Meditation:  LA19970407 – Experiencing the Original You

Yogi Bhajan – Los Angeles, April 7, 1993

Breathe one breath a minute, and don’t let the hand get down or up, keep it as straight confronting as you can, and look at the tip of the nose so the optical nerve is locked, and worry not, people have done it for centuries and nobody went to Venus they all remained on the Earth. It will give you a gradual subtlety exactly in three minutes, it will start seeping in, in different level of existence for your experience, but it will take another three minutes to get you set into that area, control your breath, look well, standardize the procedure, don’t give an inch. If shoulder starts hurting you are lucky, but if the elbow and the side of the elbow start hurting, consult your Doctor. That means digestive system has given in too much.

Breath of life whatever, it is okay, keep going. Many, many times, don’t bend the elbows, keep it straight as you started, be with yourself, it is a pure statement of truth, insist to be that way, you have one more minute, each Kriya of this is just three minutes, don’t misunderstand, we are not going to take too much time, but we are going to have fun.

(Tape ‘Aad Sach Jugaad Sach” is played) YB: (Over the tape)

Now ready, change, not to any other extent, but breathe through the nose and fire out your breath like a cannon fire, continuously at your best strength. Inhale through nose and blast it through the mouth, as much you can blast, as much you can heal yourself, it’s simple, cannon fire breath, out. I am giving you a Kriya, anywhere in the world you may be, you require nine minutes to become you. Come on, come on, we have three only minutes, waste no time, harder, harder, harder, blow harder out, breathe through nose, you have one more minute left, do whatever you can do for yourself, stretch out elbow, don’t worry about it, thirty seconds

, now inhale and please start pumping your belly in and out holding the breath, and when you can’t hold, breathe out and inhale at the same time, and keep pumping fast, it is individual when you can let the breath go, we won’t ask you to exhale, you have to do it. Hold the breath and pump faster and then let the breath go and inhale immediately, hold as much convenientlyas you can, fast, the more you pump it, more you will become young, that’s the way to buy youth, vibrate, vibrate, vibrate, by holding the breath vibrate, when you can’t hold anymore you physically inhale and let the breath go, inhale again, you do it again, you have the last minute folks, do whatever you can, forty five seconds, thirty seconds, ten seconds, now, get ready inhale deep, hold tight and stretch out and try to put total pressure on the finger lock, out, out, out, breathe out, inhale again, hold tight, stretch whole body now, with whole thing, total thing, cannon fire breathe out, inhale deep again, hold tight, stretch out with all your strength and might from the toe nail to the top, fire out, relax.

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