule. And don’t cheat. Self cheating is not a good idea. You have sinned, you do it now, therefore heavens shall not punish you. You understand. Am I laying the guilt all right. Does it sound correct? Let the devil not get you. I have not watched those channels for a long time but I think I am very much in good spirit today. Learn, get the devil, devil has many ways to cheat. But Jesus will come through anyway if you really trust it. Therefore keep it wide open at sixty degrees and vibrate and welcome the coming. Am I right? Sounds good and you have six more minutes to go. Come on, vibrate heavily. Hey there is another trick. If you vibrate heavily and faster, that other hurt will become comparatively less. Everything is a comparative so don’t worry about it. Now who wants to be spiritual if you have to do all this. You know how you want to be spiritual. When you are eating your pasta you should be enlightened. Really. That is how you want to be enlightened. And beyond that forget it and the test of that enlightenment is that hotel or restaurant should not give you bill. And pay you fifty dollars for visiting because you are very divine and light was so true. Come on, move. You know what I mean. You are just stuck in that kind of man pray to God, pray to God, god says, “What do you want?” He said, “God I want seven tons of gold.” He said, “So be it. Here it is.” He said, “But I want a second thing.” He said, “You never asked first.” He said, “I am asking now.” He said, “What is this? Nobody can steal it away from me, separate from me or take it away from me.” He said, “So be it.” So with seven ton of gold how can he move? He still is sitting in the back selling ton of gold. Move, keep your elbows straight. Don’t cheat. You want to know who cheats. Look at your elbow. It will tell you. Thy elbow shall speak to thee. Thank God when I used to twenty years ago teach you never came to my class. You would have been different. Come on, come on. Got to do it. Now really time moves very slowly. What is wrong with this watch. Hey hurry up. Four more minutes no big deal. Really four more minutes. Moment you will hear nine o’clock don’t bother me. Come on, hey wait a minute. What is going on. Vibrate. That is good. Keep going. Little things I understand bother you these days. After this there will be no trouble. Once you go through it small things will not, you will not even care. You will never say it hurts me. Some people cannot get acupuncture. The needle bothers them. Forget about touching it, if it goes they think a bullet has gone. But look at that guy who got forty five, six bullets in it, walked into a hospital, sit in emergency and say doctor it is here and here and here and here and take it out. You have three more minutes. Exactly. Nam Nidhan what do you think accounting is. Right now count your angle and count your. Now do it at least, now get into it. You do not know after that the joy will come. It will be quite good. Come on. Really create that tension. Hey leave the pinky straight, don’t bend that poo thing. We don’t want mercury to come along with the sun. It creates a fuss. Hello. Which is the first star near the sun? Planet. Mercury. That is why I think the pinky is next to the ring finger right. Come on, hurry up. Hey you are doing good. It is one minute and forty five seconds more. I am now looking at the last second. Now do it heavy duty. Come on. Accelerate. Minute and a half. I can’t tell you to stop until you hear the nine stroke of the heavenly sound. Do it good. Do it enough. I think you are almost cooked and enlightened right now. Now folks let me tell you the bad news and good news. Bad news is that this is the last minute. And good news is and there_ are only forty seconds to go and situation is that this forty second if you have cheated all along do it now to compensate. Now tell me. What that thing in the armpit can do if even you use it three times. Solid. Move. Faster, heavier. You have only twenty seconds to go. Fifteen. Come on clock, ring hurry up. Put your best. 56,35 Inhale deep. Inhale deep, inhale deep. 

4 ½ Stretch the armpit all the way at sixty degree. minutes: Put your hand and press (left hand) at your heart center as powerfully you can, hold the breath. It is a priceless breath. Exhale quick and inhale quick. Great. Whenever you now cannot hold, exhale and inhale quick at your command but hold to the maximum. And don’t over-exercise or overtax yourself but don’t cheat either. Do it right. Keep your arm up. Practice now the breath. It will change your entire metabolism. You have the right to kill the diSsease and do it now. It is called silver lightening. Come on kids healing is now started. Press that hand on the heart center as powerful as it should be. Breathe in and hold to the maximum and let it go when you can’t and breathe in quick. Sit with it. We understand that is how they talk in hell. Wow, they say in heaven. Both cry. No difference. Come on, keep the elbows stretched. Doesn’t. I know it is painful. I have done it myself. But it is not as bad as angioplasty is. Be great masters of your own destiny. Hel your body today. Breathe hardy, hold it. Hey it is not a big deal. Oh my God it is going to be soon over. I understand. Don’t miss the boat. Meditate, concentrate, pray, do whatever you can. Even do Voo-doo doesn’t matter. But hold on your grounds. Stick now, stick with yourself. Help yourself, love yourself. Do it. Conquer. Conquer. Conquer pain. Win in experience. Fear shall leave you. That is how it. You have only minute and that is the last minute. You can try your best. Don’t give up now. You have done all the way. You have been very nice. One minute is left in all this. You know three minutes we are doing, not big deal. Come on now. Oh God. Come on. You have exactly thirty and forty seconds to go. Thirty seconds to go. Take that last breath. Take an experience that you have won it. Get to point of victory. Acknowledge it. You have fifteen more seconds. Try it if you have failed so far. Make it happen. You have exactly five seconds. Inhale deep, deep, deep. Hold tight, hold tight. Let it go and relax. 

1.01,07 Well kids you did a good job. Now if you have done any part of it, I don’t want to have to tell you, but what result shall be, I can give you that. Whenever you will confront a most painful situation in life, you don’t have to speak one word, just as you concentrated, concentrated will disappear. There is nothing God. God is just an idea in thought and it is a sellout in the spiritual world. 

