Today: ”Find new direction in ventures that have not worked out.” – a reading from the I Ching

Find new direction in ventures that have not worked out.  Don’t try to go it alone.  Find allies and helpers who will provide union and community while changing course.

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#33, line 1, #13
The Superior Person avoids the petty and superficial by keeping shallow men at a distance, not in anger but with dignity.  Such a retreat sweeps the path clear to Success.
Occupy yourself with minute detail.  Retreat in this instance is not a desperate flight in disarray, but a conscious choice to distance yourself from forces that would rob you of your peace. It is not a surrender, but a regrouping.  Retreat from this conflict is actually an advance toward your own center.  You move toward balance, and thus a much stronger position.
In a retreat it is advantageous to be at the front. Here one is at the back, in immediate contact with the pursuing enemy. This is dangerous, and under such circumstances it is not advisable to undertake anything. Keeping still is the easiest way of escaping from the threatening danger.
This is a matter of Positioning — not only yourself, but others as well.
There are niches to be filled, potentials to be realized, right livelihoods to be found.  You are not building a new organization, but shoring up an existing infrastructure.  It’s worth the effort, because it will provide union, community, and an ironclad alliance.

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