Meditation: KWTC 19970630 – For Faculty of Self Engagement

Yogi Bhajan – June 30, 1997

Mudra: Bend your elbows into the sides of the body. Extend the forearms out in front of the body, and tilt them up at a 45 degree angle. Have the palms flat, fingers pointing straight ahead, with the right palm facing the ceiling and the left palm facing the floor. The palms will be at the level of the heart center, and are bent slightly at the wrists. Hold the position, and keep the spine straight the entire time.

Eyes: Stare at the tip of the nose.

Breath: Breathe long and deep in through the nose; breathe out long and deep, through the mouth. Mechanically breathe.

Time: 22 minutes, 45 seconds.

End: Inhale deeply, and put your hands together in front of your chest, press hard. (Held 11 seconds.) Inhale a second time, press very hard, using the shoulders to add extra pressure – “all the pressure you can.” (Held 11 seconds.) Inhale a third time, and this time squeeze your spine, vertebrae & muscles, from the base to the top. (Held 20 seconds.) Relax.

Comments/Effects: We are going to give you trance interconnected mental meditation, and we would like to connect your hypothalamus with your neurological system and your salivary system, which is responsible for your circulatory life. It is so effective that if your inside circulatory system is very good, then social circulatory system will be very good and then your interacted circular which you act with everybody, that shall have no pressure. You will be very relaxed. You are bringing a balance between heaven and earth in this posture. You’ll feel the effect afterwards. Let your thoughts go; don’t work your brain. It’s not a time to work your brain. Try to deeply meditate. You can enter in your inner circle of the psyche. It will calm down your irritated nerves and your non-reality.

Now, before I start I’d like to tell you something. You are not born to suffer, but you do suffer. You are not born to be poor, but you are, some of you, are poor. You are not born to be unhappy. Many of you are unhappy.

You are not to be and you are. This is what we are discussing today. We’ll go step by step in a very complete, rational approach so there should be no misunderstanding why we are the way we are and why we are not the way we should be.
You have a personality. Some have great features, some are very pretty, some are very intelligent, some are very energetic, some are very sexual, sensual, some are very calm, quiet. Everybody has their different attitude, different values, different desires, different ambition and different circumstances. Your geography is different, the way you took the life in longitude, latitude, that is different. But after all, what is the answer to life? If you do not develop your faculties, you will never have facilities.
What we do? We develop ourself professionally, that’s all we do it. We never develop ourself personally. We also do not develop ourself impersonally. We have absolutely no power over us. Where there is a emotional thing we get involved. We get involved, we do not know what we are getting involved into and we have nothing but trouble.

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When you develop your personality you must also develop your faculty (to) be impersonal. When you develop your identity you must also be in a position to read, see, find fairly to merge in other identity. When you have all the facilities of life you need, you must have all the facets of life you need.
I was talking to a professor in the university today.