It is that arcline which is from your earlobe to earlobe and female has earlobe to earlobe arcline and an arcline through her breasts. That is the difference between male and female. Men don’t have it. Female do have it. That may be God was thinking that she is going to be a mother and she is going to be a guardian of another life, she is going to be nurturing of the other life. He gave her the extra energy. But as in this you have concentrated which you are going to do now. Just concentrate. Now what we are going to do is we are going to lock our fingers like this, 11 minutes: sit like this and we feel earlobe to earlobe we have a silver halo. Call it imagination. Call it metaphysics. Call it religious, call it a gimmick, call it nonsense, doesn’t matter to me. But just do that. 1:02;33 Sit down, close your eyes and concentrate on me through closed eyes. Now link up. And see you have a beautiful, beautiful, silver, bright halo. Halo from earlobe to earlobe. [play I am Bountiful] That is what all this turban is about. It is not that we are selling boutique to you and you have to buy a cloth from us. Nobody wants that. Neither Jews wanted to wear yalmaka, nor Christian wanted to cover their head and not let the woman enter the church and blah, blah, blah. All those rituals had a very powerful, deep spiritual meaning. But we lost on the way, that is the way we went. We will play the music to give you an idea of excellence but just imagine you have a beautiful halo from earlobe to earlobe. And you are healing and you are shining and you are bright like the full moon of the fourteenth night. Bright, brisk moon of the fourteenth night. (Bountiful, blissful, beautiful is played.) Deep meditate. Deep. Let the silver lining reflect. Just remember. Remember the moonlight. Meditate, meditate. Reflect the moonlight. Inhale deep, exhale. Shake your hands. Some of you are too much into it, and some are just doing very well. We don’t want this too much business because we have to stay here. You know what I mean. Shake your hands, shake well. All right move your shoulders, little rib cage, little seat, stretch your legs a little bit and just clap a hand with the nearest partner. Not with your hands, with the somebody. Just shake hands with the nearest person. 

All right, all right, all right good. Get back to the position again, back again, as you were. Start. You must know in a instance you can change the gears. Back meditate. Now exactly reflect the moon arcline which you achieved which I saw. Get back again to the same status. That is why they say never trust a spiritual teacher. That is what it is.

I was jealous. Reflect moonlight in the halo. You are doing good. Keep the spine straight. Let the serum change, let the grey matter convert. Come on, let us heal. Solid rock, like a shining moon. Don’t move at all. Keep a status of unisounness. You are getting very good and I can’t tolerate it. 1:17;35 Now wink your eyes, fast enough, open and close please. And shake your head all of you. Shake it up, shake it up. Just like that crazy head they call it. Shake it, shake it. Oh good, good, good, now what you have to do is I say one, two, three you get back into the same status. You understand. You know what I am saying. Meditation is not a jerks joke. Meditation is when you want to go into it at your command. They call it transmission gear five. You know what a transmission gear five is, one, two, three, four, right. This and that. Then the reverse. But when it is a five gear situation it is one crick, click. Have you seen that. Then all four wheels come into gear and the things pull through doesn’t matter what. Meditation is a power for the fool. To make the whole world cooled right. And that is the school. Come on now. Now what I am going to do is say one, two, three and he will play and I will tell him to stop and you have to come out normal. And that is how back and forth you are going to play. Now gear up yourself to that point. At this time you are winning but you know final word has to be with mine. You know what I mean or you have to become super. Just remember a spiritual teacher has only one ego if at all he has that his student should be better than him. Even he fails his student should not fail. Nothing else, nothing can please real one. Other is bogus. That is commercial. All right. Quick. Okay stand up. You are so good. I can’t believe it. I have to believe to believe it. I can’t. In one second.

Jump up. Circulate, circulate, circulate. Circulate, feel sexy. Circulate. All right sit down, sit down, sit down. On. Tune in deep fast. Just keep the spine little straight. Deeper, deeper. Stop. Shake up your hands. Open your eyes. Look at me and acknowledge. Right. Start. Thank you now we have to come out of the whole lot. Okay now please relax now do what I say. Now what you have to do is you have to chant with it, but you cannot chant, clap your hands in the center. Don’t do this mistake. You will blow it up. So you have to chant this way and that way. You follow what I am saying. Okay. That is all right. If you just do it once just for curiosity sake like this, that is. You didn’t come here, you didn’t do anything, it is all out, gone. That is what it takes, just one wrong move and it is all over. So what you have to do is you have 1:28;40 to put your hands here, and clap it here, first clap it on this side, this is left, here and then here. Here and then here and here and here. But under no circumstance if I tell you do it like this. Okay. Put that tape on and I will stay start you meditatively start doing it. See where we go. Nobody knows what we are doing. Where is she. (Give me the wisdom, give me the courage…)Very good, very good. 1:30 Relax. Shake your hands. Very well done. Very well done. Now we have to seal it and that is a very painful process. What should I do? I don’t know. The whole thing is wrong or we are wrong or somewhere we have to do it right. 

Okay we have got two hands. Understand and you have a point called belly button. You know that point. I am going to play these drums and I am going to create a two and a half cycle rhythm which is very beautiful if I get into it and you have to exactly create that sound at the navel point and if your energy will just hit one beat right with my beat you will have an experience and that is how cheap it is. And some people have done ages, and sat down at the lotus feet of their master and they are still as empty as the empty bamboo stick is. You have got it. It is chance we have got to make it tonight. You know where the navel is, find it out first. You have a navel somewhere and don’t just start beating your stomach and think it is a navel. Navel is a navel. This is mine. I have got it. And this is how you go this way. Hey this hand has a power. Right at the hand at the navel point. Don’t worry, rest is all there. (SS” plays the drums) Now shake your hands and move the body. Let no part of your body. Even the toes. Move them between themself. Just move every part of the body. Just relax. Let the energy spread. Wherever it spreads it will be healing. See that no part of the body is left and especially if there is any part of the body you feel uncomfortable, put your hand on it and massage it now. 

PDF: LA588 890411 silver grain meditation

Meditation:  LA015 780227 – To Bring Swift and Powerful Change

Yogi Bhajan – LA015 780227 – To Bring Swift and Powerful Change

Sit in easy pose with a straight spine.

With the fingers touching, place the left hand on top of the right with the palms facing down. Press the thumbs together, pointing toward the body. The mudra is held midway between the heart and throat chakras.

The arms are bent at the elbows to accomodate the mudra. They are maintained parallel to the floor.

Sit on the ground with the legs crossed, or in a chair with the weight of both feet equally distributed on the ground.

Deeply inhale*, exhaling completely as the mantra is chanted.

The eyes are 1/10 open.


The mantra consists of eight haris per breath; they are broken into two different vocal tones:


(loud, powerful tone)


(lower pitch and volume: female, soft, sophisticated tone.)

