Today: Start fresh – from the I Ching

It is a good day to begin something, or begin something again.  Regardless of how previous efforts were subverted, there now will be little resistance to your loftiest intentions.  If mistakes were made we can press reset and begin again with a blank slate.  If previously we did not know how to begin, we can proceed now confidently.

Acknowledge past mistakes. Take ego out of the equation. For any endeavor, tune in to what is most naturally attractive to you and what makes pursuing it worthwhile. With this approach you will find that you will be joined by others who are attracted and inspired in a similar way.  Aligning our intentions with the tides of consciousness rather than opposing them brings a groundswell of consensus among our brothers and sisters and neutralizes all resistance to the movement. Recognizing our true intentions within our own infinity (God) and with this mutual support all things are possible.


I Ching: Today

Author: harinam

Yogi, teacher, healer

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