Meditation: NM0163 – Feel God Within You, The Kindness in You

Yogi Bhajan – New Mexico, June 22, 2001

1. Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Place cupped hands over your ears with the fingers pointing to the back. Eyes
are closed. Chant from the navel in a monotone, “God and me, me and God, are one.” Continue for 3 minutes. To end,
inhale deeply, hold, and stretch your spine. Exhale. Repeat 2 more times, holding the breath in as long as you can.

2. Same posture. Chant from the navel the mantra “Humee Hum Brahm Hum” by Nirinjan Kaur. Concentrate on the
navel and feel God within you. Continue for I! minutes. (1:15:30) To end, inhale deeply, hold, stretch your spine and
put maximum pressure on the ears. Exhale. Repeat 2 more times. Relax.

Kindness is the most powerful thing on this planet.  When you are kind in character God serves you.  “In God I dwell” means nothing but kindness, consciousness, and sweetness towards people.  When you see God in all, you see all that God is. But if you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all!

God and Me Me and God Are One

Humee Hum Brum Hum

You come to Summer Solstice to recharge your batteries, increase endurance
and develop courage. Psychologically, sociologically and energetically we do  not let you rest. The food and way of life are precise. You are like a bullet put
into a double-barreled gun and fired.

Tomorrow yogic knowledge will be needed by the world at large. A good yoga teacher will earn $4,000 to $5,000 per month, provided they work it like a business and stay clear of ego. Some teach out of ego, and some become teachers to serve, pass on the message and uplift other human beings. Drop your fears and neuroses and rise like the phoenix rises out of the ashes! You have to lead and help six billion people! You have the basic training to inter-bifurcate the micro consciousness into the macro consciousness of a person and change their frequency so that their magnetic field is relevant to the magnetic force of the heavens unto the sun and the reflection of the moon.

When we bow to the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, we actually bow to our understanding that this scripture is a permutation and combination of molecular changes into the magnetic projection of the human, in a musical note, and it can never change. Many scriptures may have tons and tons of wisdom, but they are not in the music of time and space according to longitude and latitude. It affects your attitude, pulls you out of solitude and makes you deal with the world as a pleasant human being. An angel has an angle to be pleasant. A human has an angle to be rational. A beast has a power to strike head-on, no matter what happens. Talk irrationally to someone sometime, and see how sad you make that person. Meet your enemy sometime, and talk pleasantly. See how wonderful he feels.

When I love somebody, | yell and scream to test out his psyche. First the guy feels that something horrible has happened. When he starts thinking it must have a purpose, | start smiling, because the program is over. It is a test
of the person’s endurance—how calamity affects the psyche and how well they can project to defend and be clean. Kundalini Yoga was originally developed as the science that teaches us to absorb the shock of adversity and come out with grace and the wonder of life. It taps the reserve serpent power within us, so we may go through anything and still look great.

Life is plus and minus, but for some, 2+2=5. They add in smiles, warmth, love and passion. They say “Hello” and go one step further to meet and shake hands. Kindness is the most powerful thing on this planet. You are
man-“kind”! When you are kind in character God serves you. “In God | dwell” means being full of nothing but kindness, consciousness and sweetness towards people. When you see God in all, you see all that God is. But if you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all! Become simple, kind teachers. Things will be done for you, and things will come, not to you, but to the kindness in you. Make a sincere promise that you will shine, and all your problems will be taken care of.

Keep up and share the praises of the Lord with each other. Do not be fanatic or lazy, egocentric or crazy. Just be. Learn to tolerate criticism and abusiveness. That is why God brought you here, to give you an experience,
and touch you.

NM0163-2-Feel God Within You–The Kindness In You-SummerSolstice-III

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