Don’t become very fast, now listen. Patience pays. Listen to the note and the tune which I am meditating and chanting and then you can create that sound yourself, first is a higher powerful tone, second is female soft sophisticated tone, both are very important. Hari Hari Hari Hari…

HARI is pronounced “huh-ree” with the accent on the second syllable.

Chanted all on one breath, one second per HARI or 8 seconds per round. “Both tones very important.”

This meditation was practiced for 11 minutes in class.


“If you can do it for a really long time, it can bring swift and powerful change. Mantra is very powerful, so is the posture.”

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See LA015 780227 meditation to bring swift and powerful change…

See lecture in the library of teachings.

Meditation:  NM0426 – 20011117 – Self Transformation

Yogi Bhajan – Espanola November 17, 2001

Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Bring your hands in front of your heart center with the fingertips touching and the palms spread. 19:00 Rhythmically move the fingers in circles forward, down, back and up, (only the fingers move, not the arms), as you loudly sing the mantra, “Bolo Raam, Bolo Raam, Bolo Raam, Raam Raam,” (from ‘Angel’s Waltz” by Sada Sat Kaur). Eyes are open. You have to look at the hands to give them Drib Drishti Pranayami—saluting with your eyes, your own fingers, your own hands and your own movement. Continue for 11 minutes. To end, inhale deeply, hold for 30 seconds as you stretch and tighten your spine, spreading the energy within you for your own piety and bliss. Exhale. Repeat 2 more times. On the last breath also put all pressure on the fingers and make them like steel.


The mantra must be sung with the lips and “Ram” must be chanted with a puckering motion of the lips. This meditation has the same effect on every meridian as a complete acupuncture session has. You will be transformed. Ty it any time you are in difficulty. If your head is going in circles and you are going to fall, do it just once and you will stop. It balances the five tattvas—as represented by the planets Mercury, Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and our Id in relation to the fingers. And if the lips are used to chant this mantra, your love life will never be negative. Your words, your sound, will go to the heart rather than to the head, because when you speak with the tongue it reaches the head, when you speak with the tip of the tongue it reaches divinity, and when you speak with the lips it reaches the heart.


Lecture- Wanting Nothing
There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 365 days in a year. That is called time and space. Within that space you breathe. Tme is not limited. Breath is! It is the frequency of your breath that defines your lifespan. You breathe 15 times per minute on the average. If you breathe one time per minute, which takes about 120 days of practice to do perfectly, your life will be extended 15 times and, because the body’s organs, cells and molecules have to stretch to meet the time, you will not have a disease! And if you learn how to meet the time, time will learn how to meet you. Then you can experience Infinity, which is called God.

In the Age of Aquarius man will learn the Science of Self Self will be dominant. The emotions and feelings you have and your desires to have things will all disappear. Can you believe that you can live life wanting nothing? Understand the joy of it! The moment you want nothing, everything wants you, because everything in the

universe is in balance.

Once a young girl in love with a boy told me, “I can’t live without him!” I said, ‘You want him? Then make a sacrifice—just don’t want him.” “What will happen?” I said, ‘Then he’ll want you!” So she practiced Sat Kriya and with every breath had one thought, “I don’t want him.” As luck would have it, after 120 days of sweetly and calmly doing Sat Kriya every day… he wanted her! When he came and apologized, she said, “I don’t want you!” Today she is prosperous, content and happy. She rules the time.

When you love and live in personification, it is just like a fish on a hook. It isolates you from your internal and external projection. You must learn to project impersonally. Saying, “I love you” is okay, but not for the benefit of your feelings and attachments. Live personally but project impersonally. That is reality! That is blessing. When Muslims came to Persia they said to the people, “Convert to Islam or we are going to kill you.” People either died or converted to Islam. But they found a man in the jungle named Rasalee. On telling him to accept Islam, he said, “I am Islam!” “No, you really have to convert.” They hung him in a tree with a net saying, ‘You will not get anything to eat or drink until you convert.”

After one month they came back. He was fine. He was laughing! This was strange! They thought, “The time must have been too short. Let us go away.” They went away and forgot about him. When they came back five months later he said, “Hey, Islam! You forgot about me!” They were shocked! He was hale and healthy! They asked, ‘What did you live on?” He replied, “I lived on Islam.” Thinking he was a mad man they freed him. Rasalee walked into the city telling everybody “Islam, Islam, Islam!” and people started listening to him and realizing that he was a living, impersonal human being.

“Islam” means “salutation.” You are humble and pure enough to salute the universe.

This new age we are entering, the new millennium, is an age of entry into the Self And Self is very pure. It has no duality. When somebody says, “I like you, but I don’t think I like you. Maybe I do,” no one can tolerate it. No person can tolerate a double projection. Your life tragedies are caused by your projections from many angles. As long as you cannot talk straight, there will be nothing straight in your life.

The worst sin is when you judge a person. If you judge an insane person, insanity will attack you within 24 hours. It is called “time reversal.” Whatever you do inside your inner self your outer self has to respond. If you judge somebody outside, your inner self will judge you. Do you know how painful that will be? You do not need that pain.

When you start a sequence you must face the consequences. You cannot escape anything. Time ticks. The mighty sun goes down and then rises. The Earth revolves. It is happening to you. You cannot take the load—and yet you have to carry the load of life. But you are overloaded with garbage rather than clarity. Just be clear and stop this dramatization! It does not take you anywhere. In the end you will find it is a waste of time—that precious time, that most beautiful time that can be so projective, so creative, so real, so fulfilling.

There is a way of living where you desire nothing. When we do not desire anything, we deserve everything. And it shall be provided, because the law of karma is “every action has a reaction, equal and opposite.”

When somebody is rich or you need a person, you over-extend yourself If somebody is poor and humble and not in a position to do anything, you withdraw and end up with a reaction. Reaction is temporary misery, but you suffer here and hereafter! You decide if you are going to the heavens or to hell—and your ego is the only clear path to it. Any sequence you start will have consequences. By the blessing of the Guru you may not feel the consequences and be covered—that is the only possibility. You are contemptuous to your own self! Count it! How many times during the day do you laugh, smile, shake hands or hug people? If you have nobody to hug, at least hug your consciousness.