I said, “Professor, now these are holidays. Why don’t you come here?”
He said, “My facility of my holidays, I’m going to totally sleep.” I just laughed. I said, “That’s why from last twenty years you are junior professor. You have never become a full professor. You sleep too much.”
He said, ”Why not? I get enough salary. It doesn’t make any difference. I am not in any trouble. What do I lose?”
Everything you think in your life is loss and gain. Everything. There is nothing loss and gain. Somebody’s loss is somebody’s gain. Somebody gain is somebody loss. Somebody take away your husband; you take away somebody’s husband. You find somebody. Somebody find you.
Why all this is happening? Because you do not have develop your faculty. As a woman you are not a woman. You are a statue of a woman. That’s all right. Your emotions are not under control, your projection is not under control. Your own confidence is not under your control. Your self-esteem is not under your control. Nothing.
What kind of woman you are? Even you see the boundary, house has a boundary and it has walls. It has… structurally everything has something there to identify it.
You have actually identity crisis. You can’t identify yourself who you are. So when you cannot identify yourself, you hustle. “I am a woman.” Then what, we should make pickle out of you? You’re a woman. Be a woman.
Because you are not a woman to the standard, you are a woman to your own thoughts of a woman. World has a standard. World will never respect you, love you or respect you or be with you until you are not a woman of standard.
You must in your mind understand that you are the upkeeper of your own grace, own character, own commitment, own standard. You have your own facility, own faculties, and own facets. If you cannot be you, then you are going to be exploited and you will be losers.
What happens? When we are young, our blood is hot, we smell men. We smell men and we want to eat them. And if somebody doesn’t get lot of men around, then they put themselves on sale: fifty percent off, twenty-five percent off, seventy-five percent off, free.
You forget one thing as a girl. It is the girl who becomes the mother. It is the girl who becomes the woman. It is the woman who becomes the mother. It is the mother who becomes the family. You are the base of reincarnation. And no purity will suit you. No impurity. Men are impure to start with. I mean somebody they say because I’m a man therefore I put men out of the trouble. No, I’m not putting men out of trouble. Men are half-brain. They don’t have a left brain.
Talk to any man. If he’s reading a newspaper, he will not break your teeth, ask me. Ask him to watching a football team, tell him, “I want to tell you something,” he’s drinking a cup of tea, he’ll throw it at your face. They don’t have that faculty. They are not you. And your fundamental identity is not that, “Oh, I love you, I know I love you.” What it matters if I love you? Doesn’t matter. I hate you; doesn’t matter. I sleep with you; doesn’t matter. I have sex with you; doesn’t matter. I am your companion, all that. Nothing matters.
Whatever you say, nothing matters. Don’t have any idea that whatever you are saying, that matters. What matters is, that you are you. That matters. When you walk tall, the world will walk with you. When you will give a call, everybody will come to you. But when you are a split personality, who’s loving who? Which part of you?
I am yet to see a one person who doesn’t want to be great. If you want to be great, the only answer is be great, act great, move great. If you can act state great, you will never be turned by the fate.
For a woman there are certain things. She’s sixteen time more intelligent than man, and she is two hundred time more sensitive than a man. If there is a something very supersensitive, that is a woman. And by cutting your hair this way or that way and wearing shorts and showing your things and all that, tight all what you can. All you are (is) inviting trouble. Graceful woman will never be daringly touched by any low grade man.
And many time I have counseled when, “Husband is this, my husband is that.” Husband have no problem. Show him you are you. Humee hum brahm hum. Third day the man will be straight.
Men cannot exploit you by right. He will exploit your emotions. Men are very clever. Take it granted. First they create feelings. “Oh honey, I miss you. You know I was sitting there, cup of tea.” He was having a cup of tea with somebody else, you know what I mean? He’s not telling that. He say, “I was having cup of tea, and I was really thinking of you, I was just, I miss you. And when I was drinking tea, it was as sweet to me, and I was thinking of you, you are so sweet.” And he may having girlfriend and having tea with her. That’s how liars these men are. Including me. (Laughter) Men are men whether they are upside down, downside up.
If you do not know the English spelling of a woman, that means contain the man: Wo-man. “She” contains the “he” and “female” contains the “male”. Your process is to contain the man, and if you contain the man you have a granted (guaranteed) happy life. If you can’t contain, consult me.
And learn from the heavens. There is a moon, it reflects the sun. And it wanes and waxes to adjust to it. You should also have a man, you should reflect him. If there is nothing to reflect, then be a full moon and reflect your total self.
No woman can live in peace if she is not respected. Because the faculty of mother cannot be worshipped until woman is respected. You have not to gain money, health, beauty, and all sexual, sensual effects; you have to gain a social system of respect.

In psychology, social life is admissible. Counseling is admissible. But it is not to tell somebody what is wrong and what is right. That is a matter of dispute. But to tell how person can regain one’s own social identity. And that’s how you should look at it.
Your education is your education. Your environments are your environments. Your relationship is your relationship. Social psychological system of your life must stand ahead of you. Ninety-nine percent woman who are battered woman and get a beating are those who are not head of them. All they believe is they get angry, they provoke, they provoke, and the guy already needs that time. One two three, ta ta ta, it doesn’t make sense. Take it granted, now repeat it.

YB: Take it granted.
SS: Take it granted.
YB: Man is a man.
SS: Man is a man.
YB: Neither he menstruates. SS: Neither he menstruates. YB: Nor he has boobs.

SS: Nor he has boobs.
YB: And he’s not going to ever deliver a child.
SS: And he’s not going to ever deliver a child.
YB: So he’s a very different half-headed species.
SS: So he’s a very different half-headed species.
YB: Therefore the half-headed species,
SS: Therefore the half-headed species,
YB: Creating a conflict,
SS: Creating a conflict,
YB: Is just getting the beating.
SS: Is just getting the beating.
YB: So if you want to be beaten, go ahead.
SS: If you want to be beaten, go ahead.
YB: True, true.
S: True.
YB: Why you want everybody to appreciate you? May I know the reason? First appreciate yourself, then people will appreciate you. What you cannot do for yourself why somebody should do for you. If glass is not full of water how can it quench the thirst?
You have to understand ideally one thing. As a woman you are a person who can create another woman who can create a man. Man has no credibility to create another human. So you understand how humungous and most powerful credit you have?
One lady once asked me, “When I speak there is a fight in the house.”
I said, “Go on silence. Why to speak?” Any fight, any insult, any rudeness is against you. Your system is sixteen time more sensitive than a male, and affects you very deeply.


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  1. Very good meditation. Did for 40 days.Felt a lot of changes in body.Flexibility increased a lot. and there was a lot changes in the skin. I felt there was a circulation in and out of the body.During meditation blocks get cleared with the breath and I was able to see the result in the physical body. How I was able to feel the blocks in my breath ? Which bodies were
    were affected?
    Sir, Can you please explain something about this?

  2. Hello I have a question about the eyes in this meditation are we keeping them open stare at the tip of the nose or closed?

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