Meditation: NM0336 – For Inner Strength

Yogi Bhajan From A Year with the Master, p. 27.

MEDITATION – For Inner Strength

Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Extend the arms slightly up and forward at 45 degrees angles. Both hands are in receptive Gyan Mudra. Eyes are closed. Whistle in deeply, hold, and then Cannon Fire Exhale. Continue for 11 minutes. To end, inhale deeply, hold, straighten the spine, and then Cannon Fire Exhale. Repeat 2 more times, holding the breath and tightening every fiber of your body. Relax.

Whistling on the inhalation vibrates the breath with saliva which has a very magnetic affect on the body. The cannon fire exhalation takes away all that is not needed by your being. The arm position works on important meridian points and the posture gives you self-containment. If you do this meditation 11 minutes a day soon you will be a changed person. Things will start happening. Your strength can help a lot of people. To walk in this Information Age you need temperament, manners, courage, endurance, communication and mutual understanding. I hope you will do it all.

Lecture: Reflecting Identities

There is a human need to reflect your identity. You will reflect your identity so you can affect the identity. This is how we mutually talk to each other. We are social. Sometimes in this reflection the psyche gets entangled and we are deeply in love. When we cannot follow the rhythm of our own psyche, we deflect ourselves and we lose the relationship.

The relationship between two individual identities has to be decided on values. If a woman wants what she wants but has minus values, she is self-destructive. If a man wants something with no positive values, he is not going to work it out. If commotions could make emotion, and our feelings are all healing, we would be living in the heavens. If you are dealing with somebody who is insane and has emotions and commotion, who is neurotic, useless, hopeless—still that person has an identity. You have to reflect that identity when you make a decision.

Life has a simple challenge. Act, do not react. Calm yourself and claim yourself. When you reflect like a torch, it takes away the darkness for a long distance. When you reflect, your psyche takes away indifference for a long distance. When you speak for yourself, or somebody speaks for you, there is somebody else who speaks for you—your character and projection. That is yourself. Your self is the strongest thing you have. If you doubt within your self, act and react, if you answer the call of dharma and have no heart in it—you will never make sense. You need higher energy, your higher psyche, which should purify you so you can enjoy life.

An unstable man was advised to practice the one minute breath meditation for 31 minutes a day. Today he is grateful to have become successful and compassionate. He has realized himself. Why? You live by breath and die by breath. If you meditate on your breath, then through Pavan Guru, the Pranic Vidya—the knowledge of prana, of creation and creativity and of all incarnations, will dawn on you. You will start winning your self, start valuing your breath, valuing your environments, valuing your projection. And in this way everyone will in turn value you.

In the company of the holy congregation, sharing our psyche, our flow of the identity for each other, our understanding, we go across all difficulties. In doing so, we change our psyche. That enrichment which happens, those 30 trillion cells and a most booming power in the universe, creates a sense of purity and piety. The purpose of this congregation is to elevate ourselves. When you elevate, it is like the person who climbs high up a tree to escape a lion, rather than running from the lion. When calamity hits you—elevate yourself!

We must learn to meditate on our breath. Breath is God in us. Breath is life in us. Breath is us.

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