Today:”Entanglements and impediments to your success are falling away. ” – From the I Ching

Entanglements and impediments to your success are falling away.  Navigate the narrow path that is opening vey carefully.  You will enjoy incremental, measured progress toward your goals.

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#34, line 4, #46

The Awesome Power available in this hexagram stems from what the Taoists call your Te, a term not perfectly translated into English.
Roughly, it is your Integrity — not in the Western sense of honor — but more in the psychological definition of a full integration of Who You Are.
This Awesome Power is achieved only by fully embracing both the good and the bad, the strong and the weak, the masculine and the feminine — all polarities within you.  Such self-knowledge spawns a Mastery tempered with the humility necessary to rein in and harness this Awesome Power.
Entanglements loosen, and a way opens through the wall that has blocked you.  The opening is narrow and must be navigated with the greatest caution, or you will be stopped dead in your tracks again.
You are progressing, rising inch-by-inch toward certain success.
What makes this assured is your refusal to tilt headlong toward your goal, slamming into obstacles and going mad with frustration.
You have a clear map before you of the steps necessary to reach your objective.  With faithful patience and a careful conservation of personal energy and resources, you will run this long, slow distance.

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