Meditation: M061b-19901124 – Know the structure of the mind

Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Place both hands in front of the face, with the wrists crossed and the hands facing your face. The right hand is on the outside and the left hand on the inside. The thumbs are separated from the hands, and parallel with each other, with the left thumb obscuring your vision of the right thumb. The thumbs do not touch. With the hands in this position, “read the lines of your hands”. 11 min.

Concentrate at the tip of the nose. Keep the hands the cross and looking at the tip of the nose, read the lines on your hands. Focus it right. You’ll have a fun. You’ll become perfect astrologists without going to any school. Concentrate on the lines in your hand now, right through the tip of the nose.
Read them, read them, read them. What do they say, why there are lines? Even you read it wrong it is okay. Nobody knows it is your reading.
Pain of learning is the pleasure of living.

Put Pavan Pavan Paar Para. Loud and clear.

Now, take the help of the music and rewrite your line, reinterpret them, as good as you can. Reach your excellence and also repeat the sound.

Inhale deep.
Deep and stiff your spine. Tight. Tight. Tight. Exhale. Inhale again, inhale more, hold it. From the base of the head to the tailbone stiff your spine, make it like a steel, every muscle with it. Exhale. Inhale again, deep and now entire spine make it like a steel rod, vertebra by vertebra. Relax.

Inhale, hold, squeeze, exhale 3 times

Library of teachings

It’s very well fixed today. Anyway.

We are passing through a aura that world is not changing but it intends to change more rapidly and more fast. The world is going to change more rapidly and more fast than we expect it to be. W-O-R-L-D. It is not the, all of a sudden. All of a sudden a Berlin wall was erected, all of a sudden. And all of a sudden it disappeared. All of a sudden there was USSR and its tank would have rolled the Europe and Europe would have conquered in twenty-four hours. And all of a sudden same USSR asking for food. All of a sudden there was nobody in the world which could have threatened anything and all of a sudden there is no Kuwait. It’s a tiny country in the middle east, Midwest. Small country.

All of a sudden there was a relaxation, there will be no World War Three, and all of a sudden the prediction that one man in the middle east will rise and there will be atomic war, kind of a atomic war which will be fought by USSR and Russia, as you call it, and United States together. So there are predictions to the fact that things will happen and there are things happening which cannot be predicted by anybody. Same thing is about life. What we predict tomorrow will be, it may not be. What we think it will be, it may not be. Do you understand that? Have you understood the reason why things are not as we want them to be? Things can happen by mutual understanding. And that is one part which is missing among the humanity.

I say something, you hear something but what I say and what you hear, does that bring the same understanding or not, that is the deciding factor in this life. Sometime, you tell somebody something and you are very sure what you have told is understood. A seven days later you find it is something totally opposite. You get mad, you ask the person, “I tell you to do A, you have done B.” The person say, “No, this is what you told.”

You say, “No, I didn’t tell this.”

Person says, “This is what I understood. That’s what you want.”

And there is no reason for it. You insist you told A. The other person insist he heard B. And then the other person get mad, “Well, I did what you told me.” And this might happen in your life many times.

Effective communication is called Naad. Harmonious saying and hearing at the same time. Something which connects. You may not like it but normally people do not have that harmonious understanding of hearing or listening. Nor people have the clarity of saying. It’s common. So all what we are doing within the smallness of us is still unpredictable. Because we do not know what we say and what is heard is understood or not. The conception to take what one says and what one hears is established harmony. That’s why, when the master speaks, disciple hears. That’s why where the person of love speaks, the beloved hears. That’s why the Creator creates the harmony and vibrations, creation hears it.

The creativity of the Creator and the creation, that of the love and that of the beloved, that of the center and that of the expansion, all things are balanced on one thing – the understood self, that element of understanding, that is called Naad. It’s a beautiful word. In the beginning there was a word, word was with God and word was God. When you read that in Bible, it is nothing different than what it’s saying is, the word came out of Naad and word merges back into Naad. They, this life going on as it is, is based on the Anaadi Naad. There is a understanding we bring in our life our children. We nurture them, we raise them but there comes a certain status of age when they start taking care of their independent life as independently as they could. And life proceed differently. Exactly in life as adult you are, life can be exactly the same way. It is not that child is born and life is there. It is the day is born and life is there. It is the same way the week, the month, the year is born, life is there.

