Today: Stay vigilant and allow the transition from chaos to order to complete – from the I Ching

yinyang02paperRemain vigilant of the wiles of the snake.  Do not engage nor meet him halfway.  At the same time, do not impose too heavily your admonitions to your circles about dealing with it.  Your inner strength and clarity will speak for itself.

The Text reads:
He has the firm lines of order and beauty within himself but he does not lay stress upon them. He does not bother his subordinates with outward show or tiresome admonitions but leaves them quite free, putting his trust in the transforming power of a strong and upright personality.

If you can hold your course with integrity soon the influence of the disruptor will wane and disappear.  The forces now tending in different directions will align with a united goal. Do not push ahead forcefully but rather like the old fox who cautiously navigates the thin ice on the lake while traveling toward the far shore.


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