You think of life as living to be 60, 70 or 80 years old. That is not life, folks. Life consists of constant, running circles, running into each other. Time takes you from one place to another. You can be a thief or a saint—it is balanced all the way. You are what you chose to be. I can tell you “Be great! Hurry up and don’t be late!” But the end you have to meet, at any rate.

Dharma is the understanding that every action has a reaction equal and opposite. Therefore, it is simple: Do not start an action for which you are not willing to stand the reaction.


Meditation:  TCH36-8I-2000724-You and Thou

Yogi Bhajan –  July 24th, 2000 – Espanola, NM, USA

MEDITATION – Change the Elemental Psyche

Sit very straight in a cross-legged position. Raise the forearms parallel to the ground with the hands interlaced in Venus Lock in front of the chest with thumbs locked. Pull on the lock. Eyes are closed. Make an “o” of your mouth and do Breath of Fire through it. Be steady. Use the strength of the diaphragm and the navel. Continue for 11 minutes. To end, inhale deeply, hold, and keeping the hands locked, stretch the arms straight overhead. Exhale. Repeat 2 more times. Relax.

This meditation can change your elemental psyche. It will help you know you are not an emotional beast, but at least part angel, part beast and part human. Out of this trinity, you must develop the mastery of the human mind.

TCH36-8-You and Thou

Meditation:  TCH36-1-A00713 – Pain and Ecstasy – Triangle of Knowledge

Yogi Bhajan
TCH36 1 A00713
Pain and EcstasyTriangle of Knowledge July 13th, 2000 – Espanola, NM, USA #TCH36-1

Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Place the tip of the right index finger over the tip of the left index finger—right palm facing down, left palm facing up—holding the remaining fingers with the thumbs. Raise the hands in front of the the heart center with the elbows relaxed down. Eyes are focused at the tip of the nose. Sit as straight as the greatest incarnation of Lord Buddha—be saintly, concentrate. Sing from the navel Aad Sach, Jugaad Sach, Hai Bhee Sach, Naanak Hosee Bhee Sach.

While pronouncing sach, strike the upper palate toward the rear, in the soft part (saying sat…), then role the tongue forward (…producing chhh)

Tune your inner ears so that the hammering of the hammer bones in the inner ears enables your brain to analyze the sound as you hear it. Continue for 2 1/2 hours. Relax. The mudra allows the infinite energy to come through. Chanting the mantra stimulates the upper palate with the tip of the tongue, tuning the thalamus and hypothalamus. Focusing on the tip of the nose causes the frontal lobe, which controls the personality, to become like lead. At one point the pain can become so unbearable, you cannot stand it. Then it breaks, and you have found what you are looking for, and that is forever. Nobody can take it away. Otherwise, you are a yo-yo, a floater—you see, you do not see, you love, you do not love, you hear, you have not heard. To grow roots, you must open yourself up.

In life, we enter heaven through the gate of death, and must pay right on the spot—but you do not want to. This refusal to “pay-in” is the cause of pain in all its forms. Conquer pain through your power to achieve, knowing there is sunshine after every rainy day. See it as a process you are going through. When you do not latch onto maya or pain, you descend from the heights to renew, nurture yourself and bloom again, and experience Infinity as you again ascend. Slowly and gradually the psyche uplifts you to the heights and you are in bliss. Pain is a vehicle to achieve that. Pain is as powerful a part of life as ecstasy is. Love is expansion and fear is contraction. Both these forces create barriers. Love in its finite expression is a dead end—maya, the world. Love must be mixed with Infinity before you can reach ecstasy. As an apprentice to this process, you offer yourself in surrender to receive the Master’s Touch. You stand on the roots of the tree like a little bear, who reaches up to hold the trunk and climbs to the top-most branch to get to the bee hive, unaware of bee stings—intent on getting the honey. He drinks the honey, is satisfied, and descends to the ground, falling through branches which break his fall. After stretching and nurturing himself, the little bear remembers the taste of honey and the sense of achievement. He goes up the tree again and again, reaching that achievement in ecstasy, and nothing else matters. Life is a lie if you do not achieve your Self for yourself. That is your honey, your sweetness. You must achieve that Infinity where your identity is such a non-identity that it merges in Everything. Once you are that, you bless everybody. You are honored and in bliss—limitless, with no confinement, no territory, no demands, no requests. In this process you provoke, offer, surrender, achieve, and descend. Provoke, because everything is provocation, either to control or to receive. Offer, because you must decide how to offer, or present yourself. Surrender, because when you surrender, your working self becomes zero, shuniya. Surrender is the highest power to gain all that you want to gain. Achieve, because once you have a sense of achievement and say, “My God!”, if you convert that “My God!” into, “My Soul!” you have already found God. You have a soul—achieve it! When you find your soul for yourself, you are complete. Descend, because like a forklift, you may descend, go into the dirt and move it up. This descent is the highest state of mind and spirit. When the Age of Aquarius comes and people seek you out, you will have no time but to touch them and say, “Bless you!” to bring the entire psyche and being of a person into balance. That touch will create a state of, “Aad Sach, Jugaad Sach, Hai Bhee Sach, Naanak Hosee Bhee Sach,” original Truth,Truth through time, Truth now, and forever Truth. These must prevail through one touch. This mantra will give you the power of the Master’s Touch. There is no power or magic on this planet that can stop it. It has a permutation, combination, projection and power which brings the entire Prakirti, the existence, into the being of Purkha, the divinity. You will serve the creation of God, you will see God in everybody, in yourself, and in every facet of life.


Meditation:  LA958 A00413 Grace My Grace Is Me! 20000413

Yogi Bhajan – LA958 A00413 Grace My Grace Is Me!
April 13th, 2000 – Los Angeles, CA, USA #LA0958

MEDITATION – For Grace Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Place the left hand around the top of the right arm/shoulder. Raise the right hand in front of the right shoulder, palm facing forward, elbow relaxed down. Eyes are closed. Make an “o” of your mouth and breathe powerfully through it. Inhale with 3 strokes and exhale with 1 stroke. Continue for 11 minutes, breathing strongly during the last 2 minutes. To end, inhale deeply. Hold, stretch the spine, pull the chest out and stretch the arms straight overhead, spreading the fingers tight like steel. Exhale. Repeat 2 more times. Relax. Alternate holding the right shoulder with holding the left shoulder (posture reversed) in your day-to-day practice.

