Meditation: NM091 – 19921110 – Self Emboldenment, Engagement, Vision

Yogi Bhajan – NM091 – November 10, 1992

And put this straight and look at the tip of your nose please and then you will find a Blue Lagoon underneath, hold that please, very dearly.

Left Jupiter (index) finger touches forehead.  Right Jupiter,Saturn fingers up at sides. Tongue at upper palate.  Molars tight.  Eyes 9/10 closed, looking at the tip of the nose.  Pump the navel.

Listen to every heartbeat (Nirinjian Kaur)

This meditations increases flow in the brain,  self emboldment, vision.
When you react, you stop seeing.  Helps involve you with what’s going on.

Lecture notes

And put this straight and look at the tip of your nose please and then you will find a Blue Lagoon underneath, hold that please, very dearly.

Lock your molars, teeth to teeth, molar to molar and press your tongue and your teeth against your upper palate as strongly, rhythmically you can do. It will work on your parathyroid. That’s the only way you can stimulate your thyroids; parathyroid. Thyroid is automatic, parathyroid you have to stimulate. Press the upper palate and the tongue and the locked teeth and release it. It’s just like moving the bellybutton or moving the navel point, just do that, nothing else.

Your jaws will be playing a role, your teeth will be playing a role, your tongue and your upper palate and hypothalamus will play role. Create your own rhythm. In your own tranquility please move on.

There is a very popular saying of mine, you will like it. ‘My love is forever, my love, follow it forever.’ That is within you. Just do it and get rid of your everlasting headaches, pain.

Do it in such a rhythm that God may fall in love with you on your performance.

Play that song for their help, every breath of mine, (?). Play background.

Just enjoy this.

… all in the subconscious; that’s why we are playing this beautiful lyric so that your mind may not get into any kind of weirdness. You are cleaning the, what they call the upper house, attic?

YB: Where seldom you go and every family leftover is there? That’s what we are going to do. Without lobotomy. And skull surgery. It’s a, it’s a fun, you just watch these few little things what they can do for you, it’s amazing experience you’ll go through this, standby.

Your neuron plates will start changing and your physical body is going through lot of muscular effects. It’s a normal thing, don’t worry stay steady on the course.

Keep the impulse between the tongue and the upper palate and between the molars; three things are to play a role.

Make the workshop of the three, upper palate and the tongue and the molars so rhythmical and so beautiful, we may get the result now and forever. Oh by the way, whatever you are going right now is going to be a permanent relief.

Keep up, keep up, keep up don’t sleep. There is no tiredness in life for the achievement of excellence. Giving up is not a good idea and escaping into a self-caused sleep is not awareness. Go through it. You are going to enter now a area of achievement, so it is going to be little hard and sweaty.

You have now time of toil and this time of toil has to be triumphed. There is nothing I can do. You all must show the same arc line and aura and the color is also at this time light blue. Majority of you have received this status and please don’t break it. Pull through it.

What you are going through is real. It’s a challenge. In some cases your body will hurt, in some cases your nerves will give up, in some cases you want to get out of it right this minute. But in the majority of the case you will challenge and accept it and triumph.

Giving is a great act of Godliness, giving up is a stupid’s paradise. Come on now, stay with me. Bravo, bravo, bravo. Use your will, use your courage and use your self for this cause. Don’t sleep, don’t sleep. Wake up, this is Espanola. Stay with me, stay with me.

It is one thing in America I have learned, it’s called solid state. Create a solid state.

Achieve, achieve, achieve.

You have four more minutes only left and it’ll be a done deal. Four more minutes and these four minutes watch is going to specially move very slow. There is nothing I can do about it and body, your own body is going to irritate you like in hell and your rhythm may break. So keep the rhythm, keep on pressing the upper palate, keep going.

Come on, stay with me. Don’t you love me?

Steady, steady, don’t move, I know. Look, I do it myself so I know what happens.

Two more minutes, hundred twenty seconds. The most difficult hundred twenty seconds. Steady, don’t move your finger, don’t move your body, just do. Hundred twenty seconds, be still.

Thirty second you have already gone, look how time is passing, hurry up. Stay in solid state. You could have rubbed your nose little later, keep your eyes right, don’t beat them. Conquer the body.

You are running the last hand of the last minute, stabilize, hold on, pitch in.

Fifteen seconds, standby, five seconds, inhale deep and hold the ribcage.

(Tape stops)

And press the maximum with the tongue the palate, pressurize the molar to the worst you can do. Breathe out.

(Students breathe out)

Inhale again deep, deep, deep, deep; we want some to seal it. Make your tongue as a highest pressure point with the upper palate, hold your molars tight and squeeze yourself to the maximum, every fiber of you. So all blood can run to the brain, hurry up. Now let it go.

Once more again. Breathe, breathe, breathe full and now squeeze, at the count of sixteen let it go. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen go.

Relax folks. You have made the day.

Now very kindly, talk like human, gossip about the last movie you saw and some Earthly things, forget about Heavens, hurry up.

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