Meditation: Notes from the Sat Nam Rasayan® Conference in Perugia, December 3-9, 2012.

We do not warrant the completeness nor the accuracy of the notes published here.  They are meant to remind the student of the meditations performed at the conference, not to serve as a definitive description of the meditations.  As the resources for the descriptions are researched links to those resources will be supplied here.


Perugia 2012-12-03

Kriya – fingertips together left hand, elbow out.  Right hand contains left, don’t touch.
Eyes closed.  Focus on forehead.  Ldb. 11 min. Each side.  Opens flow in. Chest.

Kriya–  gyan mudra hands extended, palms up.  Tip of tongue. Humee hum.  Ton 11 min.
Throat chakra is the bridge.  Chest out, point to self with straight fingers.  Elbows out.   Pressure on chest.  Oscillate hands up and down in front if solar plexus.  Har.inhale, hold, fast. 3x

Kriya – hands over ears, whistle areas bhaee.




Fix relation with active earth.  Grasp hands quickly in front, twisting.  “o” breath.  Inhale, vibrate, exhale 3x.  Push hands flat forward.  “o” breath. Alternate.  Inhale, vibrate 3x

Tongue out, mouth breathing.  Rotate open hands outward

Mercury fingertips touch, sun fingertips touch.  Saturn, Jupiter touch very lightly.  Thumbs don’t touch.  Balances parasympathetic nervous system with the earth.  Controlled breathing.  Inhale, squeeze, exhale.  3x

Alternate fists forward and back, Cannon “o” breath.  Eyes closed.  5 1/2 min
Hands Venus lock in back.  Eyes closed.  Look at forehead.  11 min
Hands in front of face. .  Look between the hands.  30 sec
Rotate arms at shoulders above.  2 1/2
arms up overhead, fingers spread.  Breath.  1 1/2
Inhale,stretch, exhale 3x.


Perugia 2012-12-04

Kriya – touch  Mercury,saturn, Jupiter, Mercury.  humee hum brum hum. Move knees  up and down.   T.o.n. 11 min.
Hands face forward at sides.  Touch thumb to palm, close hand, open…   Har on  open.   1 min.

Kriya – Surya   mudra on knees.  T.o.n.  ang sang whaheguru.  Aquarian march. Listen.  31 min.
Grab elbows above head.  Hari (navel) ommmm. (Focus on center of brain)
When you go into the frame of your nastiness.  This uplifts your onsciousness and changes the perception of the relation.  11 min.

Kriya – jupiter, Saturn up at sides.  Eyes 9/10 closed, t.o.n.  Har sing nar sing. Listen.  Disappear.

Kriya – swing arms in big circle outwards, up and down.  Har
Genie pose. Suck Prana in through navel, exhale.  Ldb.
Inhale left, then twist right, exhale.  3x.

Kriya – non-reaction LA907


Evening meditation

Control spaciness.  Hands face upwards, elbows on ribs.  Satnamx7 waheguru.  Inhale 8, hold 16exhale 8, hold out 16.  For parasympathetic nervous system.

Kriya – make fists, hold left hand thumb inside and lft hand inside right hand at heart.  Squeeze both hands.  Sing harinam,sat am…Hari  3x per breath.  T.o.n.11 min

Perugia 2012-12-05

Detachment comes when the natural flow and your Prana are integrated.  That’s what KY does.  We come here
1. To develop the teachings together.    Refine the projective meditative mind, by moving the elements in an integrative way.
2. The intensity of the experience revolves our dysfunctionality.  We don’t need to repeat the experience.

Kriya – swimming.
Palms together right up 60 deg
Palms together left up 60 deg
Inhale, fingers interlocked, push up hard, exhale 3x

Kriya –  asking posture, hands upward, elbows at sides. Thumb on mercury.  See through the occipital.  T.o.n.  singh kaur guru ram Das

Kriya – right arm up 50 deg.  Move thumb to mound of mercury and open. Then, pump navel, then b.o.f.
Right thumb on mound of mercury, make fist.  Move in circles at side.  Left hand open, move left and right.  Fast.  Inhale, hold, move faster, 3 x.

Kriya – tongue out, dog pant.  Thumb on mercury. Toc.  11 min
Open the diaphragm.  Affects central nervous system.

Kriya – jupiters touch ground, then each other at the chin.   Eyes t.o.c.
Sat nam sat nam waheguru waheguru.
jupiters touch ground, then each other above the head. T.o.c.

Golden chain – relate with the subtle body of the teaching lineage

Kriya – Har Harray haree waheguru. Hands together at chin.

Kriya – interlace fingers at navel.  B.o.f.  For toxicity.  Can be done lying down. 22 min.

Evening – hands clasped in front.  Eyes closed t.o.n.  hold hands tightly. Ldb.  31 min.


Perugia 2012-12-06

Kriya – palms together pointing forward at navel.  Pressure on fingertips, not on palms.  Right thumb over left.  Ad such…bay such 2x/breath. T.o.n. Then 3x, 4x,5x. 31 min.

Kriya – grab left thum, left Jupiter, place other three left hand fingers over right hand fingers.  Over heart.  Eyes closed, breathe. Sing Harinam sat nam …sat nam haree.

