Recap: Healing and Meditation Class at Yoga West with Hari Nam Singh 2018-12-05

Use your attention to see what you feel

We held a workshop at Yoga West on December 5, 2018.  We performed a meditation to identify with only the self, allowing all features of the perceptive field to unify into a coherent internal context.

Stabilize identification with only the self:

Meditation: NM360-20000913 – Making a Mold – White Hole Mudra

We opened a space where the student may choose to place her attention on any or all features of the perceptive field.  We researched various  points of attention, simultaneously seeing them and feeling what we are seeing, clarifying each to reveal a more complex structure.  Simply giving attention in this way produces immediate change, and with intention, healing.  The experience is completely contained within the internal context of the [merged] self, so its reality is completely manifest, and flows, in that context.

Applying this vantage to the merged healing space, the healer is able to experience the impact of simply choosing a point of attention and stabilizing  its space.  Clarifying the space further reveals its structure and allows the application of any intentions that emerge in the process.

We practiced healing the space of such points of attention directly, particularly the neck, spine and cranium, and then related them with other points where there is resonance.  In particular, we researched resonance with brain function, which, when included, tends to initiate new patterns of existence that reinforce and stabilize the transformed state.

Achieve powerful projection: 
Meditation: LA088 790222 Egyptian Meditation


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