Meditation: LA742 921201 Fear 1, original fear

LA742 921201 Fear 01 The original fear:
to face  the void within yourself

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11 minutes: Each breath must last 20 seconds and be in 3 phases: inhale in 5 seconds, hold it for 10 and exhale in 5. 3 breaths per minute for 11 minutes equals 33 breaths total.Easy pose, eyes closed. Your right hand is on your right knee with the palm facing up, thumb and index finger are held together but separate from the other three fingers which are together. Your left hand makes a fist on your chest with the thumb vigorously pointing up.Inhale 5 seconds, hold it for 10 seconds, and exhale in 5 seconds. Do this 33 times.To conclude: make a fist with your right hand too, place it over your heart; like your left hand its thumb should be facing up vigorously. Inhale, hold it, and raise your arms so as to touch the sky with the thumbs straight up. Do it calmly eight times. (Stretch up with vigor, this restabilizes your lungs.), exhale

The cycle of raising your arms 8 times — must be repeated it five times.

This exercise adjusts the electrolytes, which you need because in the next 20 years the emptiness within yourself will increase progressively, and in these 20 years there’s nothing that will save you, nor philosophy nor religion… anything. You’ll have to do with your emotions alone and you’ll have to deal with them how to justify them. Things will not be like you think they are, and relationships will not be the way you expected. You won’t be able to give like you think you can give, and you won’t be able to have like you can have; but you cannot do anything about it, because this is the way Nature works now.

Exercise II: 6 minutes.Sit in easy pose, eyes open, arms at the level of your shoulders. As for your hands, the index finger is outside while the thumb holds down the other three fingers. Your index fingers move in a circle on the line of your shoulders from the inside to the outside and viceversa in 4 beats. Inhale while tracing small circles clockwise and exhale bringing them next to abdomen anti-clockwise. Fast, faster; faster you do, it better it works. This class hurts very much, but it will cure the nervous system. To conclude: inhale, squeeze your entire body against your back, and exhale (3 times).

Exercise III 8 minutes: Dance (PUNJABI DRUM MUSIC) with your shoulders; your arms and thorax held high; in this way the glands protect your heart from strain.

Sat Nam

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