Meditation: For the Full Moon, New Moon and 11th Day of the New Moon

This meditation promotes balance and relief from strong emotional pressure, as may be experienced on the full moon.


Sit cross legged, spine straight.

Interlace fingers as shown.
The pads of the corresponding fingers on both hands touch.
The thumbs touch.
Mudra is placed on the lap.

Close the eyes, looking at the chin from the inside.  We are looking at the dark side of the moon.

Chant the mantra:
Ek Ong Kar
Sat Gur Prasaad
Sat Gur Prasaad
Ek Ong Kar

Recite the mantra three times per breath.
11-31 min.
May be practiced on the full moon, new moon or 11th day of the new moon.
For excessive emotional stress, may be practiced daily.

See Guru Dev Singh’s Livestream session:


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