Today: ”Keep your innocence.  Hold your light giving potential within you until it will be received enthusiastically.” – a reading from the I Ching

Keep your innocence.  Hold your light giving potential within you until it will be received enthusiastically.  Don’t try to counter the trends toward darkness in the environment.

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#25, line 1, #12
Free yourself of all expectations, release any tenuous grip you may have, and roll with it.  This is totally out of your control.
There are higher powers and more elements affecting the outcome of this situation than you can imagine.  Get out of their way.
Innocent behavior brings good fortune.
The original impulses of the heart are always good, so that we may follow them confidently, assured of good fortune and achievement of our aims.
Heaven and earth are out of communion and all things are benumbed. What is above has no relation to what is below, and on earth confusion and disorder prevail. The dark power is within, the light power is without. Weakness is within, harshness without. Within are the inferior, and without are the superior. The way of inferior people is in ascent; the way of superior people is on the decline. But the superior people do not allow themselves to be turned from their principles. If the possibility of exerting influence is closed to them, they nevertheless remain faithful to their principles and withdraw into seclusion.

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