Today: Lie Low with Perseverance – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperYour course is set. Go about making small advances toward your goals. Avoid big moves.  Remain humble and sincere with no pretense or posturing.  You have nothing to prove to yourself or others.  Do not not strive after lofty things but rather hold to what is needed by those whom you serve, influence and lead, including yourself.  You are not appointed by those who came before you, but respected and thereby chosen by those around you.  You are the champion of their aspirations.

Do not be worn down by hindrances. Keep renewing daily the increased clarity attained in recent days while keeping in check the deceptive forces that will continue to rise up in opposition.  During the past week your influence has been on the rise.  Use it.  Shine like the sun.


I Ching: Today


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