Today: – ”Lose your dependence on personal gain.  You will be reborn with a new perspective and a new purpose in life.” – a reading from the I Ching

Lose your dependence on personal gain.  If you can do this then everything you do will benefit everyone.  You will be reborn with a new perspective and a new purpose in life.

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#41, line 6, #24
To be frugal and content is to possess immeasurable wealth within.
Nothing of value could be refused such a person.
Make a portion of each meal a share of your offering.  This is an occasion for downsizing to fighting trim. Simplicity and economy are strong defenses against the slings and arrows of Outrageous Fortune.  Whether this is a time of want or a time of plenty, it is an auspicious time to shed a dependency.
There are people who dispense blessings to the whole world. Every increase in power that comes to them benefits the whole of mankind and therefore does not bring decrease to others. Through perseverance and zealous work a man wins success and finds helpers as they are needed. But what he accomplishes is not a limited private advantage; it is a public good and available to everyone.
You have passed this way before but you are not regressing.  This is progress, for the cycle now repeats itself, and this time you are aware that it truly is a cycle. The return of old familiars is welcome.  You can be as sure of this cycle as you are that seven days bring the start of a new week.Use this dormancy phase to plan which direction you will grow.  You are about to experience a rebirth — about to be given another chance, a new lease on life.
You have persevered, gone the distance through an entire cycle — through the Spring of hope or new passion, through a Summer of growth and building, only to be sacrificed like the archetypal Harvest King at the Autumn reaping.  You lie dormant like seed beneath Winter snows now, healing and absorbing new energies in preparation for the new young Spring coming shortly to your life.

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