As teachers, we have a understanding to speak in Anaadi Naad. It’s very strange oath and it has no alternative to it. To become a teacher, to teach the world, you lose four things. In lieu of four things you lose, you gain one thing. And that is the self-understanding. I am not a woman, I am not a man, I am not a person, I am not myself, I am a teacher. Now, understand the depth of this self understanding. If you are a woman, then you can only deal with a sphere. If you are a man you can deal only a certain other sphere. If you are a person you can deal with another sphere. If yourself you can deal with another sphere, you have to let these four spheres go. Then only you can be a teacher. Proportionately how great teacher you are, it’s not what you have gained, it’s how much you have lost all these four. Minus these four, then you shall speak the ultimate truth. Unconcerned truth of a concerned person.

Life is a relative relationship. It has a depth to it. It has a understanding to it. And it cannot be wasted. You do not understand, you go to a restaurant, you eat food, you enjoy it. Food satisfy your hunger but you enjoy the taste. You may eat a food which has absolutely no taste. That will fulfill your hunger but there is nothing to enjoy. We call it, ‘oh, that food was blah, there is no taste.’ Exactly there can be a life which can be totally blah. No taste to it.

As the Naad of life is not sounding and resounding, life depends upon that resounding, according to that resounding there is a taste to life. Some people are very contained. I have met a person in my life, he was absolutely, absolutely, very and extremely contained person. He had no means, no orbit, no direction, very strange person. I happen to sit in the company of this person. I ask him how he lives. His answer was very funny. “I watch living,” he said. He was totally absorbed in watching his own living.

I am asking you question, how many of you watch your own living. I answer for you. None. You are trying to be living.

I ask him, what he does for living? He said, “Watching. I watch living.”

He totally believed the living is a principle by the Infinity. It is a higher command and it is God’s promise to make him alive, he has nothing to do. I ask him, “If you do not do anything for living, how you exist?”

His answer was, “I watch existence.”

I said, “Give me an example.”

He said, “Let me ask very directly you three questions.”

I said, “Oh, go ahead.”

He said, “I will like to ask those three questions because I feel you shall reply me honestly.”

And I told him, I said, “I don’t want to be pre-judged that I have a choice to be honest. Therefore, please feel free to ask the question.”

His question first was, “Are you Yogi Bhajan?”

I said, “I have been told to be identified as Yogi Bhajan.”

He said, “It’s correct.”

Second he said, “Are you known internationally as Yogi Bhajan?”

I said, “That is true.”

He said, “Is it easy to come and sit in your company?”

I said, “I hope so.”

He said, “How many people have the capacity to come and sit with you face to face as I am sitting?”

And I said, “Not many.”

He said, “That rare opportunity that I am sitting in your company is a process within me and this process within me has made me enable to come and sit with you, where thousands of your own students have no approach to it.” Or they have not thought of it to even understand how precious it is to study with you, though they are your student, they don’t want, they don’t watch their studying with you, though they are studying with you. Exactly you do not watch living as though you are living. Watching what it is, understanding what it is, feeling what it is, be part of it what it is, is within us and that makes us to communicate with our soul. We constantly talk to our soul and we sometime are fortunate to hear that conversation consciously.

When my self hears my soul, that is the Anaadi Naad, that’s the beauty of it. That is what is called celestial music. That is celestious higher self. When self talks to its soul, that is where you find the taste, the juice, the beauty of life. Rest is protection. Outside it is cold, it is raining, we build this house. We come to hall and we protect ourself from the elements. We protect ourself from our enemies. We built walls, defenses, denials, psychological interborn escapes, logical escape, rational escapes. We give distance to our destiny and still something pulls us back to the center. Why we come to that center? What is the pull? We want to hear ourself ourself.

We want to hear that one word in experience, in taste. I am, I am. That is what a teacher hears. A teacher hears the soul of the student. Not the loud noise of the student. Student does lot of juggling, creates lot of noise, creates lot of diversion, creates lot of dissent and sometime it creates lot of attraction. This whole drama and trauma a student creates but a teacher hears the sound of the soul, the cry of the soul which needs to be resolved and redeemed, which needs to reach its destiny.

