Meditation: NM0337-Bujung Kriya – For Wisdom and Understanding

Yogi Bhajan, Espanola

BUJUNG KRIYA – For Wisdom and Understanding
Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Form a cup with the left hand at the navel. The right hand is held in Gyan Mudra to the side at neck height with the elbow relaxed down. Put your tongue out, keeping it flat, and firmly lock it in position with your front teeth. Eyes are closed. Breathe deeply, sucking the air around the sides of the tongue. Continue for 11–31 minutes (never go more than 31 minutes). To end, perfect the posture, inhale deep, hold, then Cannon Fire Exhale. Repeat 2 more times, tightening the entire body. Relax.

This is the most powerful kriya in the science of yoga. The habit to falsely call, “Wolf! Wolf!” will leave your personality. This breathing will give your nerves standardization while giving power to the central nerve.

If the moon does not reflect the sun and does not wane and wax, there is no growth on the planet. Seeds will sprout and die. The male is a sun—warm, stationary, stable. He shines. If a male does not have these

three qualities, he is not a male. The moon wanes and waxes and reflects the light of the sun. If the male and female get to that relationship they will be prosperous, happy and fulfilled. Otherwise it is push and pull. It becomes a story. You are not part of the story of your life, it is the story of your mother, your father. Your story has to be totally yours, and you have to clean everything out.

There is a sacred law: No matter how poor a woman is, how poor a man is; if they are together there shall be sweet grace, social grace, personal grace and life. But when they are not together, it will not be acceptable. If you openly defy the law of nature, you shall have troubles and suffer.

We develop patterns and become a slave of our patterns. We lose our freedom, our sovereignty, our identity. The problem is that you love each other, live with each other, and at each other, because you cannot digest each other and come to a mutual understanding. Even the moon and sun get eclipsed. You are no exception to the rule. If you decide to do what you are going to do, you must face the consequences. Do not blame others. Blame what is in you that made you start the sequence. If thou shalt not deliver, God shall deliver. When you make an appointment, you will get a disappointment. But if you do not make an appointment, just be yourself—nothing will go wrong for you. You will find a natural path. When you cannot develop your elementary nature, Bhagwati–anything which exists on the Earth, including you—does not touch the boundary of Purkha, the natural Law of Dharma.

Karma has to be paid. Karma is a debt. And karma has to be paid dharmically, religiously. And so we pay homage. Touch the feet of a man of God. Hug him, touch his hand. He will say, “God be with you.” Why? You reach out kindly, humbly—you shall be blessed. It is the law. When you bow you will be blessed. In all your life, your whole incarnation, you need one blessing. That is called “Touch of the Master.” He does not tell you about himself or yourself. He tells you about your destiny and blesses you. Riches and poverty do not make a difference. The person who goes through riches and poverty is you. It is you who matters. It is a simple problem—if you do not touch the Master, you cannot touch the world.

Are your transmission gears right? When the times call on you, do you act and not make a mess of it? When you deliver, a man delivers. When “Thou shall deliver,” then God will deliver. And that is the difference between God and man. Prepare yourself mentally to have a meditative mind, a mental capacity, which automatically changes gears as you face the life.

PDF: NM0337-BujungKriya

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