Meditation: Drib Dhristi Lochina Karma

Sit in easy pose with a straight spine, hands in gyan mudra on the knees.   The shoulders and hips should be in line. Now lock the tips of the front teeth together.  Focus the eyes on the tip of the nose. The tongue touches the upper palate (this should occur automatically within about a minute). Project the mantra SAA TAA NAA MAA (aa as in “far”) out from the third-eye point. Beam it out, creating an internal harmony.

Continue for 31 min. Minimum compromise time is 15 min; if you wish to master it, practice for 1 1/2 hoursat a sitting. Three hours’ practice at a sitting are said to open up psychic abilities.


The name of this very powerful, but simple, meditation means “the action of acquiring insight into the future.” Honest practice of this kriya is said to impart many benefits in addition to the power to heal with the eyes.

According to tradition, your words will have the power to penetrate deeply; you will learn to talk inspiringly and your words will always represent the truth of a given situation; you will be able to project your personality or your bodily sensations anywhere; and you will always know the consequence of any sequence of actions that you start.

When practiced on the eve of the full moon, the kriya is said to influence the subconscious mind most completely.  While most meditations require long periods of practicefor mastery,it is possible to master this kriya in one or several sittings. Concentrate with total devotion.



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