#LA958 A00413 Grace My Grace Is Me

he most precious thing you have as a human being is your own grace. The only difference between people—from a prostitute to royalty, from a saint to a pimp—is in their degree of grace. Your real power, your spiritual power, is your grace. There is nothing comparable to it. If you have your grace with you, and you only deal with your own grace, the world will bow to you, the world will seek you. And if you love your grace, the Almighty, Omnipresent, Omniscient God will love you. You will never find a dearth of anything in your life. Grace is when you are meditatively innocent. And when you are meditatively graceful, the Hand of God will protect you. You will never fall short. Your consciousness, knowledge and understanding, your body, mind and spirit, your tomorrow, today and yesterday, are all balanced—your grace on one side, you on the other. If you make a promise that you will not lose your grace, no matter what, God will not leave you alone, no matter what. The only path to happiness is to be a human being, a graceful human being. If you are a graceful human being, the entire Prakirti, all the Creativity of God, will come to you.You will excel, you will vibrate, without uttering a word. Anybody can provoke you. Do not be provoked, do not cross the line of your grace. Sit down and assess yourself, “Where is my grace? My grace is me!” You do not need to learn—your grace can attract the entire divinity of God to you. It is your privilege. The most precious things you love and want to have: Prosperity, beauty, bounty, bliss and happiness—will work for you. Nothing is free. The price has to be paid—you must live your grace. A man won the lottery two times. Ten years later he said, “I was content and happy before I won the lottery. When I won the lottery, I was very happy. I thought, ‘God has been kind and merciful to me. Whatever I want to do, I will do it.’Today I think that I am cursed.” Energy has to be digested, controlled, contained. You have energy but you do not care for it. You waste it on feelings, emotions, sensuality, sexuality, fantasies, imaginations, desires and dreams. And when you need energy you say, “Give me a vitamin B12 injection,” or “Let us have a Turkish coffee.” Is that life? You want something to feel that you exist—to be, to be. You never learned that you are “To be, to be.”“To be or not to be,” is not an option. People call themselves lovers and end up fighting each other. You think, “It’s not going to happen to me.” Without grace, there is no life. We give energy to our passions and we call it love. Our love is fantastic, it is gold plated. When the gold plating comes off, you see the real metal and you cry, “It hurts!” There is no progressive power to see where the line of grace lies between two people and to what extent they can carry their grace. A graceful person remains graceful. It does not matter if you love or hate him—the pair of opposites does not affect him. No matter which occupation you might choose—grace is grace. Enjoy your life by your own grace.


Meditation:  KWTC19950725 Meditation to Balance the Tattvas 

 KWTC 950725 Meditation to Balance the Tattvas 

Sit in easy pose with spine straight. Elbows are held at the sides against the ribs with forearms 60-degrees out. Hands are slightly above heart level with wrists bent so that palms are flat and pointing forward. 

Sing with tape of Guru Dev Mata Guru Dev Pita, by Guru Jiwan Singh. 

Meditation continues approximately 31 minutes. 

Inhale deeply and hold the breath, squeezing the entire body and all the vertebrae of the spine upward. Exhale. Repeat inhale and exhale twice, squeezing the entire being including the spine from the tailbone to the top, vertebra by vertebra, with the muscular capacity by your command. Relax. 

Yogi Bhajan’s comments: 

The palms are flat so the palm inflow can come to your elbows and then the body can pick it up. 

Guru Dev Mata That is you. 

Guru Dev Pita That is him. 

It’s a kriya, it is not a physical exercise. The neurons of the brain will start changing exactly in a small time. This is how you pray to the heavens. Manipulate the heavens. Manipulate the Creator, not the creature. Reach out. Use the mantra to vibrate the heavens. 

Inhale at the end and squeeze the spine so you can become great, young, and eligible for great life and health. 

If you can do these kriyas you can cut through everything which you cannot cut through otherwise. And your darkness in life becomes light, and poverty becomes prosperity and misfortunes become virtues. 



YOGI BHAJAN: What is this? 

S: Golden Temple Healing, Prosperity and the Excellence Cookbook. 

YB: Oh, by Hari Nam. That I know. Oh, oh. I got one. Very good book. 

S (Reading, not on mike): Tonight with your blessings Sat Bachan Kaur would like to present the Excellence in Bana Award to two youths, Harbhajan Kaur and her sister Awtar Kaur. 

YB: Wow. Today whatever I am going to teach you, you’re not going to like. And I know that. Because what I am going to teach you is against your genes. It is not in your system from birth and with whatever hemorrhage you can die with it, this is what is killing the western woman. There’s nothing yet known in the system how you can understand once for all. Because what is there, sixty-nine television channels? Something like that. Up to what the number goes? Ninety? In the near future it may be hundred something. All right? 

And it’s not your fault that you are somebody inferior or you want to suffer. But you have to understand the technology of one thing. Doesn’t matter you are a woman, you are a man, doesn’t matter you are married, unmarried, doesn’t matter you are lesbian or gay, doesn’t matter you are straight or simple, doesn’t matter you are divine or real. Those are all discussions. Matter comes to one boiling point: Are you trustworthy? One line. And are you a trustworthy through time, space and self? 

That is the point of life. If your emotions, your feelings, your nature, your training, your past, your present, your ideology, your future, your understanding is that you are a flirt, which you mostly are, and that’s your training: that you must flirt. And that’s the way you can find a man, that’s the way you can find your life, that’s the way you can be – then psychologically, logically and sociologically you can never be trusted either. Oil and water doesn’t mix. 

Everything is not the fault of the western woman. Everything? 

Students: Is not the fault of the western woman. 

YB: The western society is called aristocratic whore society. On one hand we are rehabilitated like aristocrats, and we have our own understanding and height. On the other hand we bring a wagons full of whore and get where the men are and get going and madam set up a house and you know what I’m saying? 


So what we did is we became intermix of that. On one hand 

we need to be trustworthy. On other hand the environment says if you don’t flirt, you are not alert, you are not going to find. 

I asked one woman that day, “You have ruined your beautiful career. You have ruined your life. You are heartbroken. Why you did it?” 

She said, “Well, I thought I will never get a man. So whatever I got, I grabbed.” 

There’s no patience, administration or understanding that everything has to be considered, planned. There’s no discipline that everything has to be valued and understood. That’s not western society. 

