Today: Complete the return to order – from the I Ching

You are in a position to bring any remaining chaos into order ayinyang02papernd unity with your light and warmth.  Your efforts will continue to pay off with your perseverance and devotion. Do not rush to conclusion, rather be steady and constant.

The text reads:
The victory has been won. The power of steadfastness has not been routed. Everything has gone well. All misgivings have been overcome. Success has justified the deed. The light of a superior personality shines forth anew and makes its influence felt among men who have faith in it and rally around it. The new time has arrived, and with it good fortune. And just as the sun shines forth in redoubled beauty after rain, or as a forest grows more freshly green from charred ruins after a fire, so the new era appears all the more glorious by contrast with the misery of the old.

Be aware that potential danger from deceptive forces that strive to upset the equilibrium will not diminish. Do not engage them nor give them any power or credibility.  They will then hold no sway over the new order.


I Ching: Today


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