You are not here because you ought to be here. There is that strength in the feeling of the soul, there is that feeble, little, subtle voice in you which wants you to come. As we are very serious and we are concentrating, our children are not. They are playing their own life, their own game, they are trying to hear their own sound. Their attraction can distract us. Exactly the same way, the naughty child in us can distract our life. And once we start hearing the distraction, our whole life can be confused. To concentrate that we can hear, it’s my humble duty today to get you to that stage. That you hear. If you can hear it clear, the essence of your life, you can essentially progress on the way of life very successfully.

Let us understand life has a chance to be tasteful or it can be tasteless. How subtle we are, not about others but about ourself. There are lot of people who put lot of effort, they fail. They ask question, “Why with all the effort I put in, I am failing?” They go to the expert and when they go to the expert, they ask the question, they are given advice or counseling. They are willing to hear that. I wish they should have heard their own inner counseling. Because everybody knows in oneself where one wrong is. Temporarily you can patch up your wrong for the sake of being right. But in the long run, the joyful, successful experience shall come to you, when you can develop the capacity to hear your inner self and that is, is the word. The beauty of the Naad is essentially the beauty of the self. The resound of the Naad is the taste of the self. The vitality of life is the projection of the Naad and being fulfillment of the life is the concept of the Naad.

I hope you have come here to understand with that depth, the most subtle subject of life and you will gain from it. The Kriya we are going to do is based on this. You are creating a split between the Jupiter and the Saturn. The index finger represent the Jupiter energy and the second finger represent the Saturn energy. I will like you to sit in this Kriya and you put your eyes at the tip of your nose and get lost. And try to hear what your mind says to you. Hear your own mind. There is no idea or a thought. Moment you start meditating, your mind will start talking to you. Please start hearing it.

You like to hear the whole world today you must hear your own mind and please hear it out.

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye your own mind.

Each thought which is passing now is your subconscious. Hear it. It’s not your imagination, it’s your reality.

Try to reach your depth. You will find in the scripture this word comes very often, hear ye, hear ye, hear ye, hear ye, thine self. If you do not have the capacity to hear yourself, you cannot hear others. When you cannot hear another, there will be no mutual understanding and that’s why life goes in error.

Put on the tape, ‘Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Jiyo,’ in a very extremely low, low notes. Extremely low and subtle.

We are giving you a side music so that now you can concentrate on your thoughts more deeply, so that the inside may not be (?).

(The tape, ‘Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Jiyo…’ is being played)

YB (over the tape): Move your spine, move your spine.

(The tape stops)

Flex your spine please, circle your spine, tensely, tensely. Stretch your spine, stretch it. Concentrate on it. Relax.

Now, second part is, pick up a partner and talk and then change a partner and talk and change it. You must talk to ten people. Everybody has to do that. Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up. Talk to ten people in this hall now.

(Students talking among themselves)

(YB is talking to a student). Shiva Kaur. (?) send him here to (?). Satya Singh’s wife (?) she’ll put off…

Side B

(Talking continues)

Now your time is over and please count up to how many people you have talked. Hello?

This I’ll take but little water.

Have you finished talking to ten people?

Students: (—-)

YB: Have you counted it?

Student: (—–)

YB: You said yes and everybody is not saying it.

Now. Sit down and watch this most beautiful part of it. Forgive me for making you little nervous today but I have to do this. You stand up. Choose the one person you talked to. You stand up, uhmu, just understand. Concentrate now, meditate. Tell her what you told her and she tells you what she understood. And communicate, everybody will hear.

Student: (—–)

YB: I don’t know. You talked.

Loud, loud. Repeat yourself, ‘Did I talk to you this, this, this, this?’

Student: (—–)

YB: You didn’t?

Student: (—–)

YB: Among the ten people…

Student: (—–)

YB: Okay.

Tell her what you told, talked to her and try to understand what she understood. You both have to talk (?) each other, everybody will hear it.

Student: (—–)

(Students’ laughter)

(Student’s translation): I told you that during the meditation

YB: Did you understand it?

(Students’ laughter)

(Student’s translation): He told me if…

(Students’ laughter)

YB: Come on, keep on talking, keep on talking (?).

Student: (—–)

YB: And, what you understood with her, what she understood with you, that’s okay, but what she talked with you what (?).

Student: (—–)

(Students’ laughter)

Student: (—–)

YB: You both understood each other now?

(Students’ laughter)

And now, do you totally recall what you talk or how much is the percentage you remember?

Student: (—–)

YB: Now. Who you talked to?

Student: (—–)

YB: And, now. Repeat that conversation and find out how much you understood.

