Today: – ”Remember that the existence of any community or family comes from the needs of its members to come together in order to pool resources for the group’s sustenance.  ” – a reading from the I Ching

Remember that the existence of any community or family comes from the needs of its members to come together in order to pool resources for the group’s sustenance.  Once that purpose becomes corrupted as exploitive or hostile, or self-serving, leadership must be replaced and the focus redirected towards the general welfare.

Yogi Bhajan’s quote for today.

Meditation: LA847-19950816-Unity-Your Magnetic Field of the Total Self Will Become One

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The Ides of March

Tao Te Ching – Verse 35 – She who is centered in the Tao can go where she wishes, without danger.

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13 – Thirteen  T’ung Jên / Social Mechanism

Heaven reflects the Flame of clarity:
The Superior Person analyzes the various levels and working parts of the social structure, and uses them to advantage.

Success if you keep to your course.
You may cross to the far shore.


This is a matter of Positioning — not only yourself, but others as well.
There are niches to be filled, potentials to be realized, right livelihoods to be found.
You are not building a new organization, but shoring up an existing infrastructure.
It’s worth the effort, because it will provide union, community, and an ironclad alliance.

yang above: Ch’ien / The Creative, Heaven
yin below: Li / The Clinging, Flame


The image of the upper trigram Ch’ien is heaven, and that of the lower, Li, is flame. It is the nature of fire to flame up to heaven. This gives the idea of fellowship. It is the second line that, by virtue of its central character, unites the five strong lines around it. This hexagram forms a complement to Shih, THE ARMY (7). In the latter, danger is within and obedience without – the character of a warlike army, which, in order to hold together, needs one strong man among the many who are weak. Here, clarity is within and strength without – the character of a peaceful union of men, which, in order to hold together, needs one yielding nature among many firm persons.


It furthers one to cross the great water.
The perseverance of the superior man furthers.

True fellowship among men must be based on a concern that is universal. It is not the private interests of the individual that create lasting fellowship among men, but rather the goals of humanity. That is why it is said that fellowship with men in the open succeeds. If unity of this kind prevails, even difficult and dangerous tasks, such as crossing the great water, can be accomplished. But in order to bring about this sort of fellowship, a persevering and enlightened leader is needed – a man with clear, convincing, and inspiring aims and the strength to carry them out. (The inner trigram means clarity; the outer, strength.)

Hot air balloon


Heaven together with fire:
Thus the superior man organises the clans
And makes distinctions between things.

Heaven has the same direction of movement as fire, yet it is different from fire. Just as the luminaries in the sky serve for the systematic division and arrangement of time, so human society and all things that really belong together must be organically arranged. Fellowship should not be a mere mingling of individuals or of things – that would be chaos, not fellowship. If fellowship is to lead to order, there must be organisation within diversity.

Today: “The soul is the contact unit of the inflow and outlet of infinity.” Yogi Bhajan

“The soul is the contact unit of the inflow and outlet of infinity. Some say the soul is in the heart, some say the soul is in the solar plexus, some say it is in the brain. But do you know where the soul is? It is the circumvent force around the body, which mystics call the arc of life. Aura is the outer projection and arc is the inner projection. The arc is the point of contact between the astral body and the gross body.” Yogi Bhajan

Meditation: LA869 960410 – Expand the Arcline

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