Meditation: LA159 800318 NAAD KRIYA

Activate the Shushmana, the path of the kundalini, the cherdi kala.

With the elbows relaxed near the sides of the body, raise the hands up so hat they meet.

With the palms facing out, fold the fingers into fists and interlock the thumbs. Pull on the thumbs.
Chant: WAA HE GUROO six times in a monotone. The first two repetitions are at a low pitch, projected from the diaphragm, “male”, and the second four are at a higher pitch, through the nose, “female”.
Inhale deeply and exhale completely as the mantra is chanted.
With each repetition of the mantra concentrate on a chakra, starting with the first and going through the sixth in each cycle.

If the tone, rhythm and notes are all correctly chanted correctly it will activate the Shushmana, the path of the kundalini, the cherdi kala. It will give you a very intuitive, subtle feeling to let you know that you are getting into some feeling of the sphere that is beyond you.



Author: harinam

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