Meditation: NM0394 – Live Above Denial

Yogi Bhajan – Espanola, New Mexico
April 3,2001

MEDITATION – Conquer Self-Denial Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Brings the hands together in front of the throat. The left hand is higher than the right hand so that the fingertips of the right hand fit exactly on the mounds of the left palm. Elbows are relaxed down. Eyes are closed. Chant from the navel the Guru Gaitri Mantra with four Har (“Har Har Har Har Gobinday” by Nirinjan Kaur).

Continue for 31 minutes. To end, inhale deeply, hold, exhale. Inhale deeply, hold, and apply total pressure to where the fingertips meet the mounds of the hand, exhale. Inhale deeply, hold, and interlock and press hard the fingers, equalizing the energy with all your force. Exhale and relax.

This meditation will help you be delightful. You would like to be in denial, but you cannot. The strength of your mind will increase many times.


Live Above Denial Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D. – April 3rd, 2001 – Espanola, NM, USA

Self-denial is your best and worst enemy. But before you kill the enemy, you should know him, and then all your problems will be resolved.

Self-denial does more for you, for example by getting ready for this class, than the class itself It is an applied meditation. Whenever you prepare yourself to project beyond self-denial, your mind force increases ten times. And whenever you are in self-denial, you do harm to yourself This is why we gave our head to the Guru, and why we were given bana to wear, coming out absolutely flowing, shining, walking proud and tall. We accomplish something! There is no denial! There is acceptance of the ultimate discipline.

We are satisfied to have a nice house and nice car. All this is just earth bound! So long as we are not heaven bound, we have not accepted heaven. So long as we are in denial of heaven, we will be unhappy. We have come from the heavens, we are to create heavens, and we must return to the heavens.

The majority of the time you are in self-denial. When you go to an interview, you prepare yourself to project well. You only want to look your best when you have an opportunity to relate to! In reality, you are the opportunity! There is no other opportunity! You live in denial. You are afraid to walk tall and be gracious, open and loving. You judge everything, first in terms of commotion and emotions, second by maya and money. Thirdly you do not want what makes you desirable, you want what fulfills your desires! In this way, life is a progressive tragedy.

A woman fell in love with a man. He said, “You come from a rich family and you are a wonderful woman. But I’m going on a trade route to make my fortune.” So he left. She waited. She marked the wall each day he was gone. After a while, no wall was left, no ceiling was left, and then no ground was left outside. Finally, after nine years, he returned. She went to the seaport and saw a flotilla of nine ships. Having done trade, he became very rich and welcomed everywhere. There was nothing but joy. He came and hugged her and said, “Come up on the ship!” She was extremely happy! Once on board he said, “Meet my wife and my five children…” A hidden desire, which was a whole different story when it appeared.

You are always in denial. You think, “It won’t happen to me.” Then, when it happens to you, you think, ‘Where did I go wrong?” You were wrong to begin with. For the sake of one thing, you closed the doors on everything. You do not open yourself to God’s vicinity. You only open yourself to the vicinity of your ego, limiting yourself You forget the Unlimited One. Because the Master of this planet is Unlimited, and you are limited, there is a conflict to begin with. A conflict between limited and unlimited. But you have unlimited desire and a limited time to live. Yxi are unable to fulfill what you are meant to fulfill in your time period.

Your mind shadows your sunshine. But when people tell you that, you get very angry. That is why Guru Gobind Singh, seeing eight aspects of God, gave mankind the Guru Gaitri Mantra. He gave us a mantra, a mind wave, a vibration, for man’s victory. The vibrations of a bow and arrow itself could sometimes conquer the enemy. It is said that when Arjuna shot an arrow, the hum of the string created lightning and the enemy had no place to go.

Some people say things but never come through. People forget they are orbit and axle, not just one or the other. YOU live indecisively, but you can live above denial, welcome people, and serve the birth of a new millennium.


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