Today: “It is best to hold steady and not try to advance in any direction” – from the I Ching

When encountering obstacles, at this time it is best to hold steady and not try to advance in any direction.  Wait for a balance to begin to manifest with respect to the obstruction.  In time, that will happen, then you can proceed and take action.

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#35, line 1. #63

When meeting an impasse, the Superior Person turns his gaze within, and views the obstacle from a new perspective.
Offer your opponent nothing to resist.  Let a sage guide you in this.  Good fortune lies along this course.
When one encounters an obstruction, the important thing is to reflect on how best to deal with it. When threatened with danger, one should not strive blindly to go ahead, for this only leads to complications. The correct thing is, on the contrary, to retreat for the time being, not in order to give up the struggle but to await the right moment for action.
The transition from the old to the new time is already accomplished. In principle, everything stands systematised, and it is only in regard to details that success is still to be achieved. In respect to this, however, we must be careful to maintain the right attitude. Everything proceeds as if of its own accord, and this can all too easily tempt us to relax and let things take their course without troubling over details. Such indifference is the root of all evil. Symptoms of decay are bound to be the result. Here we have the rule indicating the usual course of history. But this rule is not an inescapable law. He who understands it is in position to avoid its effects by dint of unremitting perseverance and caution.


Tao Te Ching – Verse 5

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