Meditation: LA747 921231 Fear 6, to command yourself

Yogi Bhajan Los Angeles December 31, 1992

Close your eyes, interlace your fingers and bring them above your head. Stick your tongue out; this is called the “snake’s tongue”. Move as you want, but do it very fast. Be conscious of the central channel, which goes form the navel point to the third eye. connect the two chakras. Do this for 12 minutes.

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Now continue to move the tongue and breath through your mouth. Do this for 15 minutes. As you do it you are able to feel the inner silence. Now inhale…hold it…fasten your tongue to the palate, concentrate on the third eye…and exhale; repeat this 16 times for about 5 minutes. Your mind should be totally silent. This is the most difficult fear: to be able to command our self

Dance to the sound of the puniab drums music for about 11 minutes.

Yogi Bhajan has the ability, as mahan tantric, to syntonize and psychosomatize words. he can take a word, attribute to it a specific quality and make it a mantra. that is what he has done with the word victory. inhale…hold it…repeat the mantra in your mind and exhale. on doing so, your brain gets a dose of spiritual cocaine and each time you practice it your electromagnetic field expands.

Now sit in easy pose, your right hand on your heart, and the left hand stretched up as much as possible with the palm facing foward. start to breathe as slow as you can and stretch your left arm as straight as possible; you must remain in this position for 6 minutes while repeating the mantra victory, victory, victory. at the end of the 6 minutes,

Inhale…hold it…in your mind keep repeating the mantra victory, victory, victory and exhale.

This hypnotic meditation is one of the best meditations I ever done. We are ending the first year of the Aquarius Age and you have to take care of the future changes. The planets are aligned together and this takes place only once in 2,000 years. Everybody who experience this change will feel empty inside without knowing why. There is not an economic, spiritual, psycho logic or religious reason to that. The reason is that the planets are all aligned together and the circulation of the magnetic field is changing. This has a direct effect on the earth’s axis and the electromagnetic field of the sun. You think that the reason why you are alive is because you breathe, because you have been promoted, because you had some sex or because you are spiritual. The only thing that has a value is how much energy you give to face the future. Tomorrow doesn’t mean what you think it means. Tomorrow  means how much you are able to face, to guide and to control yourself. Your idea of spirituality you have is not correct either.

The knowledge is not spirituality, happiness is not spirituality, nor the fortune, or the tragedy are. Spirituality is how much you are able to face yourself. Everybody on this earth, poors and kings, has to face the challenge. The only thing you cannot eliminate is the challenge. If the spirit is higher you can face the challenge. So the most important thing is to remain stable enough to be able to face the challenges, and to face them with Grace. Then, and only then, nothing also will matter.

Another reason of these changes is that the earth has a hole. The countries are changing, Russia changes, Czechoslovakia changes…We must face not only the outside world but the inner world as well; and this is something we never done before. One thing that you often say is: “I want to do what I like” but you are idiots if you think that is true because you can do only what it needs to be done. This will give you prosperity. There is not need to put your consciousness on sale.

The art of living is to be smart. If you are smart nobody can catch you. You must know the Laws. There are so many things you do in despair or to attract the attention. When you say: “I want to do what I like” you have the feeling to be free from responsibilities; but in reality, you are not free and never you will be free. Remember one thing: you must to connect to something, somebody and for some reason.

Sat Nam.

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