Meditation: Know the Psyche of the Other

Yogi Bhajan – unknown date

Grasp the left thumb with the right hand, and place the  hands on your lap.  Close your eyes. After a few moments, feel the sensation of your nose becoming inverted, So that the tip of your nose is between the eyes, and the bridge of the nose is at the bottom.

Surrender to the sensation of holding this position, regardless of distractions. Become aware of your emotional sensations. The Field that this Mudra is producing is part of the ElectroMagnetic Field.

Silently project the mantra SaTaNaMa from what is now the tip of the nose.

Do this for 11 minutes.

This Meditation is useful as it puts you in a place that goes directly toward merging with the psyche of the other, disarming the rational intellect. Our rationality is a duality, driven by our subconscious, that prevents us from allowing something new to happen. Merge.


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