Students: (—–)

YB: And did you talk to him?

Student: Yeah, I talked.

YB: And what did he say? You both are looking at each other seriously.

(Students’ laughter)

It is not that serious. (?).

Student: (—–)

(Students’ laughter)

YB: In your essence when you talk and communicate you must develop the sense of recalling. Recalling what you are in, if you do not develop the sense to recall what you hear, you will not understand it because you have a ear and an inner ear. In a ear there are three bones. Two sides bones and one is the hammer bone. The hammer bone strikes the bones and that is what the message is heard. So there is a long process from here to here. It’s not and if you do not know how to recall, most of the conversation is not understood. That’s why the practice of Naad yoga is.

You should simultaneously recall in the subconscious what is being said. Therefore, the subconscious will not release the other negative thoughts. Your life will become positive. Because when you hear something, you do not recall what you are hearing. You do not store it. You do not analyze it, you do not process it at the same time. But later on when you recall, then the understanding is different. What is the understanding at position A, do you, when you recall it back again, by that time longitude and latitude has changed.

The electromagnetic psyche has changed. Then your understanding is different. Don’t you see you talk to somebody very friendly and say lot of things, promise lot of things and then later one week later you feel different. Because when you recall, the frequency is different. But if you develop the habit to recall there and then, you will develop the habit of instant understanding. Without instant understanding you are not complete. That is the main problem in life. And that’s why we have so many misunderstandings and so many chaos and so many defense mechanisms and so many time we lie and there is a self-denial, escapism, rationalization and intellectual rationalization and intellectual, intelligent rationalization put together.

There are lot of subjects which we deal with, which we don’t have to. We are a simple living human being and we should watch living. And hear our inner sound which is pure love, pure life, pure existence, it’s part of us. We are all teachers by our right, we are all for each other. There is absolutely no reason of any pain and dissention and diversion and, therefore there is no need of walls and defense mechanisms and going around and making things and all that stuff. We react, not in harmony but out of fear, out of defense and our caliber is not very, our communion is not right.

This course we have started might have done some good to invoke in you the energy which you have. I’ll like you in this final exercise to concentrate little better. In this body will not hurt but it will hurt too much. You’ll feel irritated but don’t bother about it. Nothing is serious but it’s a action, reaction in the physical body because it shall relate to the mind and the mental self. So please let us, let us be today the master of our body, let us coordinate ourself little higher in control than normally we are. Because we do not develop concentration. There are people who can sit nine hours and the body will go with it. There are people who sit fifteen minutes and body will go fifty times against it. We are that people. That’s why. That’s why I pre-warn it. The hands are like this in a very easy move.

Concentrate at the tip of the nose. Keep the hands the cross and looking at the tip of the nose, read the lines on your hands. Focus it right. You’ll have a fun. You’ll become perfect astrologists without going to any school. Concentrate on the lines in your hand now, right through the tip of the nose.

Read them, read them, read them. What do they say, why there are lines? Even you read it wrong it is okay. Nobody knows it is your reading.

Pain of learning is the pleasure of living.

Put Pavan Pavan Paar Para. Loud and clear.

Now, take the help of the music and rewrite your line, reinterpret them, as good as you can. Reach your excellence and also repeat the sound.

(The tape ‘Pavan Pavan Paar Para…’ is played)

YB (over the tape): Inhale deep.

(The tape stops)

Deep and stiff your spine. Tight. Tight. Tight. Exhale. Inhale again, inhale more, hold it. From the base of the head to the tailbone stiff your spine, make it like a steel, every muscle with it. Exhale. Inhale again, deep and now entire spine make it like a steel rod, vertebra by vertebra. Relax.

Thank you very much, relax. You can sit and relax but we’ll do this prayer for the peace to ask for God’s blessing so this war can be avoided. May the long time…

(The class sings, ‘May the long time…’)

Lord God, the Creator of this creation give us the mind, the self and dedication to call on peace. All the men who are facing the brunt of the bullets, may enjoy safety under peace, may Thy grace give them the chance and the world to come to understanding and the drums of war may turn into peace. In Thy name we may rejoice, peace, blessing, prosperity and virtues. Sat Nam.

Students: Sat Nam.

YB: Please relax. Don’t rush up, just, just, talk and relax for few minutes and…

Relax and stretch and…

Hello, come here. Yes, yes, yes. To balance the energy.

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