And the love plays a very important role. Actually in western society love plays no role at all. It’s lovemaking which plays role. So lovemaking has been considered love. And flirtation is considered as a ideal situation. 

And fundamentally it is never believed that God is owner of this planet. You all think you are the owner of the planet. So when you think that you, your eyes (I is??) bigger than the whole universe then the universe doesn’t help you. 


Then you flirt. And flirts are never alert. Their real value is never understood. Their grace is totally debarred. Therefore, your real essence is not known. Therefore, real partner is not found. Therefore, relationship is just hodge-podge. You just hang in. 

It is very difficult for you to live with knowledge. What is a knowledge? Knowledge is discipline, responsibility and commitment. Knowledge forces you for three things. When you know, you can’t go wrong. 

In western society, I asked once a mother, I said, “Do you know that you have ruined your daughter?” 

She said, “Yes, now I know.” 

“Why?” “I thought if she’s getting A grades, that’s enough. Education is everything.” 

I said, “I met her four days ago. She’s so stoned she even didn’t recognize me.” 

She said, “Yeah, I never knew that she’s into that many drugs.” 

I said, “I told you nine months ago.” 

She said, “I thought if I’ll interfere, I’ll lose her love.” 

As I started discussing it become so painful I start, stopped discussed. There was absolutely nothing there I could do. Actually, all the nonsense which that graceful woman has not lived, she wanted her daughter to go through. Mostly mothers do live their daughters and make them to live that life of a prostitute when they couldn’t live. 

I had another experience in my life where a mother made a daughter understand, “Aren’t you ashamed that you get up in the morning the bed looking at the face of the same man?” 

Why some of the parents ignore the children taking drugs, you know why? They think: They have taken, they came out all right; they will take, they will came out all right. 

They forget when they took the drugs it was a consolidated evolution, and there was a spiritual need, research, and they needed that all to do to go for that. Today drugs are not being taken to going for the spiritual need. Today drugs are being taken to space out. Today drugs are to be taken to feel powerful. 

One of the child, I asked him, I said, “Why you take this drug? This will totally ruin you.” 

He said, “You do not know, sir, when I take it I think I am king.” 

I said, “Are you a king?” 

He said, “No. But that feeling I am a king is enough. For hundred-twenty dollars I can feel king for a week. Where you’ll get that thing?” 

I said, “It’s a false.” 

He said, “It’s real.” 

I also know of a young girl, she was plus A plus straight, plus, plus, plus, plus. You know what drugs have done to her? You want to know? I’m responsible for her. I got her into the medical. All right? You understand that? She’s now in her third year of the medical. She has to take one year leave to go for rehabilitation. It got so bad when she opened books, the books looked blank. 

After all, self has a capacity. This capacity can only be used by discipline. And any value of you and your capacity’s only for another person if the other person feels you are dependable. 

I was just coming out, and I saw that Jeep. That Jeep is very old with us, a long time ago. You know, you see that Jeep standing there? That’s my security Jeep, correct? Nobody likes it. It doesn’t run at a high speed, it doesn’t do many hanky-pankies. But it’s a dependable Jeep. It’s not a Rolls-Royce, it’s not Bentley. You know what I’m saying? Not at all. 

It has no value other than a American Jeep. But it is a dependable Jeep. If I spend the whole world on it and try to make out of it a Rolls-Royce, it is never going to be. It is always going to be Jeep. But it is going to be a dependable Jeep. You understand what I’m saying? 


Your life is whatever it is. What the circumstances did to them, what the child did to this, what the other things did it, it’s, I have no discussion with it. But if you are not dependable, you are not dependable. 

No value in business, no value in life, no value in relationship and no value in anything. Based…what is the idea of being spiritual? Absolutely nothing. What is the idea to be rich? Nothing. 

Take any aspect of life, if the other person does not feel you are dependable – finished. Other person may be nothing. But in the other person’s eye and judgment and understanding, you are not dependable, you are nothing. And shame on you if you have everything in the world and the other person who has nothing, he feels you are nothing. Because you are not dependable. 

Spirituality, reality, religion only teaches you discipline so that you can trustworthy. Your worth is in your trustworthiness, your worth is not how many gold you have worn, how much good clothes you have worn, how great you are. Because manners are manners, and manners cannot be competed and compared by measures. 

No measures can match up with manners. Because measures are solid, inflexible and they serve as you want it, your ego wants it. Manners is a knowledge, workable, flexible and it is adjustable. 

Woman without manners and man without courage are worthless animals. There’s no market for them. They are doomed today, they are doomed tomorrow, they will never be respected, doesn’t matter what they do for themself. 

That’s why lying, cheating, playing games, laying numbers and all that, these are all temporary gains. They reduce your worth. They make you worthless. Because whatever you do, the other person is going to know one day or the other you have cheated, you took advantage, you manipulated, you lied. 

The only principle thing to prosperity, a direct road to prosperity is: Be straight, be simple and do it with a smile. 

But human mind says, “I’m not ready. I need time. Therefore, let me lie now, let me manipulate now, let me get now. And tomorrow I’ll be fine.” 

There will be no tomorrow in your dictionary; it will be pure sorrow. And there’ll be a wall of sorrows which you built. It’ll be a tsunami like an ocean which will destroy your shores. And because it is inside you, wherever you go this disease will go with you. 

That’s why I said in the beginning what I am going to tell you today you’re not going to like it. Because you have been taught as a woman to sell yourself, flirt yourself, attract, get, go. 


No. Woman’s place is in her grace. Woman’s place is not in her race. Man’s place is in his deliverance, otherwise dead. God is three letters, G-O-D, God. Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh; generates, organize, delivers. What you cannot deliver, destroys. 

If you can’t deliver, it will destroy you. What (why it?) will destroy? Because it will show your worthlessness. You’ll not be trustworthy. 

Have you seen the remarks: Don’t bother, so and so is never on time. Huh? Have you heard that? Yeah? So? What that means? Your reputation has already traveled ahead of you. You are not on time; you are not trustworthy. Do you know your nicknames? All of you? What your friend you, your friends call you by? You know what they call you? Hmmm? 

