Today: A deluge from heaven

The time is ripe for a major breakthrough with your endeavors. You have the capacity to rain fortune on those you seek to help.

You have a rival who is in stubborn opposition, so your iron will must come to the forefront now.  In particular, keep a tight lock on your mouth.  It takes resolve to face the insults silently, but they will prove harmless, and others will gradually warm to your sense of dignity.  It will take great personal determination to resolve the situation in question.  Your adversary would love to force you into an angry display.  That would legitimize his opposition to you.  Such a berserker rage would drag you down to his level.  You must resolutely take a public stand against what he represents, but refuse to engage him.  Without compromise, you show others the way to higher ground.

This will lead to true empowerment for your followers, not for the glory of you and your team, but for furthering the process of each individual’s ‘Te’, or pure potentiality. It will manifest as true joy, resting on firmness and strength within, and outwardly as yielding and gentle.


I Ching: Today



Author: harinam

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