Meditation: NM0390-20010320 – Provoke Your Higher Self

MEDITATION – Provoke Your Higher Self

Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Interlock your hands in Venus Lock in front of the heart center, with the thumbs crossed so that you are locking your ego represented by the thumbs. Elbows are relaxed down. Eyes are closed.

Chant the mantra, “Har, Har, Har, Har…” (“Tantric Har” by Simran Kaur and Guru Prem Singh), powerfully vibrate the hands up and down 11 times on each “Har.” Continue for 31 minutes. During the last three minutes move so fast that you feel it in the spine. To end, inhale deeply, hold it tight. Exhale. Repeat one more time. Then inhale deeply, hold, and flex your spine 3 times. Exhale and relax.

Reach Out!
Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D. – March 20th, 2001 – Espanola, NM, USA

Some people are not covered with skin; they are covered with ego! They are so well isolated that then have no friends, no God, no surroundings—nothing but ego. They prevent everything from entering, for they are not humble enough to allow things to come in. That is how they survive.
No one wants to do wrong. Everybody wants to be good, but being good takes discipline! Take the time to teach your child the pros and cons, and manners, and values. Parents presume that children know it all. Children know it all, but are begging, requesting, “Please make us better. Please help us!” You let them go like baby birds, taken from their nest and made to fly.

Some people have no roots. They talk and there is no juice. They punish themselves with isolation and looking down on others. I once told a gentleman, “You are good. Just learn one thing—do not take it for granted that people will respect you. Be in a position to communicate with others and not isolate yourself.” With all goodness of the heart, his isolation was killing his whole dream of tomorrow.
Those who care are forklifts; they uplift other people and spend time with them. It is important to be social, kind and compassionate, even to those who do not deserve it. Those who cannot reach out, have no way to grow up!  They forget that their cells live and die everyday. They forget that everyday we are new people dealing with new people. That is why man is a social animal. Our whole essence is discipline. The highest point of discipline is to be in love with others and carry them, with your head and your heart. If you cannot be friendly, if you are indifferent, no matter who you are or who supports you, you will not be able to sustain yourself. People who are uptight and indifferent in society are dead for that society.  They commit crimes against their own personality and identity, and they have not learned humility and grace; they do not give themselves a chance! There is a humungous infinity available all the time. Reach out and touch people!
Do not count their faults. Start counting the ways you can help them. Let your nature be helpful! You will build compassion, character, dignity, divinity, grace, power to sacrifice and happiness.
While living in Toronto, I saw a man fall into the snow. I got up and pulled him out. Somehow I got him to the corner of the road and made a phone call. An ambulance came and took him away. Two weeks later I received an invitation, “You are requested to visit the Director of Planning and Human Resources.” Someone said to me, “He is the most powerful man in Canada—he can do more than the prime minister can do!  ”When I met him, he stood up from his chair and said, “Welcome, angel. Please sit down.” It was the same man who had fallen into the snow.
For as long as I lived in Canada, whenever I needed anything, he gave 100% to see that it was done. “That is my special person. Please take care of it.”That is how it works.
One day on a long journey we ran out of gas. The car stopped. Soon a huge gasoline truck parked on the side of the road. After filling our tank the truck driver said, “There is no charge; I am not a company driver, I’m a private driver. In this area, you won’t find a gas station for miles and miles.” It was many years ago, but I still remember that greatness. I still remember that touch. I still remember that help. I still remember that kindness. Nothing can match it. Stop for a moment and look around, see if you can help somebody!
Remember that you are just a bunch of molecules and cells and that the life of your cells is only 72 hours. In 72 hours a person totally changes. Sit and meditate, let your blood flow through areas of discomfort and disease. You can be treated. You can solve problems by provoking your higher self.

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