Meditation:  M060 901121 Awaken Kundalini

Yogi Bhajan – M060 901121 Awaken Kundalini Stockholm, Sweden 

Meditations: (Practice these on your own – Once a day, 7 minutes for each, 21 min total with 5 min interval.) 

1. 11 minutes Spine straight. Eyes: Tip of nose. Make a fist of right hand, extend the index finger straight up, place mudra in front of right shoulder, Keep finger straight and stiff. Breathe long and deep. Within 3 to five minutes you should feel the energy flowing through you. Rishi Daman experimented whole life, 120 years, to find this simple truth which you are practicing right now. His realization was if man can enforce the tip of his jupiter finger into steel stiffness, he can grab from the universe the Jupiter energy and if by the optical nerve he can totally shut off the mind to misbehave, it will create a basic pattern of intuition. If you’ll change the eyes for a second, you start all over again from the beginning. After about 16 minutes, very slowly begin to raise your right hand over your head, keeping your index finger only still extended, and inhale very deeply. Hold the breath and posture about 20 seconds. Exhale. Inhale deep, and stretch up, 15 seconds. Exhale. Inhale deep, stretch up 10 seconds. Relax. 

END: Talk to someone for 15 minutes. Do not meditate. 

2. LEFT HAND: Spread the fingers of the left hand as far apart as possible. There should be an equal distance between each finger, & they should be stretched as wide apart as possible. Place this hand palm flat against the center of the chest, thumb pointing up on the chest towards the chin, and the fingers point towards the right. RIGHT HAND: Extend the right arm, elbow straight, so it’s not out to the side, not directly in front of you, but half way in between, and up at a 60 degree angle. Right palm faces down, and the fingers are spread as far apart as possible as is the left hand. EYES: On tip of nose. BREATH: Long and deep. Next, “forget about yourself.” TIME: 7 minutes. 

COMMENTS: Armpit must not be straight ahead, or straight overhead, but 60 degrees up and not more than 60 degrees. Armpit is the center of the sympathetic, parasympathetic and action system is in the armpit. Armpit is the most important part of body you neglect the most. It is not just a joint. The entire nervous system is based in the armpit. Nervous energy is by which we live, so it is very important. Now you are getting all the five energies at the same time from the five fingers. (Ego, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun & Mercury.)
Optical nerve, when it needs to be strengthened, sometimes lets you see 2, 3, 4 things. You are getting intuitive. Breathe long and deep. Within 7 minutes of this exercise you’ll exactly find the location of God. END: 3 times – Inhale deep, hold 7 seconds, stretch the arm, relax. 


3. Sodarshan Kriya. TIME: 7 minutes Make both hands into fists, with the thumbs outside the closed fingers. Extend the two Jupiter fingers straight up. Place both fists in front of each shoulder. Begin rotating the two extended Jupiter fingers in concurrent circles (left finger moves clockwise and the right finger moves counterclockwise.) Move only the fingers, not the hands. BREATH: A quick breath of fire. COMMENTS: We are hitting at the chemistry of our blood formation. It’s so important. What you are doing is much more healthy than taking 2 tons of vitamins. The blood chemistry will change to be normal. It is not guaranteed, but it will avoid cancer in your body. It is a help to that precaution. With your blood chemistry normal you will not get blood disease. You can make your body disease free by doing it for 7 minutes. Breath of fire is considered one breath if you don’t discontinue. The breath must be quick so the fire is created in the lungs to change the chemistry of the blood. Changes the molecule of the blood and the chemistry to be protective. 

END: Inhale deep, stretch the hands very tight, over the head, and hold 15-20 sec. With a cannon fire breath, exhale. Inhale again with hands still stretched up, hold 15 sec., and with a canon fire breath, exhale. Inhale third time with hands still stretched hard, hold 15 sec., and with a canon fire breath exhale. Relax. 

BREAK – 20 min. 

4. TIME: About 8 minutes. In front of the heart center, fold your hands in the following fashion. Left hand: palm facing the chest, fingers pointing to the right, and thumb pointing towards the ceiling. The right hand clasps the left in the following fashion: Palm of right hand meets the palm of the left, with the right fingers going over the top of the left palm, and the right thumb wraps around the bottom of the left thumb. Next, close the left thumb, down over the top of the right hand, as the left fingers close over the side of the right hand. EYES: Close your eyes and look at your forehead. TAPE: “Waah Yantee” by Nirinjan. Hear these sounds and copy them mentally. 

That is how this Kundalini Yoga came to exist. To become intuitive. Not psychic. Psychic is a natural gift. You may have it, you may not have it. But to be intuitive, you can process, progress, and you can become that way. 

