Today: Abundance – from the I Ching

If you apply yourself to what is great, you are great and will enjoy great abundance.  Be like the sun at midday.  Today laws are applied and enforced.
The text reads (from Richard Wilhelm’s translation):

yin above: Chên / The Arousing, Thunder
yin below: Li / The Clinging, Flame

Chên is movement; Li is flame, whose attribute is clarity. Clarity within, movement without-this produces greatness and abundance. The hexagram pictures a period of advanced civilisation. However, the fact that development has reached a peak suggests that this extraordinary condition of abundance cannot be maintained permanently.
“Be like the sun at midday.
…here [laws] are applied and enforced. Clarity [Li] within makes it possible to investigate the facts exactly, and shock [Chên] without ensures a strict and precise carrying out of punishments.”

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