Musings on Grace and Gratitude

The more that we bring up gratitude, the more that seems to be the only important thing about our relating with life — not belief, not comfort.  The greatest grace that we have received as humans is exactly that capacity for gratitude. We have been blessed with the best teachers and the most sacred teachings…all just to realize that quality of gratitude in us.  Gratitude promotes the alchemical transformation of our experience into compassion, which does not have any limit, which is Infinite.

How could we be intolerant of anyone who is limited by ignorance?  refuse people the grace that they lack? cling tightly to what we have in unlimited abundance?  begrudge people their limited existence?

Everything we see and everyone we look at reminds us of how we do not suffer and shows us the grace that we can share.  Freedom is internal, not circumstantial. We are bound in this life to our karma, as is everyone.  At least we can experience and savor every moment and every thing that are the gifts of time and space.

Look at people who are walking in the street.  Where are they going? What is important? It all depends.  That’s grace.

Remember the saying: “There, but for the grace of God, go I”?

You are a product of God’s Grace to the world.  Remember that.

“The Power of Memories – Remember the Saint Within” Meditation


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