Just look at your nature. You don’t have any hooves, horns, or horse skin like rhino, or any other defense mechanism. The natural defense mechanism you have got is your intuition. You must know before the place and time hits you what it shall be. 

We don’t work for that. We put our whole energy into becoming professionals and becoming rich and we think by money and by our capacity and by our sources we can succeed in life. Our trend is that way. 

Majority what governs us is our subconscious, and subconscious creates patterns in our neurons in our brain which we copy again and again and again and again. And our tendencies lead us to lead a life where we can repeatedly make mistakes. In one of the counseling cases, I have found out that woman marries every third year. Period. She marries every third year…. 

Kundalini Yoga means subjecting your ego to your creative consciousness. In other words, not to be a habitual animal, but to become trained in sensitivity. It means super sensitivity, not within yourself, but in relation to all the people you know, deal and feel about them. Naturally it is a very powerful way of living. 

Am I supposed to suffer? Answer is no. What is the way? Can I protect myself? Answer is no. So what is the answer….. Develop your intuition. 

Mahan tantric is that… you know longitude and latitude, that is where the cross energy is. Mahan tantric by practice, takes the diagonal route of the energy and controls it. 

There are two things in life, lever (is a diagonal energy) and a lens. Through the lens you can see what you cannot see. With a lever you can move what you cannot move. And it is a diagonal energy. 

Q: So the diagonal energy, it’s spiritual energy? 

YB: It’s spiritual. 

Q: True spiritual energy? 

YB: It has to be pure. 

Q: Is it? 

YB: It is. It has to be pure. Because if it is impure, it shall bent. Because energies do cross, so it has to be supreme energy, the Adi Shakti, the primal force. 

Question/Answer Period 


YB: We have done them, now you keep on practicing them, they are not dangerous. Even eating a banana can be dangerous if you are not hungry. 


YB: Once a day. Once a day, 7 minutes for each, 21 min total with 5 min interval. 


YB: Sometimes the energy is rushed up and people normally get phobic. That’s the only danger one can be involved with. I mean, it is dealing with the life force. It is not something very casual. … So we would like to have a person with a supervisor. 

…We want people to be excellent. White Tantra is taking you, putting in a mold, clean it out, out. It is washer/drier together. It is when… normally you exercise slowly, gradually, and it takes time. And once in a while we do that course and one, two, three, go through it, and you are fit for next time. It’s a diagonal energy which we deal with. That’s what Kundalini is also, diagonal energy. There are 2 forces in life, the diagonal force, and the lens. The lever force and the lens. The lever moves which cannot be moved, and the lens sees what cannot be seen. These are only 2 forces. We deal with them, we deal with intuition, and we deal with them in the moment. Tantra 

means length and breadth. And that is how we weave the cloth. You know, threads are threads, but once you weave the cloth, then they become very strong. Then you can hold anything in it. 


YB: To live a full life. Hmm? White Tantra is not the car, but is taking the car through car wash. Wax and clean and polish it, and then keep it going. 

Kundalini Yoga is becoming the adept, becoming the expert. It is something, you do it everyday. White Tantric you do once in a while. It is the same thing as you drive the car everyday, you are okay, you go to office, go shopping, but one in a while you take it through the brushes. And the water, the brushes, the wax, and they clean it all out, it comes out new. That’s the difference. 

Kundalini Yoga is a way of life. For every householder it is a way of life. Everybody must practice for 62 minutes a day to keep fit, to keep going, to keep alive, to keep being intuitive. These are small exercises, but they are very powerful. 

Electromagnetic psyche. Ultimately in another 10-20 years people will start measuring, diagnosing, treating. It will become a way of therapy. I think once people start measuring auras, then we’ll start developing electromagnetic machines, and then the electromagnetic therapy which is now going on…. it is a 3,000 year old science. They used to put a magnetic at a certain part of the body to attract the blood and change the chemistry and heal the person. They will start doing it now. But it is not totally developed yet. That is our 21st century medical system. They will put you through a tube, pass you through certain electromagnetic fields, and you will come out next side, totally new. No problem. Six thousand karonas, something like that. Because your life force is in your arcline from earlobe to earlobe, and moment it can be corrected, your disease can disappear. It’s true, and they will develop it. 

…There’s a difference between day and night. White Tantric is to help and serve, and a person who does that has to be completely servant and humble. Red tantric is for sexual energy and senses. And black tantric is for mental control and controlling other people. So one is Stockholm, other is Oslo, and third is Berlin. They are totally different. They are definitely different in quality, quantity, direction, practices, methods, facets, use. 

(Talks more on the topics of: celibacy, Kundalini Yoga, being a teacher, why yogis were in the Himalayas.) 


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