Yogi’s De-Stress And Sleep Routine. 

Yogi’s De-Stress And Sleep Routine. 

Most of us never truly relax, even when we sleep. This bedtime routine will enable you to deeply relax and enter deep sleep at your will. 

1. Eat your final meal at least four hours before going to bed. If you eat early your digestive system will be free from working over night. 

2. Begin your restful routine one-half hour before sleeping, smoothly gearing down from the day’s activities. 

3. While brushing your teeth, clear your monkey glands so that mucus may not go into your stomach. Do this by gently massaging the back of your throat with your toothbrush to induce gagging two to three times. The most healing toothpowder for brushing and gargling is powdered Potassium Alum and Salt in a 3 to 1 ratio. Its high astringency will relieve congestion caused by bronchitis. 

4. Clean your nose and oil it will almond oil or Vaseline. The sinuses may be cleared by inhaling the gargling solution through each nostril. 

5. Wash your feet with cold water as you are massaging them. This is essential. As you massage your feet, detach from the world and tune into the cosmos. Rub your feet with a coarse towel. 

6. Drink a glass of water. You should never go to bed thirsty. 

7. It is best to align your bed East to West to preserve your magnetic field from being drained by the earth’s North to South polarities. 

8. Lie down on your stomach and start deep breathing and relaxing your body. If you are feeling particularly restless, you can eliminate all anxiety by making a fist of your two hands and placing them directly under the navel. This will hurt if you need it, but it works. 

LA873 – Nao Niddh Kriya  Lose your handicaps.  Lose all points of identification (ego).

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