Normally they call, “Eh, forget that. That person is a snake, that person is a fox, that person is a bull in a china shop. That person is a chameleon.” From your wonderful name as a human, from your wonderful body as a human, from your wonderful looks as a human 

Gur kirpaa te bhagat kamaa-ee taa eh maanas de-ee bha-ee 

With all the blessing and grace you got this human body, you still remain animal. And you are still known with your intimate friends as animal. 

I was talking a phone call today. And I said, “I can see you in the evening.” 

He said, “Sir, I can’t see you in the evening. I’m not your student, I’m not your friend, I am your acquaintance.” 

I said, “I know. That’s what I know.” 

He said, “Well, I have a bad habit. In the evening I’m a pig.” Himself! 

And I said, I said, “What do you mean by pig?” 

I say, “I have.” He said, “I have bad habit. I have a drinking habit. That’s what I wanted to discuss with you actually. 

I said, “Whole day you remain a human, in the evening you’re a pig?” 

He said, “That is better.” 

I said, “What was you before?” 

He said, “Before I was just very undependable, untrusty, clever, con man.” 

I said, “It can’t be right. You are so rich. You are so well-established. I know you very well.” 

He said, “That is my false side. Inside I am really being eaten up.” He said, “Look I have to see you, you have to see me.” 

I said, “What is so emergency? You can come anytime you like. But what is the hurry?” 

He said, “I have lost my family, my wife has divorced me, I have a great general manager, CEO, my business is running all right, but I have absolutely, I feel so much emptiness now I have started crying.” 

Now can you believe this is a sixty year old man, most successful, who used to dance this whole United States on the tip of his fingers? Today he can’t handle his tears. 

For temporary gain you cannot incur it a permanent loss. You don’t have to develop anything in your knowledge, but you have to develop a character and characteristics so world can trust you. And it is your American bill it is written: In God we? 

Students: Trust. 

YB: And if you always trust in God and God has this planet and this earth and God has this universe as you see it and you are part of it, then you will never lie, never cheat, never be miserable and never will be deceitful, never manipulate, and you will be very straightforward smiling character. 

But One who created you will create the environments for you too. May I ask you one thing? When you have parent did you ever worry? Hey, how many of you were two year old and you went to kitchen and start cooking? Hello? Hey, come on. Hey. Are you with me? 

Students: Yes, sir. 

YB: Or are you spaced out? 

Students: No, sir. 

YB: How many of you were two year old, and you went to the kitchen cooking? Tell me. None, right? You have heavenly father and you have mother earth, why you are messing up all this in the kitchen of your ego? What are you cooking all the time schemes? Hmm? What’s going on, folks? 

Can I have a answer to this? Hello-o-o. What is going on? God rotates this earth and creates for you night and day. At night you watch television, day you sleep, put a pillow over you. God rotates your earth, you can’t take care of your routine. He can’t? 

So why don’t you all get up early morning six o’clock, start pulling the earth so it can have a round. You little creatures with a magnifying ego will never understand: You are all puppets hung with the string of breath of life. And the Giver gives you the breath fifteen times per minute. And you look beautiful, graceful and maintain your human grace and dignity, then God shall provide you everything. 

There are two ways to live, folks: Be trustworthy and resolute; all will come to you. Be phony and funky and run; you’ll find nothing satisfying. What you want to do? Which way you want to go? Come on. I know what you are going to say, “We want to be resolute and.” Heh, heh, heh. When it’s come to doing, forget it. 

I ask somebody, “You chant in the morning?” 

She said, “Very well. I really chant. You can ask my husband. In the morning I chant loud and clear.” 

He picked up the phone. He said, “She chants really loud and clear. I have taped it; I am going to let you hear it.” He put the tape, the snoring was so big. He say, “I leave the room.” He say, “I am only with her up to midnight. After that she starts; I leave the room. No human being can live in this house.” 

And I couldn’t believe, the tape recorder showed me, it was better than Bhai Nirmal Singh’s kirtan. It was so loud. And lot of times she changed the music, kawk kawk, it means she was doing something very funny. And she doesn’t want to even understand that this is what is going on. And that’s her chanting. 

Alap ahaar sulap see nindraa dayaa chhimaa ta preet Alap ahaar Eat light Sulap see nindraa Catnap daya Kindness chhimaa forgiveness tan preet 

Love your body as a temple of God 

These are the faculties. 

31 minutes: Today, we have something to really gain. We have to balance our tattvas, right? Everybody’s ready? 

Sit tight. Yesterday you did that, remember? 

Students: Yes, sir. 

YB: Was it good? 

Students: Yes, sir. 

YB: All right. That was good, then this will not be good. Let’s get little hard. In this you will hold this little higher at the heart center. don’t hold it straight, straight is less. Just here and there. 

(Posture is similar to healing meditation, elbows at sides, forearms out forward, but palms are higher and held straight, pointing forward.) 

So all the palm inflow can come to your elbow and then body can pick it up. That’s all we know it. Close your eyes and sing with it and play the tape. See what happens. Let’s go. 

(Taped music of Guru Dev Mata Guru Dev Pita, Espanola. Same as yesterday’s meditation.) 

(Guru Dev Mata) That is you. (Guru Dev Pita) That is him. 

Palms flat. It’s a kriya, it is not a physical exercise. 

The neurons of the brain will start changing exactly in a small time. 

This is how you pray to heavens. 

Manipulate heavens. 

Manipulate the Creator, not the creature. 

Reach out. 

Use the mantra to vibrate heavens. 

Steady, steady. This is time to be steady. Watch your palms. 

(Music continues uninterrupted throughout above YB statements, approximately 30-31 minutes.) 

(132B – Taped music ends.) 

Inhale deep. Now please squeeze your entire body, hold the breath, and all the vertebras of the spine squeeze upward. Exhale. 

Inhale again, if you have not done it right, hold the breath, squeeze the entire being, take the spine from low to top, vertebra by vertebra, the muscular capacity by your command, squeeze. So you can become great, young, eligible for great life and health. 

Let it go. Better. Inhale again. Exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale deep. Hold and squeeze the spine from tailbone to the top. 



Was it good? Are you there? 

Students: Yes, sir 

YB: Mm-hmm. Ya, I know you are there. If you can do these kriya which I am going to teach you this week, you can cut through everything which you cannot cut through otherwise. And your darkness in life become light, and poverty becomes prosperity and misfortune become virtues. 