Kriya – Har haray haree waheguru.  Palms together at chin.

Kriya – left hand gyan mudra up at side. Right arm across chest parallel to floor. Har Har Har Har haree haree.   ton.

Stabilizes arc line.  Stabilizes meditative mind.  Prevents influence by others.  Level of perception of patient.

Kriya –  jupiters interlocked at throat. Ra ma da sa .  For irritation in the brain.


Perugia 2011-12-07

There is a point in the occipital that stabilizes the inner vision.

Kriya – Gyan mudra up at sides, t.o.n.  inhale mouth, exhale nose. 3 min.
“o” mouth b.o.f.  3 min.  Tongue out b.o.f. 3 min.
Inhale, exhale very slowly 4x
Close eyes, hands down, hold silence.  3 min.
Sip in and out through mouth.

We need to see who is looking. No one.  We need to erase our identification.  We don’t want to identify what we assume to be our self.

Kriya – inhale mouth, exhale nose.  Hands crossed, right on top of left. t.o.n.
Connects perceptive system.
To connect the perceptive system in someone.  They make spider hands. Press cheeks aside nose.  22 min.   Squeeze 3x.

Kriya – hands face your face.  t.o.n.  see through eyes in back of head.  Control the breathing.  Guru ram Das.  31 min.  Squeeze heart, navel, ribs.
Do this every day.

Exercise:  move vision from 3rd eye to navel or heart.

Kriya – right Jupiter over left, right thumb over left.  Thumbs press up against nose.  Har har gobinde… Eyes closed.  3rd eye.  11 min.

Kriya – hold arms above elbows, right arm over left.  Ajai Alai.  For 3rd eye.  Relax the elbows.  t.o.c.  62 min.
Give you a sense of control of your development.

Kriya – interlace fingers at solar plexus. Interlock knuckles, Touch thumbs.
Sing ra ma da sa__Sa. Se. So. Hung.   LA018 (1982)

Continue Sadhana for another 2weeks.

Don’t try to reproduce the mental state we arrived at.  It is there, it will come.

Evening meditation –
Prayer pose. l.d.b.  eyes closed.  (gong)


Perugia 2012-12-08

The phenomenon of “position”.   We will work with the position of the system.
Evolution does not exist.  We don’t evolve into a more perfect being. We are.  Things happen to us, but we are the same.
Our essential discipline is not to be distracted.
Localize the position of objects in the system.  We cant express it.  We have to experience it.  We have to experience it as a nonlinear process.

Kriya – Jupiter, Saturn up as sides.  “o” mouth.  Breathe.  Eyes closed. 11 min. Tiger claws.

Kriya – left hand heart, right over ear.  Long Ek ONG Kar.  Go out of time and space.

Ek – affirmation
ONG – infinite
Kar – release
Sat nam – the manifest one
Waheguru – beyond the beyond. 31 min.

Ek ONG Kar sat nam siri waheguru
Ek ONG Kar sat nam siri waheguru
Siri waheguru Ji Siri waheguru
Siri waheguru Ji Siri waheguru
Inhale, squeeze,pull the spine up. 3x

Kriya – right hand holds left thumb.  Left fingers overlap right hand.  Look at bridge of nose, silently reciting sa ta na ma.  Reverse nose. Ldb. 7-31 min
Breaks the limitation of the mind.

Kriya – break the identification.  Right hand at heart, palm facing left.  Left hand palm down, moving up and down, elbow at rib.  Ajai Alai.  Ton.  31 min.  Then whisper 31 min.

Kriya – gyan mudra on knees.  T.o.n. chant waheguru.  Water, air, fire.  Then silently do the same with the lips and mouth.


Perugia 2012-12-09

SNR we née ability to sustain shuniya and sustain relation.

Kriya – Jupiter Saturn intertwined up at sides. T.o.c.  Har. 11 min.  Tiger claws.

Kriya – to integrate,focus.  Palms forward up at sides. Spread fingers,close thumbs, close fingers, open fingers. Punjabi drums, chant Har on open.  18 min.

Kriya – power of self engagement.  If life makes no sense, dont try to fire it out.  It doesn’t.
Jupiter Saturn up at sides.  Aad such…bay such. 7 min. Interconnects neurosystem.

When you wake up, feel where the flow is blocked.
Engage the event, produce a phrase that resolves the resistance.  Perceive how the subtle bodies are interacting with the elements.  Propse a change in the e-m field somethingwith a phrase.
God is the only self stimulated entity.  There is no other reason for existence.

Kriya – inerrelate the hypothalamus with the nervous system.  Right palm up, left down,loose.  Arms 45 deg to floor.  Palms parallel to floor.  Eyes on nose. Inhale slowly and controlled with nose, exhale slowly through mouth. 22 min. Inhale press palms together. 3x. 6/30/97.  Kwtc03.

Kriya – palms together, right a little higher than left. Bof into mudra. Stabilizes your gains.

Kriya – fi gets interlaced, palms forward arms straight in front.  1 min breath.  3 min.  Inhale nose, exhale mouth.  3 min. Inhale, hold, pump navel as long as you can.  3 min.   up at sides, “helicopter” 2 min.

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