Meditation: NM142 19940615 – Bless the Planet Earth and Let the Heavens Descend in You

Bend the left elbow into the side of the body. Bring the forearm up towards the chest as far as it will go, palm facing the body. Then bend the palm back flat on the wrist, so it is parallel to the ceiling. The right arm is extended straight out in front of the body, no bend in the elbow, palm flat and facing the floor. Both the right arm and the left flattened palm should be level with each other. Hold the position.

Eyes: Closed.

Focus: Focus your closed eyes on the top of your skull, the soft spot you had when you were a baby. (The spot you exit through at death.)

Breath: Breathe long, slow and deep and very consciously.

Guru Dev Mata, Guru Dev Pita by Gurujiwan Singh, Wahe Guru Kaur & Sangeet Kaur

Time: 19 minutes.

End: Inhale deeply, hold the breath and make your hands like steel (just the hands from shouders onward), squeeze and tighten them. Bring the spine into the lining. (Hold 25 seconds.) Exhale. Inhale a second time. (Hold 10 seconds.) Exhale. Inhale deep a third time, and this time squeeze the entire body. (Hold 20 seconds.) Exhale and relax.

Comments/Effects: The left hand in this position, represents our initial brain. In this kriya, the posture means, “Initiallly you must hold yourself.” When you read in the Bible, the word ‘Behold,’ it really means ‘hold yourself,’ nothing else. The right extended arm is saying, ‘Your extension must bless.’ When you bless, God shall bless you. That’s the promise.

Technically, make sure the hands remain at the same level, and it will effect you very powerfully.

(drawing courtesy of Sharon Nelson)

Bless the planet Earth and let the heavens descend in you.


If we can bring our mind to our stability and meditative Infinity, and we’ll try to relax, and for everything we ask ourself, ”Is it noble?”  ”Is it noble?”  ”Am I noble?”  ”What I am doing is noble?”  ”Is it taking me to nobility?”

Don’t decide what is reality.  Don’t decide what is wrong, don’t decide, don’t judge.  Don’t take the Adam’s guilt and spread it to you and to your generation.  Don’t ruin your seed.

Just ask one word, “My beautiful, bountiful, blissful God has made to me, find my nobility.”  And use your all ability to find your nobility.  You’ll be shocked!  You will realize that we have a companionship with God and moment you realize there is a companionship between you and God, and it becomes real to you, it’s very, very, very bewitching.

Because what all is outside of you, it is also inside you.  Things you can say and things you can do may not mean anything.  But things you can project and reflect may affect all the universe.

The knowledge, the courage, the character, the conception which you have, that is beyond Divinity.  God seeks the company of such men and woman who have achieved that being defined, has found Infinity.

Nanak das door mangay

Nanak asked the dust of the lotus feet of those who repeat the grace, the glory, and makes others to do the same.

Because there is nothing which can limit you and there is nothing which you cannot have because God is Infinity and you are finite.  And when your finite is confined within your finite, you have already closed all doors to opportunity and ecstasy.  But the moment you open up to Infinity, you become Infinity.  And this is what Age of Aquarius is.  You all shall die in vain and insane, as Pisceans, if you do not enter in the Age of Aquarius with width, with vastness, with openness.

You have to be vast, open, noble, courageous, selfless.  You have to stop having vengeance with your own self.  Limiting your own self is a very vengeful act.

So let us see tonight what we can do.  It’s a very special sacred kriya. It’s called “Shunya Kaal Karni Kriya.”

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