Is that clear? 

Students: Yes, sir. 

YB: May the longtime… 

(Students sing old version of May the Longtime Sunshine) 

YB: Shhhhh. Shhhh. You have been tricked, you are spaced out. Didn’t I tell you that? Start. 

(Students sing current version and one Long Sat Nam.) 

YB: Bless my soul. Bless my consciousness. Bless my dignity, divinity and grace. Bless my identity. Bless my human race. Bless my peace of mind, and please bless the peace in the world. 

O Creator, the Lord of all creatures, give me the conscious living so I can understand Thy will to find my home and end in peace. Sat Nam. 

Thank you very much. I hopefully we’ll meet, tomorrow is Wednesday, right? 

Students: Yes, sir. 

YB: And Bibiji is teaching. But we, we both will decide. Somebody will come up here. Okay? 

Bibiji: Both will teach. 

YB: Huh? 

Bibiji: We both will teach. 

YB: Why, that you understand what it means? Well, anyway. You know what I mean? Well. 

Ah, tomorrow we’ll meet. What wedecide to do if you all agree – Friday’s the last day of ours, is that true? 

Students: Yes, sir. 

YB: You take lunch, do you? 

Students: Yes, sir. 

YB: So we have decided that we’ll take lunch on the green lawns of the ranch and we’ll sit and say “hello” to each other and relax in the bright sun and open skies and say goodbye to each other with a very good, pleasant, creative consciousness. Will that be all right? 

Students: Yes, sir. 

YB: Practical? 

Students: Yes, sir. 

YB: Yes or no? 

Students: Yes, sir. 

YB: All right. So be it. Those who are in favor say aye. 

Students: Aye. 

YB: Those who are against say no. (No response.) 


Resolution is carried. Thank you. Good night. 

Oh, by the way, I forgot. I have my best friend and my classmate, we studied in the college together. 

Mr. Sudesh Duaa, most of you who have gone to Delhi you have met him and here he is and his wife. They have come to be our guest this week. Ah, Sudesh has been a man of dignity, integrity and a great police officer who was more straight than straight can be. 

And he retired, I resigned, but he retired. He just prolonged very much, and he came this time to see and visit us. But if you want to talk to somebody who’ll tell you how to be simple. You know how to be complicated, right? (Laughter.) He knows how, his main most affect (??favorite 230B) line is, “Well, there’s always something simple in it. Find it.” So you can find it too. 

So we’ll be entertaining these beautiful two people who have lived a very graceful, righteous life – and I mean righteous life. Straight life is very righteous life, complicated life is the most crude inhuman life people can live. And we are very proud that he has visited us and we are very proud he is with us. And I am very grateful that after many, many years, long years. And we have slept in the same bed, so you can understand what we’re doing. (Laughter.) And eaten from the same plate and, uh, done the, almost the same thing. 

But he was very successful in his office, in his rank and in his position and well-respected. And he’s very well-respected now. And that’s the way people should retire. That’s how people should reach in age, mature age. Not funky, phony and floppy. You know? 

We’ll see again. Thank you very much, good night, God bless you. Sat Nam. 

Students: Sat Nam. 

YB: Give him a hand, dummies. 


(252B – taped music of Har Har Gobinday, etc.) 

S: Sat Nam. Before you all leave I have to present an award to two young ladies. Um, Siri Singh Sahib knows about it, he said just go ahead. 

Um, when my husband, Hari Jiwan, and I were blessed to go on the yatra this February, we were just struck by the radiance of all the Khalsa youth and their bana and the discipline they had towards that bana. 

And so we set up an award so that the, the winner of the award, it’s called the Excellence in Bana Award, the youths who came back to America, in the face of all pressures in America, could stay in beautiful bana for the summer would win five hundred dollars. 

And we began this tradition and the winners this summer are two sisters, they’ll share it: Hari Bhajan and Awtar. And they have been exemplary in their bana and their strength and radiance towards that discipline (applause). So come on up and tomorrow a Federal Express check, a check will come in the mail through Federal Express. Congratulations. 

Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh. 

Students chant Bolay, etc. 

Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh 


Meditation: Kirtan Kriya

One of the basic kriyas in Kundalini Yoga. It utilizes the Punj Shabd Mantra “Saa, Taa, Naa, Maa,” the naad form of Sat Naam. Saa is infinity, Taa is life, Naa is death, Maa is rebirth or transformation. This describes the cycle of life. It is used to create mental balance and to increase intuition.

To do: Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Rest the wrists on the knees, elbows straight, palms facing up. Eyes are focused at the tip of the nose. Chant the mantra “Saa, Taa, Naa, Maa” while each fingertip in turn touches the thumb tip with firm pressure. On Saa touch the index finger to the thumb; on Taa touch the middle finger to the thumb; on Naa touch the ring finger to the thumb; on Maa touch the little finger to the thumb; then begin again. Each repetition of the mantra takes 3-4 seconds. Visualize each syllable of the mantra entering through the crown of the head and exiting through the third eye, moving in an L-shape. Chant in the three languages of consciousness: human (normal or loud voice), lovers (whispered), and divine (silent). Chant in a normal voice for 5 minutes, then whispered for 5 minutes, then vibrate silently for 10 minutes. Then come back with whispering for 5 minutes and then in a normal voice for 5 minutes. To end, inhale deeply, hold, and stretch the arms up over the head, exhale and relax.

All meditation stops at “Sa Ta Na Ma” – there is nothing beyond it. Kirtan Kriya is the most important meditation in Kundalini Yoga. If you could do only one meditation, this is it. It does everything for you and in the proper order. Over a period of time it can be your best friend. Each time you close a mudra by joining the thumb with a finger, your ego “seals” its effect in your consciousness:

  • Gyan Mudra with thumb and index finger effects knowledge
  • Shuni Mudra (middle, Saturn finger and thumb) gives wisdom, patience and discipline
  • Surya Mudra (ring, Sun finger & thumb) imports vitality and energy
  • Bhuddi Mudra (little, Mercury finger and thumb) gives the ability to communicate.

    It is important to do this meditation properly, using the “L” form so that the sound follows the “Golden Cord” entering at the 10th Gate (top of the head) , and projects out through the 3rd Eye to Infinity. As always, the spine must be straight and the Chin Lock must be applied.